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Week 9 Notes (Tuesday and Thursday)

by: Dianna Montzka

Week 9 Notes (Tuesday and Thursday) PPPM 280

Marketplace > PPPM 280 > Week 9 Notes Tuesday and Thursday
Dianna Montzka
GPA 3.8
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason

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About this Document

This week we discussed International Nonprofit Organizations
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dianna Montzka on Thursday March 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PPPM 280 at a university taught by Dr. Mason in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 177 views.

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Date Created: 03/05/15
Week 9 3315 International nonprofit organizations Doctors without borders France organization Ponheary Ly foundation working in cambodia outside of the US they are usually referred to as NGOs or INGOS nongov organizations or international nongov organizations can be western or locally based can raise money and recruit volunteers either in house or from around the world Examples Mercy Corps Doctors without Borders Center for Victims of Torture CURE Ponheary Ly Foundation gt Developmental focused organizations 33 countries studied accounted for 1 of total nonprofit sector employment 400000 FTE employees including volunteer hours in 2007 1 million americans volunteered abroad and 34000 volunteered for INGOs in the US Funding 28 dies and charges 34 from national and international gov 38 through donations International development Many NGOs based in the US and Europe now there are a growing number of NGOs in the south which we usually see as more developing countries Growth of INGOS have waxed and waned over the last half century growth in 19803 decline in 19903 growth again in the 20003 why has it gone Ub accessibility of information internet and media tools allow people to see what needs there are and people have direct access to help gov is more interested in supporting economic development because it possibly gives political stability Also working from more centralized models to more decentralized models growing interest in the last decade or so in supporting indigenous civil society organizations space for community engagement government free space for communication and getting voice out supporting grassroots action What are the responsibilities of the west l north to support civil society abroad are there any lfthe country has already begun to implement some sort of change it is ok for the west to support and help them along to be successful but to start their own push to help is not ok we are from a different place and do not necessarily have a right to make our own fight on behalf of someone else Following beliefs that have already been fought for We should do what we preach abroad in the US because we have a lot of problems ourselves Building partnerships rather than having the US be the saviors in every light being the ones who go to help others Does US need to support and push democracy on others impacts of history governments etc that are different gt No other countries need to find their way to the government that works for them the US can t go into other countries and tell them how to do democracy like we do democracy it is up to the country to fight for the democracy they want US can support them in that but not tell them how to do it on the other hand its hard for the us to just stand by and see oppression in other countries take place when we can help them at some level in the end the US usually ends up making the problem worse extends conflict etc us just ends up leaving countries high and dry Elements driving diversity in organizational form and activities there NEEDS to be more diversity in international aid Americans are NOT always the best option to aid other countries funding grants fees often a geographical separation between the organization and its clients staffing many western staffers growing number of local staffers care international 97 local staffmuch better than having 97 americaneuropean staff diversity is essential in aid organizations or any organization to represent a larger group of people they can successfully help being able to understand the culture better better apt and have more expertise to help organization make better decisions for the betterment of the community as a whole aows residents of the community to be change agents for their community oca interpretation of global mission importance of class caste gender tribal relationships religion summary NGOS local and international make a significant impact around the world interests among western groups to start developing strong local leadership think about the ethical moral and practical considerations of calls to diversity Week 9 3515 Flnal is cumulative mostly focused on second half of the class focus on big ideas from the first part of the term like the 4 failures how to Nonprofits get money who are they accountable to ethics etc What are obligations of INGOs obligated to enhance development but respect culture being culturally competent to fulfill their mission Who are they accountable to accountable to local communities their mission laws and local governments western donors people they serve INGO accountability Charter universal principles of freedom of speech assembly and association independent from outside influence responsible advocacy transparency nondiscrimination good governance ethical fundraising professional management effective programs What are the ethical obligations of INGOS providing services help them develop local capacity Local leadership spreading democracy worldwide Self determination lines of accountability can get blurred internationally not necessarily an obligation especially if it strays from their mission and especially if they are in a place for a different reason in the first place such as a natural disaster etc situational if it is their obligation or not definition of democracy and gov systems are way different so in that sense an obligation to bring in western democracy is not something that is just implemented over a short period of time problems with implementations of essentials and basic needs before implementing fancy high technology infrastructure Democratization of INGOS problems with influence of powerful stakeholders growth in member based organizations allowing more local participation North South Tensions paternalistic policy imperialism power imbalance in northsouth relationships anti american antiwestern sentiments Gov can be concernedanxious about meddling and influence of western ideology russianon profit group with foreign funding has to register has a foreign agentextreme oversight and harassmentprevents good work from being done egypt need permission from the gov to do anything videos grassroot uprising to throw out the leader Mubarak other groups stepped up Morsi was then elected and thrown out and now the military is in charge human rights and prodemocracy groups were raidedwestern employees got out egyptian employees got arrested suspect that the organizations are sponsored abroad from america want to implement new NGO laws current draft states does not protect civil society rights NGOs need to ask permission from the gov to do anything and gov has access to all filesalthough civil society means they are independant from the gov US has put pressure on egyptian gov and it has been helpful to fight this conflict should the US be involved putting people they support at risk lack of NGOs will prevent civil society from emerging in egypt if we do go in it would help create a basis for them to work towards our ideals of democracy moral obligation to support human rights at the same time there a lot of political and other consequences of that putting americans at risk too cambodia new regulation law proposedall nonprofits have to register with the gov national gov was nervous about the political implicationscracking down on organizations looking to protect green spaces and wildlife china nonprofits here have to be registered with a government agency from chinacannot operate independently have to have a gov sponsor Foreign aid is political CASE hurricane Nargis 2008 WorldVision working to help provide relief as well as AmeriCares From videos event is seen by many as a test of the military Junta s ability to direct relief effort military gov with limited contact with outside world need basic survival kits clean drinking water food etc frustrating because the state run media failed to issue a warning to the citizens to provide them with safety information tightening assets on burma want to encourage a democratic transition possibilities that the gov would not accept international aid for their people gov realization that the people of burma need more than what the gov is currently able to provide themeducation agriculture basic needs etc From lecture 138000 dead or missing 24 million displaced now the makings of a civil war are in place after small group discussion gov failure in Myanmar to protect their people and to resist help does foreign aid give gov s the cop out to be off the hook in providing for their country a lot of countries don t have the resources to have disaster preparedness AmeriCares what was the role of americares following cyclone Nargis why were their services needed of the 4 failures where do lNGOs like americares fit in what were the main challenges facing the organization in supporting the cyclone s victims what would you do Notes are taken from lectures by Professor Dyana Mason Some sentences are copied directly from lecture slides available on Blackboard Further analysis of lecture materials are of my own thoughts and considerations and include what is discussed by the class


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