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ASCI 122 WEEK 12

by: Katarina Fielding

ASCI 122 WEEK 12 ASCI 123

Katarina Fielding
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Animals in Social Welfare
Julia Smith
Class Notes
ASCI122, UVM, animal welfare, welfare
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katarina Fielding on Sunday April 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ASCI 123 at University of Vermont taught by Julia Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Animals in Social Welfare in Animal Science and Zoology at University of Vermont.


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Date Created: 04/24/16
Debate Topic Assignments Set 1: April 11 Breeding of genetically altered lab animals should continue for biomedical research: 1. Isabella Gaidis 2. Alex Lunderville 3. Calleigh Coomb 4. Paige Skinner 5. Madeline Cruger 6. Michelle Brown 7. Alexandra Attenasio 8. Sophia Sullivan Orcas should be kept in captivity: 1. Lexy Hall 2. Alison Griffin 3. Eleni Casseri 4. Mattie Watts 5. Alexandria Adams 6. Julie Fosburg 7. Sydney Friedman 8. April 13 Anti-prolactin should be approved for assisting in drying off high producing cows: 1. Patrick Singleton 2. Victoria Primavera 3. Lily Kassen 4. Maria Gonzales 5. Richard Rogers 6. Jamie Kelly 7. Emily Dillon 8. Emma Tizard Horses should be prevented from cribbing: 1. Christine Dong 2. Sierra Sowl 3. Carmen Garofalo 4. Carolyne Ricardo 5. Conor Zawilinski 6. Skylar Anderson 7. Emily Apatow 8. Tyler Hennessee April 15 Shelters should follow (and advertise) no kill policies: 1. Delaney Douglas 2. Charlotte Callon 3. Katarina Fielding 4. Elizabeth DeMuro 5. Marley Nahum 6. Robert Delayo 7. Sophia Giovannetti 8. Isabella Gaidis Set 2: Anti-fertility treatments should be administered to feral horses: 1. Carmen Garofalo 2. Patrick Singleton 3. Alexandra Attenasio 4. Sierra Sowl 5. Emily Dillon 6. Michelle Brown 7. Skylar Anderson 8. Emily Apatow April 18 Genetically engineered animals should be approved for human consumption: 1. Tyler Hennessee 2. Eleni Casseri 3. Alison Griffin 4. Julie Fosburg 5. Madeline Cruger 6. Calleigh Coombs 7. Richard Rogers 8. Alex Lunderville The Yulin Dog eating festival should continue 1. Marley Nahum 2. Alexandria Adams 3. Maria Gonzales 4. Charlotte Callon 5. Isabella Gaidis 6. Robert Delayo 7. Sophia Giovannetti 8. Sierra Sowl April 20 Keeping of birds as pets should be banned: 1. Carolyne Ricardo 2. Victoria Primavera 3. Sydney Friedman 4. Lexy Hall 5. Sophia Sullivan 6. Mattie Watts 7. Jamie Kelly 8. Pregnant gilts and sows should be housed in stalls: 1. Katarina Fielding 2. Lily Kassen 3. Elizabeth DeMuro 4. Christine Dong 5. Delaney Douglas 6. Emma Tizard 7. Conor Zawilinski 8. Paige Skinner


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