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SCOM 121- Review questions Chapters 1-5

by: Gab Calderon

SCOM 121- Review questions Chapters 1-5 SCOM 121 0003

Marketplace > James Madison University > Communication > SCOM 121 0003 > SCOM 121 Review questions Chapters 1 5
Gab Calderon

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About this Document

These are the review questions we did in class on 4-25-16 (Lori Britt) This covers chapters 1-5
Fundamental Human Communications: Presentations
Lori Britt
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gab Calderon on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SCOM 121 0003 at James Madison University taught by Lori Britt in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Fundamental Human Communications: Presentations in Communication at James Madison University.


Reviews for SCOM 121- Review questions Chapters 1-5


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Date Created: 04/25/16
FINAL REVIEW CHAPTERS 1-5 MEDIA QUESTIONS:  Every message has a conte0nt and a relationship dimension (content- can I have shoes) (Relationship-they close since she letting her borrow shoes)  Low context- you have to say what you mean and have to be direct… cant do hints (BLUNT)  High context- need to know more about situation  High power distance- like if there is a professor and student  Low PD- feel comfortable talking to other person  Euphemism- sexual statements that’s disguised indirectly  Walmart everyone buy batteries and water… wow southerners get scared over little things- Answer: Stereotype  Co-pilots- can not contradict the co-pilot Answer: high power distance  A culture values inter group harmony (Group) Answer: Collectivist  Communication geared toward nurturing (nurture) Answer: Feminist  Define beauty. What function of language Answer: displacement- using language to talk about the word beauty  Having trouble at job and talk to boss and easy to drop in Answer: low PD  Meaning of word found on Answer: Denotative- dictionary answer Connotative- your own meaning  Abstracting- what humans do naturally when we try to draw broader meanings but displace is using language to talk about objects or ideas. Abstracting is a natural process we humans do and displacement Is verbalized.  Assume what we are talking about- abstracting  We both got part in play. Iam amazing actor but she got it because she knows director. Error in judgement Answer- self-serving bias- anything good that happens to someone else is prob just luck but if good thing happens to you its cause you worked for it  Standing across street and want child to wait cause there was a car so put hand in front of him. I had to ______ my message. Answer: Encode- Decode-  Thumbs off to drive off when u open front door Answer: Substitution- nonverbal taking place not verbal gesture  Describe how receivers clarify questions in interactive model of communication is Answer: feedback  Dinner party and meet someone knew and what you do for a living and all information Answer: Scripts- you know what you are supposed to do when you meet someone  Fields of experience- What receiver or sender is skilled in like scientific or general statement  Point towards Wilson hall Answer: Repetition cause you say and point  Roommate look away and sigh not to interrupt Answer: regulation- who has control of the message, shift power without creating conflict.


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