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CAMS005 Egypt Part 1

by: Katrina Iobst

CAMS005 Egypt Part 1 CAMS005/HIST005

Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Dr. Munn

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About this Document

Notes from Week 4 of CAMS005. Topics include an introduction to Egypt, the historical periods, Egyptian gods and pyramids, and Egypt's relationship with foreigners.
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Dr. Munn
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAMS005/HIST005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Dr. Munn in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations in Classical Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 03/03/15
Intro to Egypt 0 Nile River 0 Flows South North 0 Rises and oods in midsummer as opposed to early summerspring o Flooding needed to bring silt Nomes districts of Egypt 0 20 in Lower Egypt 22 in Upper Egypt 0 Hieroglyphic quotsacred writingsquot picture standing for letters and words 0 Egypt uni ed by King Narmer around 31008C Memphis Menufer Thebes AmonRa wEETEFEH 397 39EElEHT ip ll Hull Emmi 3 Egyptian Historical Periods DEE Period Years BC Age 13 Early Dynastic 30002700 48 Old Kingdom 27002200 Early Bronze 911 First Intermediate 22002050 1114 Middle Kingdom 20501786 Second Middle 1517 17861570 Bronze Intermediate 1820 New Kingdom 15701070 Late Bronze Third 21 25 Intermediate 1070 712 Iron 2530 Late Dynastic 712332 The Old Kingdom amp Pyramid Age Pharaoh as God 0 Nebwennef First Prophet of Amun anointed by pharaoh in the god s place 0 Creator Gods o Atum Heliopolis Ptah Memphis engineer of gods wisdom amp knowledge Amon or Ra Thebes sun god Horus falcon horizon god quotHarakhtequot protector of pharaoh Osiris father of Horus god of lifegiving earthforce of life presides over dead amp fertilitybirth Anubis escorts deceased to weigh their heart against the Feather of Truth math If they fail hippo god eats them 0 Isis mother of Horus mother of kings o Pyramids 1 Mastaba Tombs in Abydos single story brick buildings on the edges of the desert where families would continue to send sacri ces 2 StepPyramid of Djoser from 3rd dynasty Mastabas stacked on top of each other Designed by lmhotep who became patron god of architects 3 Great Pyramids of Giza granite blocks quarried from Upper Egypt with limestone covering possibly gold caps Cheops Khufu largest pyramid Chephren Khafre Mycerinus Menkaure smallest pyramid 0000 0 Egypt amp Foreigners Low Opinion 0 Egypt unlike Mediterranean neighbors 0 First Intermediate Period 220020508C Prophecy of Neferty blames Egypt s problems quotlike a time before the rule of the godsquot on foreigners 0 Middle Kingdom 20501786BC Sunusret lll 12th Dynasty 1878 184lBC does not respect foreigners and always on military offense 0 Second Intermediate 1786157OBC 15th Dynasty 16501SSOBC Hyksos foreign rulers in Delta that threatened Egypt s traditional rulers eventually driven out by Thebes Dynasty Kamose Ahmose 0 New Kingdom 0 O O Hatshepsut 147914588C woman pharaoh sent expedition down Red Sea for trade with East Africa Thutmose lll 145814253C Hatshepsut s son that conquered many foreign lands Merneptah 19th Dynasty united Upper amp Lower Egypt and had embroidered forms of enemies on palace carpet Sinuhe wanderingstory from Middle Kingdom 0 O O 0 Was part of pharaoh s court voluntary exile when pharaoh died there was a usual quotcleaning of housequot when pharaohs switched Finds himself with Prince Ritaneau of Syria who took care of him let him marry his eldest daughter put him in charge of his children gave him choice land Prestige to have wellconnected former member of Egyptian court Egypt wellrespected by foreigners Buried in Egypt shows prestige o Wenamun priestofficial of Amun in Thebes O O O 0 Sets out to nd wood for the Temple Robbed in Dor by one of his own men Receives harsh treatment in Byblos and not given retribution for his stolen goods Stows away on a ship back to Egypt his king can t save him


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