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Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 15 Notes

by: Lexie Stenson

Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 15 Notes PPT 301

Marketplace > University of North Dakota > Physiology > PPT 301 > Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 15 Notes
Lexie Stenson
GPA 3.375

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About this Document

Hi guys! Finals are upon us! Here is the last set of notes for this course! Yay
Human physiology
James Haselton
Class Notes
pharmacology, 315, notes, color coded, neat, organized, finals
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lexie Stenson on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PPT 301 at University of North Dakota taught by James Haselton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Human physiology in Physiology at University of North Dakota.


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Date Created: 04/25/16
Pharmacology  Week  15     Chloropropamide   Trade  Name:  Diabinese   Therapeutic  Class:  Oral  hypoglycemic     Therapeutic  Use:  Adjunct  to  diet  and  exercise  to  lower  blood  glucose  level  in  Type  II  diabetes   mellitus   Pharmacologic  Class:  Sulfonylureas,  first-­‐generation   Mechanism  of  Action:  Stimulates  the  release  of  insulin  from  functioning  beta  cells  in  the   pancreas;  may  improve  the  binding  of  insulin  to  its  receptor,  and  increase  the  number  of  insulin   receptors     Human  Regular  Insulin   Trade  Name:  Humulin  R   Therapeutic  Class:  Antidiabetic  agent;  pancreatic  hormone   Therapeutic  Use:  Used  to  help  maintain  blood  glucose  levels  within  normal  limits,  primarily  in   patients  with  Type  I  diabetes  mellitus   Pharmacologic  Class:  Short-­‐acting  hypoglycemic  agent   Mechanism  of  Action:  Promotes  cellular  uptake  of  glucose,  amino  acids,  and  potassium;  to   promote  protein  synthesis,  glycogen  formation  and  storage,  and  fatty  acid  storage  as   triglycerides;  and  to  conserve  energy  stores  by  promoting  the  utilization  of  glucose  for  energy   needs,  and  inhibiting  gluconeogenesis     Metformin   Trade  Name:  Glucophage   Therapeutic  Class:  Antidiabetic  agent   Therapeutic  Use:  The  preferred  oral  hypoglycemic  for  managing  Type  II  diabetes  mellitus;  used   alone  or  in  combination  with  other  oral  hypoglycemic  or  insulin   Pharmacologic  Class:  Hypoglycemic  agent;  biguanide   Mechanism  of  Action:  Reduces  fasting  and  postprandial  glucose  levels;  does  not  cause   hypoglycemia.    The  drug  actions  do  not  depend  on  stimulating  insulin  release,  so  it  is  able  to   lower  glucose  levels  in  patients  who  no  longer  secrete  insulin.    In  addition  to  lowering  blood   glucose  levels,  it  lowers  triglyceride  and  total  and  low-­‐density  lipoprotein  (LDL)  cholesterol   levels,  and  promotes  weight  loss     Conjugated  Estrogens   Trade  Name:  Cenestin   Therapeutic  Class:  Hormone   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  moderate  to  severe  symptoms  of  menopause  caused  by   diminished  estrogen  secretion  by  the  ovaries.    Other  replacement  therapies  include  treatment   of  female  hypogonadism  and  use  after  oophorectomy.    The  drug  is  approved  for  the  palliative   treatment  of  inoperable  prostate  cancer   Pharmacologic  Class:  Estrogen;  hormone  replacement  therapy   Mechanism  of  Action:  Increases  bone  density  and  reduces  LDL  cholesterol.    It  may  also  lower   the  risk  of  coronary  artery  disease  and  colon  cancer  in  some  patients     Estradiol/Norethindrone   Trade  Name:  Ortho-­‐Novium   Therapeutic  Class:  Combination  oral  contraceptive   Therapeutic  Use:  It  is  nearly  100%  effective  at  preventing  conception.    