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Week 13 Notes PSCH 315

by: vscobee2

Week 13 Notes PSCH 315 PSCH 315


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About this Document

These notes cover Week 13 material - Ch.15, Video, Ch. 13
Psychology of Women and Gender
Karina Reyes
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by vscobee2 on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSCH 315 at University of Illinois at Chicago taught by Karina Reyes in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Women and Gender in Psychlogy at University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Date Created: 04/25/16
Week 13 Notes st Notes are on every other page, excluding the 1 page Ch. 15 Women and Mental Health Issues  Traditional Treatments  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  Systematic Desensitization  A systematic way of getting used to something  Ex. Being exposed to anxiety-producing things from least to most anxiety-producing  Possible for this treatment to be strictly behavioral, but if they are discussing their fears and thought processes, it is more CBT  Dismantling harmful/illogical thought processes  Potential for sex bias from cognitive perspective  Psychoanalysis  A gender-biased theory (women ARE inferior to men) (penis envy)  Tries to uncover deep-seeded feelings often rooted in childhood traumas  Behavior Therapy  Positive reinforcement or punishment  Least likely to introduce sex bias into the process  More Modern/Alternative Therapies  Feminist Theory  Always take context into account – what happens around you  Take into account different components of woman’s identity (mother, worker, social class, sexual orientation, race)  How to cope with external factors – elements of her context that contribute to how she feels  Attack problem at root, not just symptoms of problem  Work with woman’s interior and exterior  Focus on women’s strengths, not deficits  Account for how society favors men’s traits  Focus on empowering woman (confidence, education, knowledge, etc.)  Assertiveness Training  Sometimes incorporated within feminist treatments  Not relinquishing power to someone else  Speaking up/standing up for yourself  Being honest, expressive, and direct when expressing your feelings  Women not traditionally used to thinking/acting in an assertive way – women more concerned with maintaining/preserving interpersonal relationships  Feminism aims to give more attention to women in poverty and women of color  These groups have unique issues that often go unaddressed  They have limited access to resources (mental health services) or inadequate/insensitive services – more privileged groups have more access  Take into account how much minority woman has adapted to new/mainstream culture and therapist adjusts treatment according to that – how much do they identify with certain ethnic groups?  Therapists must be culturally competent  Unethical to not be; can recommend patient to more knowledgeable therapist  Shouldn’t push your own cultural viewpoints onto patient Boys Will Be Girls 20/20 Documentary  Jack » Jackie  Trans people can take puberty-blockers if they have not hit puberty yet (controversial)  Jackie went to a Transgender Youth Clinic  Trans youth have an extremely high suicide rate, so it’s important to allow them to express themselves and not feel trapped  Support looks different for each child – some can’t function without being able to fully transition  Some people don’t believe kids can know that they are a different gender and decide on life-long changes; they hope for a reversal  Jackie’s parents are fully supportive – very important PAGE LEFT BLANK  Blocking puberty is risky because they may change their mind after puberty, but it is reversible  Emerging research may show that there are differences in the brains of transsexuals  Kids take hormones and once they reach 18, they have the option of sex reassignment surgery  Tim » Kim  Kim Petra is the world’s youngest person (16) to have a complete sex change  She had to advocate a lot to get an exception to the 18-year-old limit  She uses her music to lend support to other trans people  Vanessa  Turned to prostitution to pay for sex change surgery that she couldn’t otherwise afford  Prostitution also paid for black-market estrogen that she also couldn’t afford  Gets her surgeries in Guadalajara, Mexico – a popular medical tourism destination  There is no pre-operation work (bloodtests, ekg, etc)  In the US, surgeries cost $30,000+. In, Mexico costs $6,500 cash  Breast and cosmetic facial surgery  6 surgeries in 2 hours – it would take twice as long in the US Ch. 13 Lesbian and Bisexual Women  Important Terms: o Transgender: When your biological sex doesn’t match your gender identity  Sexual orientation does not equal transgenderism  Lots of transgender people don’t get surgery o Intersex: When you’re born with biologically male/female genitalia o Gender Identity: Gender that someone feels they are o Transsexual: Surgery to change sexes


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