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Philosophy of Love & Sex

by: Lauren Hayashi

Philosophy of Love & Sex

Marketplace > University of Oregon > PHIL-Philosophy > Philosophy of Love Sex
Lauren Hayashi


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About this Document

These are thorough notes from the lecture of April 14. There's connections to previous readings and some extra stuff she said but didn't put in the power point.
philosophy, love, sex
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This 2 page Reader was uploaded by Lauren Hayashi on Thursday April 17, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views.


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Date Created: 04/17/14
Philosophy 170 April 14 2014 Kant amp Wollstonecraft Theme Sexual Difference Why talk about this in a Love and Sex Class Kant Differences are complementary and natural Wollstonecraft Differences are and excuse for exploitation and are learned Ia1nt1724 1804 Moved from Greece to the tip of Africa and now were in what was known as Prussia but is now Germany Poland He was one of the founders of Anthropology Not known to have any romantic relationships The 18th century was a great time of Enlightenment where reason was the source of power Kant said that before authority was based on position status church and God But the Enlightenment brought freedom from dependence on external authority Turn inward to your own reasoning to find respect yourself and gain confidence to make decisions This freedom comes from making use of your own understanding without direction from another person Two Aesthetic Categories Beautiful amp Sublime Aesthetic from the powers of perception with your senses smell touch taste etc and sensibility So you have to have the feeling for it to experience it Beautiful pleasant and harmonious Sublime enjoyment with horror for example seeing a huge mountain and wondering what it could do to you We can respond to art and nature in sensual affective emotional ways Kant is trying to map aesthetic capacities the ability to feel experience and kinds of people gender Subjectivist Account In philosophy it is commonly asked what subject are you studying What is a subject Human persons as the center of perception will understanding judgement action Sublime VS Beautiful Moves Charms Night Day Dread Melancholy Smile Laughter Wonder Cheerfulness Esteem Love Friendship especially between men Love between sexes Big Older Small Younger ustice Principles Sympathy Compassion Constant Changeable Universal Particular Recall that in Plato39s Symposium the differences between Earthly and Heavenly love have the same differences Men the Noble Sex have the capacity for the Sublime and women the Fair Sex have the capacity for the beautiful according to Kant There is a hierarchical relationship so they compliment one another but one is superior to the other Sublime is superior to Beautiful There is a distinction in the subjective capacity how we know things and character how we are known by others On page 78 Kant has a warning tone when he talks about when women or men cross the line from Descriptive how it is to Normative how it should be For example when women should be dealing with beautiful things but when they go into sciences they are going against what they should be doing His claim is Whatever one does contrary to nature39s will one always does very poorly Key notions Reason vs Sense Education cultivate the beautiful or noble virtue for women appeal to their feelings when showing them a map don39t teach geography but rather teach them about the people who live there Proper Relation wife esteems husband husband loves wife but does not esteem her In matrimony the wife and husband become one Single Moral Person governed by the understanding of the man and the taste of the woman Differences are natural inevitable hierarchical complementary which make heterosexual love better Wollstonecraft Natural differences are learned Unequal complementarity excuse for exploitation of women by men Differences interfere with heterosexual relationships Historical Context during the American and French Revolutions Ideas of equality inalienable rights reason democracy and citizenship Explicit Exclusions US children propertyless persons slaves free women Response to Exclusions Kant justification Wollstonecraft protest


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