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Week of 02/27/15-02/29-15

by: Brooke Anderson

Week of 02/27/15-02/29-15 FDSCTE 2410

Brooke Anderson
GPA 3.6
Brewing Science
Kirsten Dangaran

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About this Document

Hops types, boiling wort, and yeast.
Brewing Science
Kirsten Dangaran
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brooke Anderson on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDSCTE 2410 at Ohio State University taught by Kirsten Dangaran in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see Brewing Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Ohio State University.

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Reviews for Week of 02/27/15-02/29-15


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Date Created: 03/01/15
Week of022715 022915 FDSCTE 2410 Hops perennial vine with bitter piney fruity or oral herbal notes Alpha acids are what taste bitter although their isomerization creates isoalpha acids that humans are more sensitive to in tasting bitterness After lautering move to oil kettle now for bitter taste must heat wort to extract acids If beer is exposed to excessive UV light iso alpha acids will break down into sulfurreactive sulfur from barley radicals for example MBT skunky 0 Brown bottles protect against this defect called lightstruck Hops also deliver aroma compounds essential oils from isoprene units Problem is these compounds are very volatile and will be lost when boiling Types of aroma compounds in slides include cascade most popular in US and Saaz which makes a true polsner o Bittering hops are high in alpha acids hops low in alpha acids are called aroma hops o Noble hopsquot are aroma hops why so special I Alphabeta is around 12 or 14 still low in alpha acids Ex aroma hops Tittnang 24 alpha 5 beta bittering hops Mosaic 117 alpha 33 beta I Beta acids are quotsmootherquot and not so bitter more for aroma However will increase in bitterness over time 3 C squot hops used in combination often for more intense bitterness Forms for use Whole hop cone PROSfresher aroma CONSlots of waste bulky and inconsistent Pellets PROSpretty consistent easy storage can increase alpha acids CONSstale Extract concentrated Wort Boil Add hops to boiling wort the kettle has a domed top for headspace heated from both inside and outside for an even rolling boil The boil performs several functions Extract amp isomerize bitters Inactivate malting enzymes to fix wort composition Sterilize amp boil off DMS Precipitate out protein polyphenol complexes that cause haze Note that the boil also releases volatiles To get around these hops are added at many time intervals Calculations to determine specific IBU for a recipe depending on amount of hops and length of boiling on Carmen Week of022715 022915 FDSCTE 2410 YEAST Singlecelled eukaryotes that reproduce by budding only recently discovered and researched the yeast in fermentation is most common cause of problems in brewing Structure Outer cell wall polysaccharides inner plasma membrane phospholipids amp sterols Healthy wellstructured yeast determines what goes in and out of organism Sterols keep the plasma membrane properly uid we want to make sure these are synthesized healthily in yeast while fermenting and budding Types of yeast for beer Top fermenting for ales saccharomyces cerevisiae used 3000 years from ale starters the foam on top the fermenting beer Bottom fermenting for lagers saccharomyces parstorianus used 175 years mostly in Germany Yeast collections will help you pick your exact strain of yeast depending on your target ABV avor etc The caveat a high enough alcohol content will kill your yeast However different strains of yeast have different tolerances for ethanol over 15very high 1015high etc Feeding the yeast the wort is feeding growing and reproducing yeast so the wort must contain nutrients that aid in proper cell wall amp plasma membrane formation Yeast takes up sugar 9 pyruvate 9 ethanol by alcohol dehydrogenase Yeast life cycle 1 Lag phase after pitching yeast add to wort yeast aren t active yet 2 Growth phase make babies using Fas sterols amp oxygen to make healthy new yeast Note oxygen is added in controlled amounts to the fermenting tank enough for cell growth but not so much the process becomes aerobic 3 Fermentation phase develops avor amp alcohol until sugars amp amino acids used up 4 Retire yeast amp remove before dying bad taste the yeast actually occulates clumps together by nonrepulsive cell wall interactions of tangled glycoproteins alcohol aids in reducing cell wall repulsion that kept yeast separate in growth and fermentation phase as it runs out of food starves we also don t want to kill yeast by too much ethanol Note ale yeast strains have been found to have more hydrophobic cell walls so they end up rising to the top of the beer with C02 Nutrients for yeast come from malt vitamins and water minerals


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