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Womanhood and Difference.pdf

by: Maddi Duncan

Womanhood and Difference.pdf POLS 562

Marketplace > Kansas > Political Science > POLS 562 > Womanhood and Difference pdf
Maddi Duncan
GPA 2.8
Women and Politics
Jacob Longaker

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About this Document

Women and Politics
Jacob Longaker
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maddi Duncan on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 562 at Kansas taught by Jacob Longaker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Women and Politics in Political Science at Kansas.

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Date Created: 03/06/15
Womanhood and leference Tuesday February 17 2015 1103 AM 39 Class 0 Are upper class interests shared 0 Are lower class interests distinct O Houseworkdomestic workhousewifery Different meanings based upon class 39 Interpret as a privilegeburden 39 Idea of choice Stratified women even more oppressoppressoroppressed Domestic work devalued lower class Women valued as homeownersworkerswhite collar Justifications 39 Domestic work expected as a quotnaturalquot 39 Devaluing amongst women 0 Double standardloselose situaton O Superwomensuper mom soccer mom 0 Role of religion in desiresexpectationsclass O O 0000 Stay at home dads Role of 39breadwinners39 0 Composition of nuclear family 0 Modern domestic work is racialized 0 Labor supply women of color allows white women to ascend O Radicalized incarceration system burdens womenlower class women 0 Weighing race v class v Gender 0 Patriarchy in society v patriarchy at home Class v racism v patriarchy O Bourgeoisieproletariat O Whiteblack O Malefemale sexes 39 Racism and Sexism O hooks 39 The US social system formed out of racial and sexual imperialism 39 Racial imperialism dominance of white males over black males and black women Sexual imperialism dominance of white males over white women and black women 39 Racism is the fundamental basis for social organization Racism is much stronger than sexual imperialism eg patriarchy 39 The white women39s movement avoided engagement with racism as an issue 39 Contended it was a white male institution Sought distance from responsibility for racism 39 Contended that the issue of patriarchy was more fundamental as an organizing principle of society Early women39s movement and slavery 39 Early movement opposed slavery on moral grounds 39 Eg purity of nation not because necessarily fundamentally aligned with black women 39 Moral purity of nation and self led to interest in abolition 39 Not because opposed to racism or supportive of black women themselves Drought with renditions with participation of black women 39 Why were white women so hesitant or opposed to take up this cause 39 White women benefitted from the institution of slavery Economic political and social benefits 39 Econ labor in all ways Political seeking a race based vote all white women and men with expendency argument 39 Social asserting position vis a vis black womb en and men Yet reminded of position in sexual hierarchy by exercise of white male dominance over black bodies 39 And inability to reproduce similar dominance White women were hostile to black women in a number of ways 39 Preserving the 39purity39 and 39morality39 of white women meant many things 39 Dominating black women within the institution of slavery Avoiding contact with black women for sexual and social purity 39 Political participation of black women denied in suffrage movement 39 Labor during WWI in segregation spaces Competition over limited 39jobs39 39 This tension carries into women39s liberation in the 19605 39 Failure once again to discuss race in a meaningful way Less overt forms of racism 39 Black women erased from movement 39 Black women discussed in stereotypicalracist fashion Women means 39 White women All other women come with adjectives and markers 39 Black means 39 Black men All other men come with adjectives and markers 39 Women39s liberation 0 Failure to discuss and challenge racism and class 0 White womenuppermiddle class link political gains to econ gains 0 Demand 39 Insertion in capitalist society Equality in work opportunities 39 Econ status and money power 39 liberation O Liberationists chosepreferred position of housewife to work because valued housewifery above worker 39 Housewifery based upon the inflections of racism and privilege in a capitalist society Thinking about Capitalism 0 What sustains women39s place as housewife in capitalist society Complex arrangements in social space Charged with re production as essential form of labor Rationalized with quotromantic lovequot Women perform unpaid unfair exchange of labor in the house because of 39romantic lovequot Claimed to be a natural extension of Physical qualities of women feminist 39 Personality of women nurtures 39 Aspiration of women to be wives and mothers


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