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March 2nd - March 6th Notes

by: Adrianna Minichiello

March 2nd - March 6th Notes 71234

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Science > 71234 > March 2nd March 6th Notes
Adrianna Minichiello
GPA 4.0
Physics 101
J. Fielder

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About this Document

Here's this weeks notes in case you missed them!
Physics 101
J. Fielder
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adrianna Minichiello on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 71234 at San Francisco State University taught by J. Fielder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Physics 101 in Science at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 03/06/15
Physics Lecture Notes Centripetal Force and Gravity Week of March 2 2015 Monday March 2 2015 Rotational Motion and Gravity Rotational Motion V 2an I W Revs W AOIAt A0 rev Centripetal means towards the center 0 Whenever an object moves along a circular path there must be a force on that object in the direction of the center of the circle In such a case the force is said to be centripetal Acceleration I change in velocity Uniform circular motion I constant speed moving in a circle 7 Any force directed toward a fixed center is called a centripetal force 0 F mv2r I r radius 39 v tangential velocity A Normal Gravity Fcent m v2r O v2r acent Example You are riding at the very edge of a merrygoround With a radius of 2 m Your friend runs alongside pushing the merrygoround so that it s tangential speed is 3 ms a What force is keeping you from sliding off Friction force b If you have a mass of 75 kg what is the strength of that force 75kg3ms22m 338 N towards the center of the merrygoround Gravity 0 Everything with mass pulls on everything else with mass 0 Gravity is always attractive I The closer the object the stronger the pull 0 Newton s Law of Gravity O F GMmr2 I M mass of 1st object I m mass of 2rld object I r distance between objects I G gravitational constant I 667 x 103911 Nm21ltg2 0 Force grows or shrinks with distance squared 0 If you get 2X closer force is 4X stronger 0 If you get 3X farther away force is 9X weaker 0 Called Inversesquare relation 0 Newton s Law of Gravity automatically follows Newton s Third Law 0 The moon and earth pull on each other with equal strength in opposite directions Wednesday March 4 2015 Finish Gravity Projectile Motion Gravity 0 If the satellite is at location C halfway between the Moon and the Earth in what direction will the net force on the satellite point 0 Earth A B C D E Moon I Fge C I Fgm O A the force will point towards the Earth because the Earth has a lot more mass than the moon 0 Example On the surface of the Earth we are about 6380 km from the center of the Earth The astronauts on the 188 are about 6720 km from the center of the Earth Compare the gravitational force on two people one on Earth s surface and one in the 188 0 Earth Fgmund Gmme dzgmund O ISS F133 Gmme dzlss 0 G111me dzrss X dzground Gmme I Multiply by the inverse O Cancel out the Gmme dzgmund dzlss O 6380 km2 6720 km2 0901 Tides are primarily due to the moon s gravitational pull on our oceans Sun contributes too But the EarthSun distance doesn t change very much Black holes are not cosmic vacuum cleaners they re just very compact Projectile Motion A ball thrown across the room follows an arced trajectory 0 Both vertical and horizontal motion G 1net ma Projectiles ay 98 ms2 down 0 aX 0 ms2 I Constant speed horizontal motion Range depends on both horizontal speed and angle Maximum at 45 degrees 0 dy 12 gt2 For initial speeds that are faster and faster the range of the projectile is farther and farther For very large speeds the curvature of Earth starts to be noticeable Curvature of the Earth is about 5 meters over a distance of 8000 meters which is about 5 yards over 5 miles Suppose you throw a ball at a speed of 8000 ms 0 After one second ball travels 8000 meters and falls by 5 meters Gravity provides the centripetal force required for plants and satellites to move in orbit Elliptical orbits for speeds higher than 8 kms the orbit is elliptical instead of circular Friday March 6 2015 Atoms and structure of matter The Atomic Nature of Matter What is the structure of matter 0 Atoms I Electron cloud and nucleus 39 00000000001 m Characteristics of atoms 0 Very tine 0 Very numerous 0 Always in motion Substances made of only 1 type of atom are called elements An atom is composed of O Nucleus I Contains most of the atomic mass I Made up of protons and neutrons no charge I Very very small 0 Electrons I Even smaller than the nucleus I 2000 times less massive than nucleus I Negative electric charge I May be thought of as orbiting nucleus Number of electrons in a neutral atom is equal to number of protons in the nucleus Atomic Number of protons in nucleus Atomic Mass Number of protons neutrons Molecules consist of two or more atoms H20 C02 Isotope same of protons but different of neutrons Antimatter O Atoms With opposite electrical charge 0 Antiprotons positrons O Antimatter and regular matter destroy each other and release energy Dark matter 0 Detected via the gravitational force that it exerts on stars and galaxies but invisible 0 Dark matter makes up almost IA of all matter in the universe Phases or Matter Solids Sequence of increasing molecule motion kinetic energy 0 Solids Liquids and Gases I Fluids Liquids and Gases Density rho p O p massVolume 0 SI Unit kgm3 The densities of most liquids and solids vary slightly With changes in temperature and pressure Densities of gases vary greatly With changes in temperate and pressure Weight Density O p mgV 0 SI Unit Nm3 0 Example density 0 Compute density of a gold brick 0 Dimensions 205 cm X 10 cm X 5 cm 0 Mass 198 kg 100 em 1 m 3 3 5 cm 005 m p mV 198 kg 005 X 01 X 0205m 19300 kgm 10 em 010 m 05 em 0 205 m


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