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KIN 202 lecture notes 03/01-03/06

by: Avi Fox

KIN 202 lecture notes 03/01-03/06 KIN202 Wesley Smith Applied Nutrition for Health & Performance

Avi Fox
Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance
Wesley Smith

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About this Document

KIN 202 lecture notes
Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance
Wesley Smith
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Avi Fox on Friday March 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN202 Wesley Smith Applied Nutrition for Health & Performance at University of Miami taught by Wesley Smith in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 119 views. For similar materials see Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 03/06/15
KIN 202 032 0306 Role of lipoproteinscholesterol in heart disease Pathogens of heart disease Coronary Heart Disease Role of blood pressure in ammation oxidative stress and blood glucose Nutritional mechanisms of prevention 1 cause of death in the world Coronary artery disease food born illness that develops over time Could tell between Vietnamese and Americans by looking at the plaque in the arteries It starts at a young age and by 4050 have advances legions on the arteries Coronary arteries the small branches that carryoxygenated blood to the heart The plaque formed here doesn t give enough blood ow to the heart then cant give any blood to brain or the rest of the body Plaque forms behind the artery lining that causes in ammation and then it builds a bubble that can burst that causes a heart attack when a clot forms to stop it Bypass is trying to bypass these areas Insert a catheter with balloon and then insert a stent Extensive fatty deposits on the wall that can rupture 1 Damage to endothelial lining one cell layer thick smooth allows blood to ow without anything blocking it Damage can be caused by Stress from high blood pressure sugaracts as a reducing agentirritate the wall when its high in blood free radicals and in ammation 2 Creates permeable area and LDLsmall LDL gets in Cholesterol Lipoproteins comes out of liver as VDLDL deposits fat along body becoming LDL One enzyme created is Lipoprotein lipase removes fat and cholesterol from blood If you sit for a lot you lose a lot of those Gets to damage in the heart and gets sucked through the permeable area in the endothelial lining 3 The LDL turns rancidbeing oxidized activating in ammation recruiting 4 The causes the walls to get stickier adhesion molecules cause the walls to catch the white blood cells Macrophage big eater digests ldl creating a big foam 0611 Foam cell causes more oxidative stress Atherosclerosis legion the artery wall thickens as a result of invasion and accumulation of white blood cells for every 1 pts you raise HDL you reduce risk of heart disease by 8 Raise by 4pts reduce risk by 32 HDL binds to foam cell and remove the cholesterol from inside your body and out of the artery Counters LDL People with small LDL have high triglycerides and small HDL If LDL is large doesn t get in High level of triglycerides is high level of insulin Eventually plaque can rupture as it expends into vessel Platelets come in and try to stop it High triglycerides and low HDL dyslipidemia CAD Risk factors 1 Family history firstdegree relative male before age of 55 female before age of 65 Estrogen protects arterial wall 2 Smokers have a 300 increase risk When you smoke all the particles rush to the heart The arteries that line a smoker s heart are much stickier than the average person 3 High blood pressure have it measured on 2 different occasions and the systolic contract top is 140 or higher and the diastolic is 90 or higher LDLgt 130mgdl or HDLlt40mgdl Elevated fasting blood glucose Obese BMIgt30 Waistgt 40 Sedentary lifestyle 150 minutes a week of brisk walking or 75 minutes of vigorous training 8 HDL 60 or more subtracts one risk factor Smoking increasing adhesion molecules General process of plaque forming behind the artery wall lifestyle change is as effective or greater than medicine gt195quot What is CRP C reactive protein Name plant chemicals phytochemicals that can lower CRP How does exercise lower CRP How does weight loss What are the Eiocsaniods The significance of the pe Monocyte Disagree with cholesterol as the main cause of but there are other factors that effect it such as the damage that comes first Blood vessels walls stick out adhesion molecules to bind to white blood cells as they pass In ammation linked to the white blood cells the adhesion molecules and the foam cells Jupiter trial lowering in ammation was more effective at keeping them alive then lowering cholesterol By lowering in ammation the other drugs were more effective Using CPR as an indicator of in ammation CRP