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CL 113 Lecture 33

by: Lauren Palermo

CL 113 Lecture 33 CL 113LEC

Lauren Palermo
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Myth & Religion Anc World
Woodard, R D
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Palermo on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CL 113LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Woodard, R D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Myth & Religion Anc World in Classical Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 04/25/16
Lecture 33 4/22 Lucan st  Poet 1 cent. A.D. Pharsalia o Says Druids have barbarian rights & weird ceremonies o “Death is but a point in the midst of continuous light” similar to Caesar’s eternal nature of the soul  Same idea as when Krsna spoke to Arjuna on the eve of the battle o Free from the fear of death Suetonius observes that…(54 A.D. Emperor of Rome = Claudius)  Claudius issued a decree banning the practices of Druidism in Gaul o Not completely successful because in 70 A.D. Tactius says that there are druids in Gaul who are prophesying the downfall of the Roman empire in spite of the decree Druidism comes to an end in Britain  A.D. 61 o Due to military action  Roman General Suetonius Paulinus (not the same one as just mentioned)  Celtic forces are planning to attack the Romans on the Isle of Mona o Celts are slaughtered  Druid sacred grove chopped down—no longer an effective religion Ireland becomes a safe haven for druidism  Comes to an end in the 5 century due to advent of Christianity from St. Patrick o Druids proper were the ones that came to an end as a group  Filid’s (2ndportion of Druids) survive and they profit as a result of the elimination of the Druids proper o Become more respectable, royal advisors, teachers o Legal function= notary public; witness transactions o 13 century A.D. --> Filid’s are functioning as poets o Overtaking role of the Bards o Disappear from Irish society in the 17 cent. Chief Celtic Deities named by Caesar Appropriated in Latin 1. Mercury o Most worshipped o Inventor of all arts o God for every road and journey o Commerce 2. Apollo o Healer 3. Mars o Controls wars 4. Jupiter o Holds empire of heaven 5. Minerva o Arts/crafts Caesar’s appropriation of names… (Where did he get the Latin/Roman names from compared to Celtic) Mercury=Lug (Celt God)  Lyons, Leiden, etc. across Europe  Lugus= Latinized form o Ireland: Chief god of Pagan Ireland is Lug  Germania—Tacitus identifies chief god of Germanic people is Mercury o Tacitus is talking about Odin (Norse) Similarities between Irish Lug and Germanic Odin by de Vries 1. Both chief deities o Odin= Germanic o Lug= Irish 2. Both play important role in a conflict that preserves the security of their communities 3. Both Odin and Lug fight with a spear 4. Both operate with 1 eye 5. In Irish tradition, Lug is the master poet & in Norse tradition, Odin is said to be the patron of Norse poets o Skaldic –poets in Norse 6. Both are associated with a bird o Raven 7. Both can magically affect the outcome of a battle 1 function god= Mercury  Associated with magic st 1 function god= Jupiter  Holds realm of heaven 2nd function god= Mars  Wars 3 function= Minerva & Apollo


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