Off-­‐label  indications  for   the  drug  include  acne  vulgaris  (in  females  who  have  achieved  menarche),  endometriosis,   hypermenorrhea,  and  dysfunctional  uterine  bleeding.    Noncontraceptive  benefits  include   improvement  in  menstrual  cycle  regularity  and  decreased  incidence  of  dysmenorrhea   Pharmacologic  Class:  Estrogen/progestin   Mechanism  of  Action:  Prevents  ovulation  by  negative  feedback  to  the  hypothalamus  and  the   pituitary  gland,  preventing  the  release  of  FSH  and  LH     Medroxyprogesterone   Trade  Name:  Provera   Therapeutic  Class:  Hormone;  agent  for  dysfunctional  uterine  bleeding   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  dysfunctional  uterine  bleeding,  secondary  amenorrhea,  and   contraception;  palliation  of  metastatic  uterine  or  renal  carcinoma  and  as  a  sustained  release   form  for  contraception   Pharmacologic  Class:  Progestin     Mechanism  of  Action:  Inhibits  the  effect  of  estrogen  on  the  uterus,  restoring  normal  hormonal   balance     Oxytocin   Trade  Name:  Pitocin   Therapeutic  Class:  Drug  to  induce  labor;  uterine  stimulant   Therapeutic  Use:  Drug  for  choice  for  inducing  labor;  ma  also  be  administered  postpartum  to   reduce  hemorrhage  after  expulsion  of  the  placenta,  and  to  aid  in  returning  normal  muscular   tone  to  the  uterus   Pharmacologic  Class:  Hormone;  oxytocic   Mechanism  of  Action:  Binds  to  oxytocin  receptors  in  myometrium,  increasing  intracellular  Ca++   and  stimulating  uterine  contractions     Finasteride   Trade  Name:  Proscar   Therapeutic  Class:  Drug  for  BPH   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  BPH.  Also  marketed  as  Propecia,  which  is  prescribed  to  promote   hair  regrowth  in  patients  wit  male-­‐patterned  baldness   Pharmacologic  Class:  5-­‐alpha  reductase  inhibitor   Mechanism  of  Action:  Inhibits  5-­‐alpha-­‐reductase,  the  enzyme  responsible  for  converting   testosterone  to  one  of  its  metabolites,  5-­‐alpha-­‐dihydrotestosterone.    This  active  metabolite   causes  proliferation  of  prostate  cells  and  promotes  enlargement  of  the  gland.    Promotes   shrinkage  of  enlarged  prostates  and  subsequently  helps  restore  urinary  function     Sildenafil   Trade  Name:  Viagra   Therapeutic  Class:  Drug  for  treating  impotence   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  impotence.    Also  used  for  the  treatment  of  pulmonary  arterial   hypertension.    Blocking  phosphodiesterase-­‐5  in  pulmonary  vascular  smooth  muscle  causes   vasodilation  and  reduction  in  arterial  hypertension.    The  drug  improves  exercise  capacity  in   these  patients   Pharmacologic  Class:  Phosphodiesterase  (PDE)-­‐5  inhibitor   Mechanism  of  Action:  Relaxes  smooth  muscles  in  the  corpora  cavernosa,  allowing  increased   blood  flow  into  the  penis.    The  increased  blood  flow  results  in  a  firmer  and  longer  lasting   erection     Testosterone   Trade  Name:  None   Therapeutic  Class:  Male  sex  hormone   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  delayed  puberty  and  hypogonadism  in  males;  treatment  of   erectile  dysfunction  that  is  caused  by  low  androgen  levels;  palliative  treatment  of  inoperable   breast  cancer  in  women   Pharmacologic  Class:  Androgen;  anabolic  steroid;  antineoplastic   Mechanism  of  Action:  Stimulates  RNA  synthesis  and  protein  metabolism;  promotes  virilization,   including  enlargement  of  the  sexual  organs,  growth  of  facial  hair,  and  a  deepening  of  the  voice;   increases  libido  and  restores  masculine  characteristics  that  may  be  deficient                    


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