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Notes for week of 3/3

by: Thomas Michael

Notes for week of 3/3 HIST0187

Marketplace > Art > HIST0187 > Notes for week of 3 3
Thomas Michael

GPA 2.9
World War II in Europe
Leslie Hammond

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About this Document

Lecture notes from classes on 3/3 and 3/5
World War II in Europe
Leslie Hammond
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Thomas Michael on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST0187 at a university taught by Leslie Hammond in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 190 views.


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Date Created: 03/06/15
WWII in Europe Week of 33 33 Plane spotters Women in the war effort crucial agricultural work plane spotting factory work Women s Auxiliary Air Force keep track of plane movements supply and transport planes Battle of Britain 19401942 most intense period of German bombing of England first limited their targets to military Hitler believed he could wipe out RAF in four days attacking air bases and fighters on the ground shift of strategy retaliation England launched successful raid on Berlin September 7 bombing of London began Hitler realized not possible to knock out the RAF that quickly mild relief for command of RAF unsure how much longer they could39ve hold out September 13 RAF launched successful attack on German buildup of landing craft at French coast near Dunkirk Germans believe they are on the verge of air superiority planned naval attack with troops following RAF sunk 84 barges sunk 104 the next day devastating to German navy postpone invasion of England Luftwaffe ramping up attacks on British cities wanted to break the morale of the population indirect military effect dehouse 25 of workers shut down industrial production proved impossible German fighters had limited time over Britain range British fighters had the edge home field advantage more range and assistance from the ground 300000 British casualties in Battle of Britain 60000 dead 30000 in London counterintelligence Operation DoubleCross German spies and agents in Britain planned to turn them into doubleagents feed bad information back into Germany able to round up every single German spy September 1940 Tripartite Pact Germany Italy and Japan purpose was to assist one another in economic and military means defend against the United States suspect US will eventually enter the war tensions between Japan and United States mounting domination of the Pacific Battle of Britain ended in November 1940 Bodeker raids Germans attacking land marks World at War documentary Chapter 4 Alone 194041 35 Battle of Britain 1940 Italy declares war on Great Britain takes immediate action Italy desires more landholdings around the Mediterranean and in Africa modern reestablishment of the new Roman Empirequot June 11 Mussolini orders army in Libya to make advances toward British controlled Egypt defeated by a much smaller British force Hitler compelled to help out his ally Churchill elected to reinforce Greece and Crete instead of Africa ltaly attacks reinforced by Germany defeats British North Africa 194043 Erwin Desert Fox Rommel launches attacks in 1941 General Bernard Montgomery for the British back and forth fighting Invasion of the Soviet Union Hitler planning to invade Soviet Union before NaziSoviet Pact never intended on fulfilling pact planned to invade May 15 delayed by turmoil in Yugoslavia terrorist group bankrolled by Fascists Ustachi March 1941 signed Tripartite Pact triggers espionage agents from Great Britain instigated an uprising were able to establish only some control Josip Broz Tito Operation Barbarossa reference to a crusader delayed until June 1941 Stalin should have known something was up Germany became more cold towards them upset Germany established relations with Finland Great Britain and United States warning of impending invasion Stalin went into denial Soviet Union has a massive army Germany had a 32 million strong army estimated he would be done by October 2000 aircraft destroyed in a week killed 500000 in 2 weeks outran supply lines soldiers told to fend for themselves Soviet citizens were treated worse than anyone towards the west planned to use the area as Lebensraum enormous number taken prisoner 97 died large resistance network organized by Stalin believed the West would invade became paranoid ended up regarding as potential threat Fall 1941 Belarus and Ukraine under Nazi control moving towards Moscow lots of partisan activity government would eventually take an active hand in helping partisans progress slowed down October winter sets in cold rain gt mud German armor gets stuck generals wanted to stop until spring Hitler said no Soviets brought in troops from the east to reinforce Moscow Stalin anticipated attack from Japan to the east Germans not equipped for Winter don t have enough food or winter clothes German prisoners met with same standards as Germans Soviets regain some territory in December war declared on the United States


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