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HDFS 101 Jennifer Aberle Week 12 class notes

by: Lauren Caldwell

HDFS 101 Jennifer Aberle Week 12 class notes HDFS 101

Marketplace > Colorado State University > HDFS 101 > HDFS 101 Jennifer Aberle Week 12 class notes
Lauren Caldwell
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

middle adulthood
Human Development and Family Studies
Jennifer Aberle
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Caldwell on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 101 at Colorado State University taught by Jennifer Aberle in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 04/25/16
4/12 Week 12 Poster due 21!!! Middle adulthood  45-65/70  'sweet spot of adulthood'  Physical changes o Primary aging shows up o Secondary -> due to lifestyle -> continues as well o Vision and hearing declines  Presbyopia - farsightedness - increases  My generation may get this even sooner, thanks to the use of technology  Eye lens thicken  Decreased amount of light availability to filter  Reduced focus-adjustment ability  To fix this problem, something is added to the environment  Aka, here it is glasses  Hearing  Presbycusis - adutiroy nerve and structures in the inner ear deteriorate a bit  Accelerates at age 55  Occurs in high and low frequencies  Both primary and secondary aging  Most cells regenerate through the hippocampus  Ppl who are more active are considered happier and healthier o Major healtgh problems and variations in gender, culture, ethnicityu o Midlife health predicts health o Skeletal system  Osteoporosis - declining density of bones  Women get it faster than men - partly due to estrogen  Begins around 30 for both genders tho  Improved / rate decreased / by regular weight-bearing exercise No single variable affects quality of life in middle and late adulthood as much as HEALTH  Cronic illness - has ups and downs and lasts forever really, but will not cause death o Untreated, however, WILL lead to a faster death  Cardiovascular disease - CVD o Cerebral cardiac event/cerebral hemmerage  Aka, stroke  #1 cause of death. partly due to the fact that it is hard to predict o 25% of all yearly deaths o Plac fills the arteries, not cholesterol. They're correlated but not the same o Risk factors are cummulative  Lifestyle choices o Stress is a risk for cardiovascular disease  Plus temperament  Cancer o Second leading cause of death o Similar risk factors to heart disease o Good health habits early on can reduce risk o Genetics comes into play as well o Can be caused by viruses/infectious agents  Leading cause of death for women is lung cancer  That’s the cancer, at least. Heart attacks is the leading cause  Women die of heart attacks more than men  Leading cause of cancer for men is lung cancer  Friedman and Rosenman personality patterns o A  Grandma  Controlling  Impatient  Competitive  Aggressive  Difficultly relaxing o B  Patient  Relaxed  Easy going o D  Chronic, anxious, constantly waiting for something awful to happen  Usually younger than 50-60  SES impacts health and wellness o Eating plant based diets can decrease the rate of secondary aging o Occupational level and education makes differences  Partly due to the edu and exposure to the knowledge and ideas o Ethnicity relates to overall health  Impacts genetics, where one lives, habits by culture  AIDS is leading cause of death for young AA women o Young AA women are more likely to die than any other group 4/19 There is a decrease with age in the ability to maintain attention on two or more information sources at the same time and switch back and forth between them.  Middle adulthood o 45-65 yo o Expertise peaks in midlife o Perceptual speed declines o Attention and memory change o Denny's model of physical and cognitive aging  There is a normal curve of declining in age=relagted changes  Effects of exercise of the skill or ability  Underlying age-related decay curves o Baltes and baltes's model of selective optimization  Physical declines create selectie optimization with compensation to combat aging effects  Selective optimization strategies  Protect your ears at a concert by wearing earplugs  Get reading classes or hearing aids to compensate for failing senses and optimize for the best that you can  You don’t have to settle fo rloosing stuff - you can do stuff to gain more  Cognitive functioning o Episodic memories  Episodes in our life -> o Somatic memory -> crystilized, ability to memorize your home address  Practiced and unpracticed skills o Practice helps with maintaining/gaining cognitive skills o Makes up for deficits o Diff strategies can remember text  Social and personality development o More stable in middle adulthood - less comparisons  Self concept - midlife crisis o A privilaged concept o Between two things - stagnation and ? o Ownership for identity  Generativity o Interest in establishing and guiding the next generation o Generousity  Involves successful marriages  Work achievesment  Close friendships  Altruistic behaviors  Overall mental health o Stable place to which you can be generous o Stagnation  Involved pervading sense of stagnation and personal inpoverishment  Impacted by mood and mental illness  Ex depression  Impacted by loss  Ex death or relationships  Role transitions o Role conflict o Role strain  Dealing with aging parents Mid life profile  Martial stability and satisfaction increase in mid life  Less likely to divorce two times  More able to cope with divorse stress and less likely to dovirce at 3\40 yo  Less extreme personality fluxing, more resilience  Grandparenting usually begins now o Most grandparents express high levels of satisfaction with their role o Grandparents can help children development  Friendships o Less friends altogether, but more intimate and close  Work satisfaction o Less burnout o At its peak despite few promotions o More stability o Work performance quality is high


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