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CSM 201-Exam 3- Chapter 11

by: Kristen Marie

CSM 201-Exam 3- Chapter 11 CSM 201

Kristen Marie
GPA 3.5
Individual Family Resource Management
Kym Reddoch

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About this Document

Lecture Notes from Chapter 11
Individual Family Resource Management
Kym Reddoch
Class Notes
CSM 201, Dr. Reddoch, Individual Family Resource Management
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristen Marie on Monday March 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSM 201 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kym Reddoch in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 209 views. For similar materials see Individual Family Resource Management in Behavioral Sciences at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 03/02/15
2272015 quotTim mmmm1 gm pm ELM 113 alarm Managing Stress Chapter 11 39 39s w l xhibiigd mmrmm 39S css Is mlmud m tumour 39 quotan c ramw sc mm mm stress 1 2 27 2015 Physical Pattern of Response to the o Man a loamy n all S 0 stress of an emergency s on f or I Norm Reaction W 39m vmsusmnu arm navcrzsgmsc 39 v 51mg 1139 on n ovcrg ned y 2272015 Comfort Zone 39 00mm 20 15 SabinNb 39 HMno z Ire of stress that one Is band on QUCLWt 39 Combination of habit and everyday W in approde amaunt of Sm vacmcvomsm cvcnro mvjoi 39 Ongomg wrmic unautan 0 111mg m w mumahg cvmr 1wst mass for mammalngka I39m an mm e diva E Hw nib r q xix 539 39w v 39Ccr 4 1 2 39 pr 39 gi 3h39a li l a H Hng W l 393 KLV W quot1quot H J a 4 l J4 39 39 iL Stressor events 0 Normative Stressor Event One that is ptedlctable Mononomtative Stresso Event one that you can39t antlclpate NonEvent something you expect to happen but does not happen Psychological Hardiness mmwhomabtemmpeweu hasism of control over his life In part of llfe and that am a cop wlth change 2272015 39gxm wWotcvml andwmm 10mm ma 39Smaol meals Holmw WW E lmngmm 61mm of 50mm mam WWW m l vm39r quotNPC n mllUCS Mn 8 never enough WM b no M043 quot13m 639 710139 I617 gems welt Mm ems ZS WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS Wake up 15 minutes ear Plan for the morning the Do something you truly e Always keep reading ma Her each day so you don39t need to rush night before set out clothes and pack lunches nioy each day you39re wasnn ti h terial or something to do with you so that you don39t have to feel like Don t procrasfin e w lle waiting in lines or for appointments K e Do what you want to do tomorrow today eep a duplicate car key in your wallet and a duplicate house key in your car Plan ahead Start reports and projects early buy postage stamps before you run out always keep the gas tank in your car above onequarter full 8 Schedule your time realistically Allow yourself enough time between appointments so that you don39t have to worry rush or apologize for being late 9 Learn to say no to extra projects and commitments that will simply be a waste of your time and energy 10 Keep your car home teeth and general health maintained Don39t wait for something to go wrong before you take action 11 Make time for whatever type of aerobic exercise you enjoy All it takes is 2030 to cure most stress for yourself every day so i r a r with nonworriers and positive people 39 39 Mpmvely Eliminate sel del39eating talk quot quot ff f I people They probably need it or causing your stress do something about it if you can39t do unpleasant to do get it over with early in the day 99quot 9quot J r y mmme omn tra lc are askyourself quotYOquot Ve 8quotquot d quot 39 e quot a inve so don t 8 3W tyiwmpynn plan your day and stay wellorganized l I i we or causing you stress are truly aquot 3 a in mm Don39t waste your time or energy u 5 quot W 9quot Y quot quot 3 a a quot r 4 39 g I quot gfe g e thereare SO 317 mouse ofstressfor n r a Hr L L k 7 quot m


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