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Week 6 Notes

by: Katelyn Paccione

Week 6 Notes SOC 350

Katelyn Paccione
GPA 3.2
Social Psychology of Marriage
Dan Weiss

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About this Document

Social Psychology of Marriage
Dan Weiss
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katelyn Paccione on Saturday February 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 350 at Purdue University taught by Dan Weiss in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology of Marriage in Sociology at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 02/28/15
Sexuality Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Sexual Orientation 0 Pattern of romantic or sexual attraction to other in relation to one s own gender identity 0 Homosexual and heterosexual o Asexuality having no attraction to either of the genders 1 of the population 0 Same sex attraction tends to be more common in women than men Attitudes about sexual orientation 0 Stigma A quality that is perceived as undesirable and that sets a person apart from other in his or her social category Meaning what you like to do Sexual fantasies o Homophobia Fear of or antipathy toward homosexuality in general and gays and lesbians in particular 0 Compulsory heterosexuality The pressure to conform to the majority sexual orientation 0 Coming out The process of revealing one s gay sexuality Older generations have more negative views about sexual attraction to the opposite sex The Biology of Human Sexuality Where does sexual orientation come from 0 Some studies say that there is a genetic component 0 Heterosexual attraction is believed to be programmed into us as a natural human instinct Evolutionary purpose to reproduce and develop 0 Evolution and Human Sexuality 0 Changing in our perceptions of gay marriage and gay couples raising children Example story of the gay penguins at the zoo who raised an abandoned egg as their own Modern Intimacy sexual constraints are higher on women than men 0 however overall sexual behaviors have become less constrained sex before marriage 0 sex outside of marriage is becoming more acceptable o men typically have more partners than women approximately the average age of rst sexual encounter for both men and women is 17 o Having many partners is relatively uncommon o Sex without consent is relatively common o 95 of Americans have sex before marriage o Average age of rst marriage has increased we are marrying at older ages oThe sexual double standard The practice of applying stricter moral or legal controls to women s sexual behavior then to men s There are more negative names for women who have multiple partners than men Men have more positive names for having multiple partners than women Women are thought to be more passive and inhibited Whereas men are thought to be more active and achievement oriented 0 People who attend religious services rather than just having a faith are more less likely to have sex outside of marriage Teen Sex 0 Use of a condom for protection is higher 0 Black adolescents are more likely to have sex at younger ages 0 Teen sex is more likely to lead to o Nonconsensual sex 0 STDs o Unplanned pregnancy 0 Emotional outcomes 0 Girls who have sex at younger ages are at a higher risk for depression or depression like symptoms Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs Importance of sex education oSocial networks 0 Who you have sexual contact with and who that person has had sexual contact with and so on and so forth 0 Connecting the lines of the spread of disease olnequality o African Americans are 2x more likely to contract STls Erectile Dysfunction Primary cause is age 0 Inability to reproduce on liability of the man Other causes 0 Lack of exercise diet 0 Smoking oTrea tment Viagra o Expensive at 10 per pill Another cause decreased interest in sex 0 Thought to be an psychological disorder


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