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Guest Lecture on the OAS

by: Amaris Mae

Guest Lecture on the OAS PSC 2484

Amaris Mae
GPA 3.75
Latin American Policy
Cynthia McClintock

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About this Document

These are the guest lecture notes from March 3rd.
Latin American Policy
Cynthia McClintock
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amaris Mae on Saturday March 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2484 at George Washington University taught by Cynthia McClintock in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see Latin American Policy in International Studies at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 03/07/15
OAS 1948 OAS Simon Bolivar Enduring peace and justice democracy human rights Cooperation between northern and southern economies Sentiments of nationalism OAS still has sway over principles of international law OAS No veto power No security council 1 country 1 vote Human Rights Independent autonomous body 9 individuals Elected as themselves not as representatives of their states Convention of human rights Bound by the interamerican court of human rights in San Jose The US is not a party to the American convention on human rights Common law of the United States is not conducive for allowing the rati cation of many policies in the interamerican system But a strong supporter OAS plays a regional role as a UN system But still very different form the UN The Interamerican Democratic Charter 9112001 Not a legal charter but a political commitment Dynamic Today Keep the organization alive but to not see it thrive We have seen the rise of sub regional organization n Ex CELAC All the sub regional organization exclude the US They don39t want the US taking an active role in their internal affairs 13 of the 34 member states don39t want to the see the OAS take on a relative active important role in the affairs of the Americas OAS operates by consensus US needs to encourage states to assert themselves What it takes is regional leadership Need a strong Secretary General Secretary General Foreign minister of Uruguay Truly the only candidate left They had 3 candidates Former up of Guatemala Former foreign minister of Peru and a judge on the court of human rights Stein was important in 1999 in protesting the rigged elections of Fujimori Foreign Minister of Uruguay 5 year terms No direct reelection Which is good Co Secretary General Mendez from Belize Representative from Guyana Belize has the advantage as an English speaking state April 10th and 11th Summit of the Americas 3 weeks after Secretary General Elections Obama and Castro will be attending Cuba relations Multilaterally 0 Obama has eliminated a lot of underbrush that allowed Latin American countries to hid behind OAS relations with America Said that the US had no right to discuss human nights because of relations with Cuba 0 Cuba was excluded from the OAS in 1962 In 2009 that suspension was lifted Cuba has to initiate a dialogue with the OAS And take place with principles of the OAS Democracy human rights free press 0 Resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba and normalization of relations with Cuba not equal They talked about normalization of relations 0 Currently talks about normalization 0 Will talk a long time 0 However the reestablishment of full diplomatic relations is a much easier hill to climb Cuba wants to be taken off the terrorist list 0 This may happen 0 But normalizing relations with a government that keeps political prisoners is dif cult o l will model more like relations with China or Vietnam Communist government capitalist economy Goal of the Summit Civil Service Normally not important a quotlip servicequot Something the US has never supported We want actual civil society We want Cuban civil society Need Latin Americans to hear from Cuban civil society y And Venezuela And US Venezuela 0 Not going to listen to the United States Restricting US embassy Cutting down embassy staff is 17 0 US cannot be blamed for the economic collapse 0 US role in Caracas US is being blamed for coup Ridiculous Creates hostility from Madero supporters America contributes to 60 of the general budget quotkeeps the lights onquot just maintenance Not part of major programming Ex human rights court is funded by voluntary gifts Including gifts from Nordic countries CELAC remains to be just meetings These regional organizations are good Latin American countries need to solve things within themselves Problem is bias Ex voting observers are wearing Santos tshirts CELAC denounced the US for stopping visa immigration Well the US actually jut stopped 7 Venezuelan accused of human rights accusations from entering the US US supports these organizations but is wary ALBA is very strong An echo chamber of the OAS Strongest unifying factor the Caribbean counterpart is not as strong


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