over 10gdL the person has a dramatic increase in heart disease If you have systemic in ammation it s an indicator of heart disease Drug companies were upset because there products solely fought cholesterol in the liver Inactivity over 150 or 75 minutes of training is considered nonsedentary To be fit need to double that and add weight training Atherosclerosis an autoimmune disease that can be asystematic for almost 40 years But it can be reversed in as little as 10 days Inactivity in ammation linked to diabetes neurodegeneration Alzheimer s can be considered type 3 diabetes growth of tumors When working out IL6 is antiin ammatory we get when we work out Given Ecoli while working out on a bike The person didn t contract a fever because of the presence of Ecoli Muscles release these to lower in ammation Nutrition and In ammation Trans fat major promoter of in ammation Processed foods animal products increase in ammation Visceral obesity is a major promoter of in ammation Capsaicin phenolic compound of red chili with antioxidant protection Resveratrol found in grapes Highest found in red wine Has antioxidant and anti in ammatory Lowers adhesion molecules Diallyldisul de isolated from garlicRussian penicillin and brassicas has various anti in ammatory and antioxidant mechanisms of protection Shown to induce apoptosis of human colon cancer cells through cox 2 inhibitions Curcumin found in mustards yellow spices from ginger Catechins green and black tea EGCG polyphenol has color antiin ammatory and has shown to reduce cancer and shown to put it into remission Quercitin works like caffeine in the body by inhibiting adenosine Caffeine is a natural phytochemical Carotenoids major antiin ammatories Sulforphane NFKB inhibition Found in kale Plant based diet and exercise are major ways to reduce heart attacks by their majors Obesity Adiponectin antiin ammatory released in fat loss opposite of Leptin when you gain fat Speaker Functional Cardiology Utilizing the newest research through integrative approaches In ammation underlying cause of most diseases Chronic in ammation Diabetes neurological and neurodegenetive diseases pulmonary diseases osteoporosis cardiovascular disease congestive heart failure high cholesterol In ammation is in every stage of cardiovascular disease CRP and homositine markers for in ammation Current standard of care bp medication low fatsat fat diets low sodium lose weight the change is due to diet Losing fat lowers in ammation that lowers cardiovascular risk Integrative medicine treats individuals not just disease Dietary cholesterol doesn t equate to blood cholesterol What do we substitute fat with saturated fat for carbs no change but carbs for simple saturated fats lowered cardiovascular risk Not all fats treated equally Insulin helps us utilize sugar and lowers the blood sugar content Carb control is necessary increases risk of blood coagulation and increase in blood pressure Antiin ammatory diet approach certain foods decrease in ammation and increase immune response Eat a Wide variety of color to increase variety of phytonutrients Low glycemic fruits and non starchy vegetables should make up 50 Fruits and starchy vegies are best forms of carbohydrates Whole grains cooked in pot is next best Sardines Wild salmon canned salmon instead of canned tuna mercury Herbs and spices potent antiin ammatories and antimicrobials Bone broth potent antiin ammatory and for helping gut digestion Helps With arthritis and athletes Avoid alcohol transfat artificial avors synthetic colors preservatives artificial sweeteners high fructose corn syrupincreases dyslipidemia obesity High omega 6 omega 3 causes in ammation MSG rats become fat and insulin resistant breach in blood brain barrier MSG causes issues Morning star processed soy MSG yeast extract hydrolyzed yeast soups avored chips crackers Better fats fats in coconut thought to have better thermogenic effect have anti in ammatories and antimicrobials Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is better than others because they have antioxidants UC Davis 69 extra virgin olive oil was fake diluted With other ingredients Ghee clarified butter all dairy removed One breed of rats With cardiovascular disease showed no negative With it being 5 of diet At 10 it did have an issue 2 other genetically bred rats had no problems Those With psoriasis had no problems Food sensitivities immune system is major regulator of in ammation if one is constantly given foods that we are allergic to leads to chronic in ammation Vegan diet success With diets is in the antiin ammatory approach foods they eat Nutrigenetics studies showing that you may have a predisposition but the genes expression is dependent on life style Eating right limiting stress getting enough sleep exercising


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