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by: sierra cochran

WorldGeoExam1.pdf GR1123

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sierra cochran

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About this Document

these notes start to cover test 4 in world georgraphy
world geography
Sarah Radencic Lalk
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by sierra cochran on Sunday April 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GR1123 at Michigan State University taught by Sarah Radencic Lalk in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 04/24/16
World geography Test 4 o Israel/ Palestine  The UN created Israel in 1948 for the holocaust refugees after world war 2  A few years before that Britain gave the land to the Palestinians (this cause problems over who the land belonged to)  Six day long war-gained the land for Israel  This made the Palestinians a stateless nation  Diaspora- removed people from their homeland o East Asia  Mongolia, china, japan, south and north Korea, and Taiwan  Fun facts  20% of the world’s population live there mostly in china  Chinas climate controls where the population live  Water and soil in the east  Dry and infertile in the west  East Asia has become a economic power in the last 30-40 years  Facebook and twitter are blocked from china  China doesn’t want a western influence  China has 1 timezone  Great wall of china- largest structure ever built  Gobi desert- hot in the summer and cold and icy in the winter  China has 95% rare earth minerals  Japan  Chain of islands-7,000  One of the oldest populations  Over 50,000 people over 100 years old  Geologic processes  Ring of fire  Japan has a lot of earthquakes and tsunamis because of the ring of fire  Tectonic plates cause last tsunamis  South west china impacted by the Himalayas mountains  Mountains grow 1 cm a year  4 main river systems  Yellow river- Beijing  Long river- shanghai  Pearl river- hong kong  Mother river- gobi desert  Regions in east Asia  Chinas coastal core- huge population  Chinas interior- most of natural resources  North mining  Central oil  South mountains hard to get to  Chinas western periphery- rural  Mongolia- cold climate only about 3 million people  Korean peninsula- very small population  Japan- mostly urban  Taiwan- an island democracy  Culture of east Asia  Piyin- how to say the Chinese symbol/ word  Sinophone- widespread Chinese speaking people  Language is based on symbols; the symbols can represent words or sentences  religion  Confucians, Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism  Taoism- yin yang; balance of energy; multiple gods  Shinto- belief in spirits; meshes well with Buddhism  Confucianism originated in china and spread to japan and Korea  Human virtue determine place in life but not with god  Dynasties in china 1. Dynasty- a line of rulers from the same family 2. Xia dynasty- fist advanced civilization roads, government 3. Shang dynasty- establishment of basis for today’s Chinese language 4. Zhou dynasty- around the time Buddhism came to china  Theocracy- priest rule in the name of god 5. Manchu dynasty- greatest dynasty in Chinese empire  Special administrative regions  Located in china but not controlled politically by china  Hong Kong was a British colony since the 1800s and was given back to china in 1997 but until it has been back with china for 50 years it stays under British control  The same rule applies for Macau- mirror sea; it was given back in 1999


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