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Ch. 13 Note Problems

by: Jenny McCabe

Ch. 13 Note Problems CHEM135

Marketplace > Kansas > Chemistry > CHEM135 > Ch 13 Note Problems
Jenny McCabe
GPA 4.0
General Chemistry II
Dr. Sheelu

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About this Document

These are the worked out problems from chapter 13 that we thrown in with the lecture slides and solved during class.
General Chemistry II
Dr. Sheelu
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenny McCabe on Saturday March 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM135 at Kansas taught by Dr. Sheelu in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry II in Chemistry at Kansas.


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Date Created: 03/07/15
Ch l3 NOR Robinh Ext 1AM is Hm 03010 0 4 mm w respcd 40 OH 39 2C l 0 mg 4 2931 m 15 Q1194 gazing Hgo A 1 Cl Q2LLL0tL39JJn wau ms an 097 03 gt3 onqe gt 0 C 2 3603 0037quot x3 d 3 92LLOCL QC QE 6 and 004 2 udu overall occur 5 Run Law kLClO JLCH EXTLCMQ is i ovum mat of Dan ii relc kai im Cf39 tt4 NOaL34 00359 N0ggt 099 mo Lco1w1zm NOalth ost CO 0 Urdu 39 gtquot1 J 003 7 I 39 ovcrall ordtr 1 1 l y 009 gt no g Change vu rac kLNo 1 3 ccga a 002t k Mquot H l 6133 39 K 21 Mquotsquot Exig Lu39mt an 4N un s o k in 4H fqllowc39ng CH law Ra k XJJLYJ391 a 13 c lvl s G 5375 k 31 3 w 13 b M s d M39s M EXHA SLb 39ahCC dtmy IN doi du kl nthcs LON 1 4h WWW154 givuw a ran CanaanI 4km i3 37 M squot 4 an inmm Cch o 75 NZ 1 30 lt3 k37 Mquotsquot 3quotquot ordec Va 6493 x J 39 3 AIM 75 M mas C 528 3 39 vf39f 30 d qu 3 OEX CavbchM hot 0 r HJif A 5790 yr i 1ch s a 139 cider 0m I a pit Of wood c w a I 7 mm 0 g 2 HIS CaneH d 333 0 me C wen how Cid a H 543 mg V k two 5790 033 a WHO yrs at two yr w 5720 ism ad In 96 IJNO Io x q k 2 o B 51376 yrs 0 NEOyrg 75 remains 39 97 L3I 10 I V s C H750 yrs Aj 75 0 Uo37SCA 7 237 yrs 6 Ex A Ccdaih add an has w20rvdm i Calcwcdc quotfGC tau Consider iorum39s 0m L Iquot hwudw 413 IS QuaCd OC 4 n 40 b 75 Cc n pkf c 5 30 min quot399 Sec E L15 Z regvaaans U 25 WB 19 1w qu n Intcor 1a Jo 35 293 4 an 725 v577on quot e quotx 39quot 3 677xo quotc 11 mo Q EX 2 NaCs 865319 LING Seth 4 043m Tint rxn is F39crdcr 4 k39 LIQJquotIOBSquot 61 U4 39C 4M rm is hi4de LU 05 mo in a PI wescl haul wankmots rfn aim xier El a 5 m 059 M LAoJoSBM an3 44 4 nLAoj A b m M nun u9xzo 0st In 059 L we M MA 357S C0 13 M A 028 M in IL vessel 039 ml EX l 4ht Ea 4a a givcn CCVMpC uL d is LL kJmol Lo 0 aqua cv 464C461 602103905 Law is 41m mac Con m d or 4hr rm a 209k E 11 Ea Lu 44m ham3 r2 frlnA a2 k Ac y lo 3 w I0 my 3934 Agxlo squot lnllt3 weam Maude10 kgxto c k k 3mm k 35x10 squot T 2619 K mi Ex 7H cnckeis IH 25 C 4kg rah Lug 17C Chx39s psnain A4 2L7 C H N13 42 rmmin ANY H 92139 x k3 E 1 IS 4k Ea cw 4N prcccz c Mir Tag T39Ta 1 M2 9 L Jw a 5 le Tquot R IQK lh39 139 83M 51 247 A snaco 1 n 2mm K Ea 022 9 C Eaquot d we kJ k m 3 Ex 5A possibu nucham392m Jar 4m wCrcxH Urn i chd bclcw 39 Br 93 DNOg gt 3 NO Eu 3 K3 M063 E c3gt txICBL g 5108 g 4 NC g g NoBtg 5 3024 i Skp Slow 0 KI NC y b k y kk2 39TEi I JLNOJJLBbJ d 55 No it NOJEBDT NOBtz ir trmedt ak 5quotCP 1quot TCHhmmd K NOJCBBJ mkmm 1 S39lLftpl gt rch kacNOBujLNOJ 9quot canquot HM EMrmedx aR n ovnau rah law ra l fcrward quot rCH uusc k ENOJCBbj ku NOEfa 3 1 N03035 39 CHOKE raw NOMBrQCNO t Nol ier


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