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In Class Notes March Week 1

by: Juleah Aiken

In Class Notes March Week 1 ENG 210

Marketplace > University of Miami > ENG 210 > In Class Notes March Week 1
Juleah Aiken
GPA 3.78
Rulership and the Politics of Resistance
Elizabeth Oldman

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About this Document

In Class notes on hobbes and milton
Rulership and the Politics of Resistance
Elizabeth Oldman
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juleah Aiken on Thursday March 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 210 at University of Miami taught by Elizabeth Oldman in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 109 views.

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Date Created: 03/05/15
Notes 3215 Test Friday after spring break 10 short passages from the works that we have looked at Need to identify the name of the text the author of the text and the context in which it is happeningwhat is going on Sophocles Antigone Bunalatthebes Machiavellis the prince sections assigned 2 of the witch poems quotthe hagquot and quotthe young witchquot next we will be reading Shakespeare s Coriolanus Hobbes Leviathan Hobbes and Milton had competing views on human nature Milton believe that people are community minded and will choose good over evil lnherently harmonius Optimistic Law as evolutionary The power remains with the people Parliamentarian Lexrex bes believed that people are inherently war like Pessimistic Law as static The people need to quottransfer their freedom over to the leader in order to live peacefully because their nature is war likequot 0 Rexlex o Royalist o Asocial Leviathan it means whale or big sh but in the old testament it is a sea monster or dragon of chaos negative implication o In the book of job there is a sea monster 0 Satan who has shape shifted into the shape of a whale 1816 famous quote by hobbes 2nCI paragraph quotand the life of man solitary core nasty brutish and shortquot how man lives in the state of nature Ho COCO000000 Notes 3415 no class on Friday Hobbes leviathan 0 why would the people need their civil government to function 0 depicts objects constantly bumping into each other 0 the constant motion of the universe 0 man is in a war like state hobbes is arguing here Machiavellian that man has a war like nature with a propensity to compete for limited resources 0 the situation that this creates big pessimistic passage pg 1861 quotand the life of man solitary poor nasty brutish and shortquot bees and ants are viewed as good 0 man is making an agreement to other men about the competition for scarce resources 0 transfer authority to other authorities to live peacefully you have to give up freedom to obtain freedom hobbes Milton the power is always in the people


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