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Week 7 Notes

by: Sarah Stoess

Week 7 Notes Pol_S 402

Sarah Stoess
GPA 3.5
Civil Rights and Liberties
Cornell Clayton

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About this Document

Civil Rights and Liberties
Cornell Clayton
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Stoess on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Pol_S 402 at Washington State University taught by Cornell Clayton in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 89 views.


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Date Created: 03/01/15
PolS 402 Week 7 Notes February 24 Substantive Due Process 5th Federal and 14th state Amendments 0 No person shall be deprive d of life liberty or property without due process of law 0 These Due Process Clauses protect certain rights that aren t anywhere else in the Constitution Procedural Due Process fair procedures 0 When the government deprives someone of life liberty or property they must do so fairly Administrative Due Process the hearing process Substantive Due Process the purpose of the government not the means 0 There are certain substantive liberties that cannot be taken away Algeyer v Louisiana 1897 0 Insurance contracts consumer protection 0 Occurred during the Industrial Revolution 0 Fine print of contracts made contracts invalid O Violates the liberty to contract Lochner v New York 1905 0 Working hours worker safety protections 0 Poor working conditions led many workers to develop white lung disease from the our I No air conditioning no ventilation oven running all day long 0 People are working such long hours because they are making such little money Adair v United States 1908 O Yellowdog contracts I Labor union organization Coppage v Kansas 1915 O Yellowdog contracts states Hammer v Dagenhart 1918 0 Child labor laws 0 Interstate commerce Adkins v Children s Hospital 1923 0 Minimum wage CourtPacking Crisis of 1937 0 Court invalidates 200 state and federal laws between 1890 and 1936 13 major federal statutes between 1932 and 1936 0 Most received 54 votes Justice Roberts and Stone 0 1936 election 0 Judicial Efficiency bill proposed in 1937 to overturn laissezfaire economics to a more regulatory government 0 West Coast Hotel v Parrish 1937 I Minimum Wage O NLRB v Jones and Laughlin Steel 1937 I switch in time that saved 9 0 Saved the 9 Supreme Court Justices from being fired Palko v Connecticut 1937 0 Affected 5th Amendment right against double jeopardy Incorporation Doctrine O Fundamental federal rights in Constitution now apply to the states United States v Carolene Products 1938 0 Chief Justice Stone s footnote 4 definition of fundamental rights I Most of the rights that are explicit in the Bill of Rights I Rights necessary for democratic process e g voting I Rights protecting discreet and insular minorities Levels of Judicial Scrutiny O Nonfundamental Rights I Minimal Scrutiny rational basis test for upholding the law I Roemer v Evans 1996 was the only irrational law created 0 Colorado Amendment 2 O Homosexuality in public 0 Employers may not include sexual preference to their non discrimination agreements 0 Purpose of Amendment dislike of this group of individuals 0 Fundamental Rights I Strict Scrutiny compelling governmental interest test 0 Ex Japanese Internment O Rationale we re at war 0 Roe v Wade 1973 O Trimester framework 0 Can the government intervene between patient and doctor I Apparently yes it can February 26 Exam 1


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