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Notes 3-5-15

by: Whitney Robinson

Notes 3-5-15 17063

Whitney Robinson
GPA 3.4
Hist 1379 - History Since 1877
Richard Mizelle

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About this Document

Hist 1379 - History Since 1877
Richard Mizelle
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Whitney Robinson on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 17063 at University of Houston taught by Richard Mizelle in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Hist 1379 - History Since 1877 in History at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/06/15
HISTORY II Lecture Notes ORIGINS OF CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT What is the difference between a protest and a movement EX 1 or 2 students are not satisfied with the food choices at U of H They gather students for protest Go to the dean Go back to class or get kicked out They say no Protest over because they were not willing to loose college The difference is whether or not you have strategy and whether or not you are willing to loose EVERYTHING STRATEGY OF CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Non Violent protest Be willing to risk everything 39 Obstacle anxiety KING ON BEING MALADJUSTED 1 never intend to adjust myself to the viciousness of lynch mobs I never intend to become adjusted to the evils of segregation and discrimination I never intend to become adjusted to the tragic inequalities of the economic system which will take necessity from the masses to give luxury to the classes I never intend to become adjusted to the insanity s of militarism the self defeating method of physical violence There are some things that I never intend to become adjusted to and I call upon you to continue to be maladjusted Martin Luther King jr THE BLACK CHURCH Key in mobilizing the civil rights movement WORLD WAR 11 Pearl Harbor Dec 7 1941 War for Democracy Nazi expansionism Japan consolidation of power WWII Allies Soviet Union Great Britain US Axis Germany Italy Japan Pearl Harbor Dec 71941 39 Contradiction of war for democracy Mobilization for war brought African American organization into the fight fascism abroad and equality in the US 39 Double V campaign Young man wrote to paper and coined theterm double V Meaning Victory broad and Victory at home MILITARY SEGREGATION Navy limited black servicemen to menial positions Marine corps and Army Corps refused to accept black men By early 1940 the US instituted first peacetime draft for the Army and Navy on segregated ASA PHILIP RANDOLPH BROTHERIIOOD OF SLEEPING CAR PORTERS Called for desegregation of military and companies associated with the military Threatened March on Washington Movement Executive Order 8802 June 1941 Fair Employment Practices Committee BAD BLOOD Family Socially constructed CHARLES DREW Charles Drew African American Man Successful in receiving his MD Dr Drew was interested in blood Standardized the process of blood and plasma transfusions Blood does not last blood plasma can be stored for a long time Scientific battle front of medicine Accumulated blood from people and sent it to troops in Europe Blood Mobiles Red cross segregated blood AMERICN RED CROSS BLOOD POLICY CONTROVERSY 1942 Negro Blood NonNegro Blood Mixed bloods would cause death MOBILIZATION OF PROTESTS Anthropologists 39 Unproved Not based in science Ridiculous PROTEST Blood Segregation had no basis in science Undermined solidarity of war Blood controversy Fascism In late 1943 the Red Cross abandoned it s blood labeling policy DR DREW S DEATH Traveled at night for an evening class Fell asleep at the Wheel 39 Suffered massive injuries Injuries were too severe for local hospital Took him to Duke University Hospital An hour and a half away Rumored that Dr Drew was refused treatment Experiences give rumors life Easier to believe that he was mistreated than that he was treated fairly


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