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Learnsmart 7 questions

by: Alyssa Reyes

Learnsmart 7 questions POLS 1336

Marketplace > University of Houston > POLS 1336 > Learnsmart 7 questions
Alyssa Reyes
US and Texas Constitution and Politics

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About this Document

US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Reyes on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Simas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 869 views.

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Date Created: 03/01/15
By attracting additional supporters to their parties in recent years political parties have become more diverse What are roles of the political party at the national level Conduct national party conventions Select a head of the national party committee Determine the party39s nominee for president Adopt a party platform American political parties perform their various functions through quotfacesquot or spheres of operation 3 Which type of third party is highly organized around a framework concerning the nature and role of government in society deoogicay oriented parties Which of the following do county committees consist of Municipal committees Ward committees Precinct committees Which political party was dominant during the fourth party system Republican party What arguments have political scientists made about the twoparty system in the United States The media has replaced the parties as a source of information for many Americans The twoparty system is facing a historic decline in its overall in uence in American politics Which political party committee level serves as an intermediary btwn the county committee and the national committee State committee Identi cation with the twoparty system can be best described as continued Socialization Party is considered a political attribute that can be passed down from one generation to the next IdenU cann Individual members of a group that are said to quotbelong toquot a political party Are more likely identify with that party United States politics has been historically dominated by parties two Which of the following are considered functions of a political party Parties endeavor to represent a majority Parties seek to govern Political scientists contend that which of the following will replace the traditional role of a political parties Primaries Candidatecentered campaigns Which of the following factors has not in uenced the ideological evolution of political parties in recent years The growing importance of the party39s social welfare policy The corrupt and useful organization that dominated politics during the turn of the twentieth century was known as political or party Machine What two political parties remained the most competitive during the third party system Democratic party Republican party Which two political parties were considered the most competitive during the second party system Whigs Democrats Americans in general are the option of a viable third party system In support of Under government the executive and legislative branches are less likely to advance any legislative priorities Divided Campaigns and political parties have utilized the internet and social media for which of the following initiatives Connecting with supporters Organizing party activities Fund raising The number and competitiveness of political parties in a given polity is known as a party System The new party system assuming that it began started during which of the following years 1968 Countries with multiparty systems tend to have what kind of electoral system a proportional representation system The time period from 1815 to 1828 is known to US historians as the Era of Good feelings Which of the following are recognized as factors that will likely in uence which party an individual will identify with Ideology Personal circumstances Positions on important issues Race America s singlemember district system of electing candidates works to the disadvantage of Third parties Which of the following describe what political parties do Encourage civic engagement and citizen Foster cooperation and coalitions among divided interests and factions Foster effective gov39t Give voters opportunity to quotcheckquot elected of cials Which one of the following presidents do New Democrats most identify with Bill Clinton Third parties formed to promote a stance on a particular concern are known as which of the following Issue advocacy parties What were the two competitive political parties during the rst party system DemocratsRepublicans Federalists Which of the following comprise the political party39s organization Precinct organizations Municipal committees The national committee State committees Since the Great Depression which party39s agenda has included a strong commitment to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable members of society Democratic Since 1968 there has been a rise in the number of committees in which organizations form to support the individual candidate rather than the party39s state of candidates Candidate Political parties can be found in which of the following levels of gov39t State level The national level Third parties that break off from one of the two dominant parties are known as Splinter parties The second party system lasted from until 1860 1828 The third party system lasted from 1860 to 1896 The fourth party system lasted from 1896 to 1932 The fth party system lasted between 1932 and 1968 Voters can identify themselves as which of the following A Democrat A republican Anindependent Parties that are in the in a state39s legislature are less likely to have success with their proposed legislation Minority Third parties have existed since the Nineteenth century True or false Most successful candidates running for elected of ce are not identi ed with a party label False The party to which more than 50 of elected legislators belong is known as the party the party to which less than 50 of the legislators belong is known as the party Majority Minority The changes in the political party39s functions as evidenced by the large turnout in recent elections suggests which of the following Political parties are adapting to the changes and will remain viable in the future Which of the following statements is true regarding a singlemember district electoral system The candidate with more votes than any opponent wins the election in the district In the 2000 presidential race many Democrats believed Green Party candidate caused Democrat Al Gore to lose the election to Republican George W Bush Ralph Nader Over time the number of individuals and groups who identify with either the Republican or the Democratic Party will Decrease The party identi cation of elected leaders at all levels of government is referred to as the party in Government Why do some scholars think that we have moved beyond the fth party system and into a new system Since 1968 Republicans have won seven of twelve presidential elections Formal statements of a party39s principles and policy objectives are known as the party39s platform Delegates at the convention develop a party that describes that party39s policy priorities and positions on issues platform Which of the following at one time have been considered third parties in the United States Progressive Party Green Party A reason political parties have emerged whenever democracy has been established is that political parties provide individuals a way to join together in order to exercise their collective in uence In the US a party organized as opposition or an alternative to the existing parties in a twoparty system is known as a party third True or false New Democrats are less likely than traditional Democrats to view the government as the chief solution to social programs True True or false The advent of the internet has had little effect on the ideology of political parties during the twenty rst century False In a winnertakeall electoral system the winning candidate done not need to win a majority of the popular vote Political scientists studying American political parties generally agree that the structure of the twoparty system has changed over time Although Hispanics lean toward the Democratic party which groups of Hispanics do not CubanAmericans Deeply religious Hispanics During the third party system party leaders used as a device to reward political supporters with jobs or government contracts patronage Which of the following is included within the party organization Party leaders Staff Headquarters committees Which of the following factors have contributed to the weakening of party organizations Primary elections Candidatecentered campaigns The changes in the political party39s