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Global Warming Notes (Week/Day 6 Lecture Notes)

by: Monica Weisenbach

Global Warming Notes (Week/Day 6 Lecture Notes) GEOLOGY103

Marketplace > Geoscience > GEOLOGY103 > Global Warming Notes Week Day 6 Lecture Notes
Monica Weisenbach
GPA 3.819
Intro Oceanography
Peter Panish

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About this Document

Intro Oceanography
Peter Panish
Class Notes
UMass, amherst, Umass Amherst, 103, Oceanography
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Monica Weisenbach on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOLOGY103 at a university taught by Peter Panish in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 167 views.

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Date Created: 03/06/15
WeekDay 6 Notes Global Warming Air temperatures seem to have the highest during this past decade but there also seems to be a sort of plateau with air temperatures It takes 24 cal to raise 1g air by 1 C 1 calorie to raise 1g water by 1 C and 80 calories to melt 1g to melt ice to water at 0 C Raising the temperature of the ocean and melting glaciers takes a lot of energy it could happen without raising air temperatures by taking all the energy One issue with looking at air temperature data is that data is only comprehensive a er1960 Data from before is taken from a few sources or taken from temperature proxies like growth rings or C to O ratios in bubbles in ice Glaciers do seem to be retreating all around the world Sea levels have been slowly rising which is attributed to glacial melt It s about 35mmyr from glacial melt and thermal expansion of oceans Some records used are tree rings which record periods of hotcold written descriptions which last to 1000 yrs instrumental data coral reefs ice cores sediment deposits up to 1 billion yrs biogenic oceans sediments Oxygen rations can be used for some of the above The O18O16 ratio of calcite marine organisms is partly dependent on the temperature of the water as long as the ratio of O18O16 in the water stays the same Ice cores go back a long ways oldest ice is in Antarctica gt400000 years and the ratio of O18O16 is highly correlated to temperature The biggest question is whether the raise in temperatures and melting glaciers is a natural increase or manmade Is it us Is it the result of various natural cycles Is it both together Other greenhouse gases are rising like methane COZ nitrous oxide CFCs from 1970s on manmade Note that water is actually the most potent greenhouse gas although levels seem to be steady Lots of computer simulations try to predict the future with projected global climate patterns It s not an exact science each simulation is only as good as its code and the factors it takes into account The consensus seems to be around 2 C of warming less of a consensus on sea levelnse Effects could mean more heat waves less cold days higher max temperatures worse storms while also possibly less frequent expanded disease ranges habitat changes extinctions worse air quality


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