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Week 8

by: Haley Ruhe

Week 8 PHIL 150A1

Haley Ruhe
GPA 3.1
Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual
Shaun Nichols

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About this Document

Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual
Shaun Nichols
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ruhe on Sunday March 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 150A1 at University of Arizona taught by Shaun Nichols in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 03/08/15
Materialism amp Functionalism 03022015 There is no mind independent of the behavior l the mind IS the behavior 0 The mind a complex pattern of behavior Scienti c behaviorism l the mind is unobservable so we must rely exclusively on behavior Logical behaviorism Ryle wants to reduce talk of mental states to something physical behavior not internal 0 This idea keeps talk of mental states around while disregarding the view of the mind as internal the of cial doctrine Goes against the Internal Mind View Desire not an internal state it s the behavior 0 Ex John desires chocolatequot if there is chocolate John will eat itquot Everyone is trying to reduce mental statesquot to something physical that can be scienti cally observed 0 Similar to explaining water by it s chemical make up 0 Water is REALLY H20 0 The mind is REALLY behavior Problem with behaviorism no explanation for how desires cause behavior Mindbrain identity theory MBIT Driven by commitment to science 0 Mental states belief or desire brain states 0 Connection between mind amp brain they are the same thing 0 Pain c ber ring 0 Water h20 The mindbrain interaction l The mind IS the brain Mindbrain connection l they are the same thing 0 Internal nature of the mind l mental states are internal unlike LB since they are states of the brain 0 Reductionalism l the mind is really the brain Everything about the mind can be learned by studying the brain Types amp tokens Token an individual thing ex a shirt 0 Types categories ex this shirt is a token of a type of shirt 0 EX this pain is a token of a type of pain 0 Typetype theory The type of thing pain the type of thing c ber ring There will be a 1to1 mapping between each type of mental state some type of brain function 0 Mental amp brain states applies to all mental amp brain states Problem multiple realizability Different types of brain states can underlie the same type of mental state clicker question 0 EX what if octopi don t have c ring Functionalism Focuses on functional role not material makeup o De nes by function 0 Memory what makes memory memory is its function to store info for later use 0 Mental states pattern of interactions with other states 0 EX what makes something a belief is its casual relations with inputs outputs amp other mental states 0 Mind can t be identi ed with the brain 0 Middle ground between MBIT amp LB 0 Like MBIT functionalism focuses on mental states as internal 0 Like LB functionalism emphasizes the relationship between mental states amp their environment 0 Consistent with dualism or materialism l the underlying substance can be physical or spiritual If we claim the underlying substance is physical materialist functionalism interaction problem is solved Materialist functionalism l mental states are constituted by their functional role but each mental state token is a token brain state 0 This utilizes ideas of psychology function gt neurons amp cognitive science Ate mental states are at least Yes Ne and tespmse te Same ef brain state 1s each individual mental state Yes state


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