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3/4 Notes

by: Ally Hill

3/4 Notes 26387

Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap

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About this Document

Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Hill on Wednesday March 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 26387 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Kim Creasap in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Social Aspects of Sexuality in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 03/04/15
Sexuality 3415 428 PM BDSM Practices 000000000 The Charmed Circle BDSM is in the outer limits m POWER is a key theme in BDSM B bondage and discipline D amp S domination and submission S amp M sadism and masochism coined by Freud All refer to experimenting with different roles involving power 23 of American adults practice some form of BDSM 5 million people Around 20 of adults report arousal from BDSM stories or images Highly choreographed in most cases Sexual Fetishism Assignment of sexual fixation fantasies or behaviors toward an object or body part 0 There is a degree of fetishistic arousal in most people 0 Feet are the 1 fetishized body part in the United States 0 Shoes breasts butts legs men s chests body piercings leather 0 Considered a problem when it interferes with sexual or social functioning o If someone can t experience arousal without the fetishized object it is considered a problem Polyamory The practice of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved The relationship between BDSM and polyamory is correlative There are multiple different forms of polyamorous relationships Primary plus primary core couple in a marriage like relationship each or one of those people pursue additional relationships outside of that core relationship Triad three people who are all in a committed relationship with one another The commitment is relatively equal Most often formed when a diad expands to include a third person Individual with multiple primaries v configuration One person is at the base of the v but he or she relates strongly with the relationships with other people Partners 2 and 3 have no relationship with one another O Polyfidelity exclusivity within those relationships Fidelity meaning loyalty but amongst multiple people NCSF national coalition for sexual freedom Many individuals who self identify as fetishist practitioners do not necessarily report clinical impairment in association with their fetish behaviors Such individuals could be considered as having a fetish but not fetishistic disorderquot 0 Consent counts campaign very involved in defining consent state level and on campuses Kink aware professionals directory dedicated to providing people who practice kinky sex with mental help physical help etc 0 Legal team provide people with legal assistance Ex parents who are polyamorous who might get children taken away would be subject to legal help from NCSF History of BDSM O 0000 References to BDSM practices emerge in 300 AD but proliferate in the 18th century Flowered in the 18th and 19th centuries because during these time periods brothels and prostitution exploded Brothels began to specialize in restraint etc Leather scenes subculture within gay subculture These scenes exploded in the Post War era 40 s and 50 s many motorcycle gangs were organized around misogyny and homophobia Gay men were attracted to leather scenes because motorcycle gangs were very masculine Promoted masculine independence Diverged from feminized gay subcultures Each country has their own entrant for the Leather Man competition These competitions involve traditions and practices that are associated with military and funded by Leather bars I Feminist Sex Wars 1980 s O O Pleasure and Dangerquot and Sex Warsquot books Antipornography camp and the sex radical camp 0 Antiporn Women against violence in pornography and media established in 1976 objected to all porn on the grounds that it objectified the bodies of women and saw it as a form of gender violence Saw this as a backlash of the feminist movement Women were sexual providers and men were sexual consumers Porn was engaged around women who were the ones doing the work and men were the ones seeing and buying them Their ideal was to abolish porn industry entirely Sexuality is male dominated and women are objects which reproduces sexism and patriarchy Focused on consent Sex radical Greater censorship and greater oppression of women s sexuality Sexual freedom was to be paramount in the fight for freedom for women and all other people Sexuality is an important part of human freedom Rejected moral and legal prohibitions regarding to sexuality Anything in the outer limits were people who were sexual minorities Sexual freedom is about pleasure Said we should transgress the boundaries of what s considered normal in sexual practices Focused on consent Feminist Opposition to BDSM O BDSM is violence that eroticizes gendered power dynamics In eroticizing these roles it was making male dominance sexy which strengthens gender inequality and gender roles Promotion of BDSM O BDSM is a form of sexual freedom allowing people to explore fantasy via negotiation and consent BDSM is not gendered many of these people were lesbian feminists practicing BDSM with other women SampM are roles that are agreed upon and can change over time they do not go outside of the bedroom BDSM Fetishism in Pop Culture O O O O 0 Exit to Eden 1994 Secretary 2002 Sex Madonna 1992 50 Shades of Grey Effect American s culture s sexual fantasy of the moment Seen in fashion Lady Gaga Rihanna You re going to suffer and enjoy every moment Super spicy Super tastyquot Domino s Pizza 50 Shades of Earl Grey Teaquot 0 Baby onesie 9 months ago Mommy read 50 Shades of Greyquot Discussion Questions What are the potential social effects of 50 Shades of Grey moving from a fictional realm to a pop cultural one Stigmatizes BDSM practicers and glamorizes the way it s practiced The aspect of trauma being the cause One commenter remarked If anything has power to shape sexual norms 50 Shades doesquot How might it shape sexual norms in America What are the pros and cons of it being a force for sociosexual change Seidman argues that discussion of SampM should be linked to gender inequality and roles How can we apply this to the cultural interest in 50 Shades Reaction from BDSM Community BDSM relationships are negotiated They re consensual they re mutually beneficial they have articulated boundaries and these boundaries can be flexible and shift So no the relationship in 50 Shades does not portray this 3415 428 PM 3415 428 PM


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