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by: Dawnielle Bryant

CH6.pdf HBM131

Dawnielle Bryant
GPA 3.4
Hospitality Business Managment
Jim Harbour

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About this Document

This chapter goes over the beverage industry!
Hospitality Business Managment
Jim Harbour
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dawnielle Bryant on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HBM131 at Washington State University taught by Jim Harbour in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Hospitality Business Managment in General at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 03/03/15
Jim Harbour HBM 131 BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Chapter 6 Notes New Hot Trends 0 Local Spirits 0 Energy Drinks 0 Gourmet Handcrafted Cocktails 0 Micro Beers and food Pairings httpswwwvoutubecomwatchNR1ampvMTYOqMTMSl4ampfeatureendscreen httpswwwvoutubecomwatchv6ouuYSU3 oQ 0 New York Mayor Bloomberg attempts to replace the large beverage cups in restaurants with a small 12oz cup in order to fight obesity Serving Alcohol Safety and Control 1 Serve Safe Alcohol Certification a Must watch to see if the customer has had too much 2 Watch your bar and sales a httpswwwvoutubecomwatchv ZeGKilCY Yampfeaturerelated i Cheating customers by making fake drinks For example using tonic for Gin but putting Gin on the ring of the cup so the avor comes through b httpwwwwunderbarcomdispensingbeveragedispensingliquor dispenserskv o i Sky o can be the solution of wasted alcohol in a bar Sends data to the software regulates how much alcohol comes out of the bottle and wireless A top that electronically pours the alcohol in servings Buying Kegs 0 Size matters bigger is better but why go small 0 Some restaurants wont use as much won t have enough space or doesn t have the equipment to move the large kegs and will instead go with the smaller kegs Beverage Cost CostPrice 0 Bottle of wine costs 10 0 Server will get 4 6oz Drinks out of the bottle 0 Therefore each drink will cost 250 I If you want to sell it at a 40 wine cost you would sell it at 25 4 625 Most operators are happy with a 15 liquor pour cost 20 for draft beer 25 for bottled beer and 3040 for wine Key Parts to Wine and Beer Service 1 Temperature 2 Glassware Glass Handling 0 Many different types of glasses are needed and the correct type of rack as well 0 Type of glass and durability is based on type of restaurant Smoothie Industry 0 Brings in over 2 billion a year 0 More than 6000 shops in the US 0 Smoothie production grew over 80 in the last 5 years Coffee Industry 0 Pull Benefits Better Quality more authentic 0 Loss less efficiency messy expensive 0 Pods Benefits more efficient many avors in less time clean inexpensive 0 Loss not authentic 0 Small local roasters new trend making a big push in the industry very authentic 0 Example Moro Water in Restaurants 0 Some places only bring it on request in order to preserve water 0 Trends bottled carbonated sparkling vitamin water CHARTS TO LOOK AT AND UNDERSTAND PS Look over the group presentations notes for key parts that could be on the quiz 1618 39 111l8quot 16W AKA Cylinder Pony Keg E k Barrel FullSize Keg 535 iV 96 iil 311gili iijiIf1It31i i 11131iLIi iiii of12 oz beers ss 82 32 16 E39LHI39JT EILEEE E I IHHE F EIE E39I39TI39LE r I j 1 El TERI I T WEE EHIEIITI39 g SEQ ML 1 wk 2 J 7 3 m U 7 7 DDiD J a H m N 5 L5 a mum E5 357 f gitg ij Dim d3 D J j w E H E i W LEE laid Milan Egg m Elglli l i M E LI i il E m i EIJ39 5 in U U D L D D 391 m n L 1amp3 I 55 in H iagaifm ll i I 55 39I 1 iii 1 135


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