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March 3-5 Notes

by: Becca Savino

March 3-5 Notes MIS 441

Becca Savino
GPA 3.5
Global eCommerce
Mr. Vithayathil

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About this Document

Global eCommerce
Mr. Vithayathil
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Becca Savino on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIS 441 at Washington State University taught by Mr. Vithayathil in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 86 views. For similar materials see Global eCommerce in Computer Science and Engineering at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 03/06/15
Tuesday 33 Goal of CRM that people expect to be there but isn t Cannot guarantee that it increases sales Order acquisitions are complex and difficult to manage Need for customized products New distribution channels Multiple pricing options Selling complexity Productneeds complexity Every tiny little step in the buying process has to be mapped out and coded Mass customization Builttoorder ETC 0 Alter assembly process to accept customerspecific order 0 Tailor made to fit each customers specific needs 0 Virtual BTO I Main problem with online customizable shoe place When the shoes don t fit they are customized so you can t resell them Or customers just didn t like them 0 There are still certain things that eCommerce can t solve customization is one of them Module 10 Technological Backbone of EBusiness HR wasn t included in the original ERP 0 Major payroll company s Paychecks ADP ERP Systems caught fire among dotcoms 0 Prices dropped companies got screwed Evolution Wave 1 Manufacturing Integration MRP 0 1960 s 0 Y2K was a major potential problem I No one knew what would happen when it hit 2000 o Showed that technology could link disconnected business functions Wave 2 Enterprise Integration ERP 0 1980 s 0 Business drivers of ERP I Replace old legacy systems to gain greater control help globalization integrate entire system across enterprise 0 Y2k Preparation in 1999 Wave 3 CustomerCentric Integration CRP o Evolved into CRP to enhance customer experience Wave 4 Interenterprise Integration XRP 0 Extended resource planning 0 Synchronize trading with partners 0 Everything happens electronically ERP Definition A system that integrates all aspects of a business including planning manufacturing human resources accounting finance sales and marketing Attempts to integrate all departments into a single system that will serve all needs of all the different departments Runs off of a single database so communication is much easier Reasons for Implementing Integrate Financial data Customer Order information Standardizing Manufacturing process Reducing inventory Standardizing HR information ERP Projects key questions How long 0 On average 13 years Will it fit my business 0 Two options I Change business to fit software Changing your entire business process I Change software to fit business Hard to adapt to change Who will maintain it I You have to look at your specific situation to see which needs to adapt 0 Both are expensive How much will it cost 0 Average cost 15 Mil When will we see a return 0 About 8 months on average 0 Median annual saving 16 M Be Aware of Hidden Costs 0 Training 0 Integration Testing Customization Data Conversion Data Analysis Consulting Fees Keeping your staff Implementation Teams Waiting for RIO always delayed Performance drops because of the new way of doing things OOOOOOOO Implementation Issues 0 Either Big Bang or Phased 0 Big Bang Implementation Old system is gone and new system is in place 0 Franchising Strategy Pilot strategy 0 SlamDunk A few processes at a time Software as a service cloud computing 0 Faster implementation time o No software to install in premises 0 Automatic updates 0 Cheaper up front costs 0 Payforuse Thursday 35 Nestle s ERP The Shane Company going bankrupt because of a failed ERP The stock plummeted because of the implementation time too much money A reason why ERP system fails is because upper management sees it as a software project even though it s a management project Saved 325 Million on ERP system Module 11 Supply Chain Management Is it B2B Commerce Two issues Negotiation 0 Pricing terms information secrecy Integration 0 Two types of B2B Ecommerce Public 0 Transaction based 0 Good for unlading excess inventory Private Industrial Networks 0 Relationshipbased 0 Higher need for trust Collaborative B2B commerce Use of digital technologies to permit organizations to collaboratively design develop build and manage products though their life cycle 0 Coordination costs have dramatically decreased in our internet age Need for SCM Is the coordination of material infor amp financial ows between and among all the participating enterprises in a business transaction 0 Material Flows 0 Information Flows 0 Financial Flows Always over share instead of under share so that every dept can have up to date information Major focus of SCM 0 Competitive advantage 0 Speeding up time to market 0 Reduce costs 0 Partnerships eg FedEx and Amazon Investment Trends 0 Dispersing manufacturing and distribution facilities 0 Responsive over efficient o Accepting lower margins to maintain and increase market share SCM Planning and Execution 0 Planning 0 Better operating decisions 0 Adjust to production and distribution plans 0 Allow info sharing 0 Executing 0 Provide visability o Automate automate automate Key Issues 0 Globalization 0 Overseas Manufacturing new phenomena 0 Reverse globalization has been happening reduce transportation costs 0 Radio Frequency Identification o Embeds the chips into everything 0 Streamlines inventory I Didn t work as well as they hoped 0 CSR Corporate social responsibility 0 Reducing carbon footprint 0 Softwareasaservice 0 Latest development game changer 0 You can rent it from the cloud Roadblocks to SCM 0 Trust 0 Internal resistance to change 0 Make those being affected by the change part of the process 0 Learning curve Potential Disadvantages to eBusiness Supply Chain 0 Increased transportation handling costs 0 Large initial investment Drop Shipping Facilitate the sale but don t keep inventory on hand 0 Advantages Elimination of large inventory 0 Postitive cash ow cycle 0 Risks backordering o Scams Three Important Paperless eCommerce Flows 0 Information 0 Goods 0 Money


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