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Bio Week of 2/23/15 Notes

by: Spencer Poston

Bio Week of 2/23/15 Notes BIOSC 0150

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > BIOSC 0150 > Bio Week of 2 23 15 Notes
Spencer Poston
GPA 3.3
Foundation of Biology 1

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About this Document

These notes introduce and discuss material covered in chapter 6, including topics like lipids, membranes, and diffusion.
Foundation of Biology 1
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Spencer Poston on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOSC 0150 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Kaufman/McGreevy in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 112 views.


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Date Created: 03/01/15
Foundations of Biology Week of 22315 Beginning of Material for Exam 3 Ch 6 Lipids Membranes and the First Cells Li ids nonpolar molecules made primarily of hydrocarbons hydrophobic Glycolipids Steroids Phospholipids The terms quotfatsquot and lipids are not interchangeable lsoprene very small 5carbon unit can be stuck together to form an isoprene chain Saturated fatty acids has as many hydrogens as possible every bit of energy possible Saturated fats are straight chains allowing for many to be packed into a space Unsaturated fatty acids carbons are making double bonds so fewer hydrogens are able to bond Unsaturated fats form kinks giving them a bent structure The uidity of lipids depends on the length and saturation of their hydrocarbon chains Butter solid mostly saturated fats Oils liquid mostly unsaturated fats Wax very long chains of saturated fats most solid ats aka triacylglycerols are composed of 3 fatty acids that are linked via ester bonds to a glycerolenergy is stored in these fatty acid chains Steroids are characterized by 4 hydrophobic rings and vary according to the functional groups attached so their function varies Cholesteroltestosterone They are bulky and typically not water soluble Cholesterol is able to form plaques if too much is in circulation which will form blockages in our blood vessels unhealthy cholesterol Phospholipids are membraneforming amphipathic lipids with a highly polar head and hydrophobic tails 0 Contribute to the formation of micelles or lipid bilayers 0 Polar heads will interact with water and tails will not Permeability is a major characteristic of bilayers It refers to the ability of various solutes to cross through a membrane Liposomes and planar bilayers allow scientists to arti cially study permeability Membrane permeability is affected by its lipid content 0 Short and unsaturated higher permeability Long and saturated lower permeability It is also impacted by temperature A membrane s uidity source of permeability decreases if the temperature decreases and increases if the temperature increases Diffusion across a lipid bilayer is dependent on both the concentration gradient and membrane permeability Remember diffusion refers to the process of making the content on one side of a membrane the same as the other When a membrane is not permeable to a solute water will move via osmosis to balance concentrations reduce concentration by increasing volume There are special terms for this kind of movement Hypertonic net ow of water is out of cellcell shrinks Hypotonic net ow of water is into cellcell swells lsotonic there is no net change of water movement


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