functions as evidenced by the large turnout in recent elections suggests which of the following Political parties are adapting to the changes and will remain viable in the future How are party identi ers measured Based on who lls out a voter registration form Based on whether or not a voter selects a party to be af liated with Who did Republican candidate William McKinley appeal to in his campaign for the presidency Bankers Factory workers industrialists The Tea Party movement began in response to economic stimulus plans health care reform Which are the major political parties in the United States Democratic Party Republican Party Which of the following events did the Republican Party have to overcome to remain competitive in American politics at different times during the party39s history Watergate scandal Assassination of party leaders the New Deal True or false An emphasis on re ecting the present diversity of the American electorate contributes to a political party39s health True For a party to be in the best position to enact a broad partisan agenda what does a party hope for winning control of the executive branch winning a majority of seats in a legislature What can political parties do given their nature in the United States identify potential candidates nominate candidates campaign for candidates organize elections govern What are third parties in other countries most likely to do to further their cause and broaden their support after winning a few seats in their legislature They form coalitions with larger parties Which of the following philosophies has the Democratic Party espoused during its history the spoils system populism Btwn 1968 and 2008 which political party was more likely to win the presidency Republican Party Which of the following led to the start of the fth system Great Depression Who oversees the daytoday operations of the political party39s national organization the national chair Which of the following are legislative powers enjoyed by the majority party leadership in state legislatures Assigning bills to committees Committee assignments for members Choosing legislative leadership such as house speaker Some of today39s party differences in ideology and in core constituencies can be traced back to which of the following times Great Depression Even if a third party candidate fails to win an election the candidate has still done which of the following to help the third party succeed encouraged the major parties to address issues introduced by the third pa y drawn attention to an issue previously ignored by the two major candidates Which party bene ted from the 1896 realignment which was triggered by an economic depression Republican party Under which of the following presidential administrations was there divided government at least part of the time The Clinton administration The Bush administration The party in the electorate is comprised of af liated voters True or false Today39s candidates are more likely than before to owe their nomination to the efforts of their political party organization False The Democratic Party39s agenda in the past several decades has centered on which of the following items expansion of social welfare more civil rights protections Which of the following voting blocs were considered part of the New Deal coaHUon Immigrants CathoHcs African Americans Southern Democrats Which of the following best describes the voting electorate after the expansion of voting rights during the Jacksonian Era all white males Which best describes how the majority of Americans feel about the existence of viable third parties They favor viable third parties because they are dissatis ed with the current major parties What political party did AfricanAmericans overwhelmingly support during the third party system The Republican Party Some of the problems weak parties have in in uencing the electorate include which of the following attracting volunteers recruiting candidates bringing people out to fundraisers According to the dominant model in political theory political parties will Give voters a clear choice by establishing different priorities or policy stances than rival parties How did party machines such as Tammany Hall impact American politics They integrated immigrants into the social economic and political fabric of the United States They awarded jobs to citizens as a reward for their loyalty to the party Checks are more likely to bel placed when policies supported by elected officials prove to be unpopular with voters Political parties began to emerge in the United States in spite of the founding fathers39 belief about them The United States39 current election laws at both the federal and the state levels bene t which of the following political parties Democratic party Republican party How does the role of political parties at the state level relate to the role of parties at the federal level Their roles are similar at both levels Over the past century which of the following has increased in signi cance candidatecentered campaigns A permanent shift in party allegiances or electoral support is known as a pa y realignment Which electoral results indicates that the American party system remains vibrant turnout in recent elections George Washington and his allies favored which of the following a strong central gov39t Which of following is not likely to be considered part of the Republican party base today minorities In the case of Buckley v Valeo the Supreme enabled political parties to raise unlimited funds for partybuilding activities creating what is known as the money loophole soft Who is most likely to be motivated to join a third party someone who is happy with the two major parties All of the following presidents were af liated with the Republican party except Woodrow Wilson Opportunities to volunteer in a political campaign have with the advent of the internet increased In a winnertakeall electoral system the winning candidate does not need to win a majority of the popular vote Compared with the party in the electorate the number of individuals who actually participate in the party organization is smaller Tea party supporters are most likely identify with which of the following political parties RepubHcan Independents are identi ed as such when they identify themselves as independent in opinion polls Which party usually has the advantage in endorsing proposed legislation the majority party Most political con icts in the United States are considered twosided In what year were women granted the right to vote 1920 Which party formed during the 1830s was competitive against the Jacksonian Democratic Party Whig Party Thomas Jefferson differed from George Washington in that he a strong central gov39t opposed Since the 19805 which group has voted most strongly for the Republican Party fundamentalist Christians The national state and local organizations of the Republican and Democratic Parties are relatively independent that is each level does not have much control over the others Which of the following groups are generally not considered to identify as RepubHcan liberals Unlike leaders of the rst party system the coalition formed by the new Democrats emphasized leaderships through merit Who becomes the official spokesman for the loyal opposition the national party chair The situation in which one party controls at least one chamber of congress while presidency is controlled by the other party is known as gov39t Divided Who were the Democratic candidates who successfully won the presidency since 1968 Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter Barack Obama Which president was leading advocate of giving ordinary a more direct role in the Democratic Party Andrew Jackson Interest groups focus on advancing policies while political parties focus on winning elections The most important components of a party organization can be found in the broad base of support at the local or county level Which of the following are considered ways in which third parties can impact the American political process They draw attention to issues that not getting much attention from the two major parties They can in uence electoral outcomes in a closely contested election btwn the two dominant party candidates They give voters who are dissatis ed with the candidates from the two major parties a third option to vote for Which of the following contributed to the rise of the Jeffersonians the creation of newly established political papers used to communicate with voters the decline of the federalist party after losing the 1800 elections a strong base of support that continued to grow even afterJefferson lost the 1796 presidential election to John Adams


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