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ANT 208 - Unit 3 Week 1

by: Stephanie Grates

ANT 208 - Unit 3 Week 1 ANT 208

Stephanie Grates
GPA 4.0
Anthropology of Sex
Dr. Lynn

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About this Document

First week of all the lecture/class notes for unit 3 based off of the powerpoins.
Anthropology of Sex
Dr. Lynn
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Grates on Sunday March 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANT 208 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Lynn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 231 views. For similar materials see Anthropology of Sex in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 03/08/15
ANT 208 Unit 3 Week 1 0302 Primate Comparative Sexual Anatomy Copulatory Patterns and Postures 0 Patterns Can vary in intromission time genital morphology and thrusting Vary by single or multiple intromissions Shortest sex 30 seconds longest 1215 minutes Can stay in female for much after orgasm to make sure your sperm is only sperm mechanical swelling 0 Postures Dorsoventral is norm Doggy style Variations based on ecological circumstances 0 Different Morphologies o Monkeys and humans have different pelvic girdles 0 Monkey labia are more anterior than human 0 Human spine has kyphosis arch down on top and lordosis arch up on bottom 0 Female Clitoris 0 Lots of variation in shape and size of clitoris in primate line 0 Some have ostotoris boned clitoris 0 Female orgasm is not unique to human Measure by muscle contraction and climax faces Theories of orgasm o Maintaining pairbond making it enjoyable with one mate Intimacy become closer with partner 0 Ensures conception Uptake hypothesis female orgasm facilitates male sperm and allows it go shoot up 0 May indicate mate choice 0 Enjoyment motivates sex Males have ejaculation and orgasm very closely paired together 0 Male genital morphology and physiology 0 Penile length and complexity highly variable 0 Relative to socioecology o More info on male gentiles because it is easier to see 0304 0 Penile morphology competition is nothing unusual 0 Last male usually is one that fertilizes the egg Penile Spine Theories 0 Many have androgendependent spines 0 Tactile feedback to male 0 Sensory feedback to females 0 Lock and key t to female vagina Only lock into same species so cant cross species 0 Sexual selection 0 Male reproductive strategies 0 Sperm competition Testes size greater in species where females mate with multiple males Larger testes produce more motile sperm Theories of copulatory plugs o Gelatinous secretion used in the mating of some species It is deposited by male into female genital tract and later hardens into a plug or glues the tract together Semen coagulates after ejaculation 0 Prevention of sperm leakage out of vagina canal o Creates physical barrier to subsequent matings Subsequent male intromission easily removes ln lemurs rst mates are likely to practice post ejaculatory mate guarding 0 Human examples cuddling sleeping Where do humans t in this model 0 Evidence for sperm competition Longer penis length so maybe in past humans had to have mate guarding Long penis and bipedalism o Orthograde posture bipedalism makes sperm retention dif cult O Ventralventral with female on bottom may have developed as means to reorient female parallel to ground and prevent gravity form operating on sperm before they have a chance to fertilize Instead of plugs humans have vestigial particles that facilitate coagulation after deposition Thrusting stops and penetration deepest at ejaculation First few ejaculations at higher pressure Sedative effect of intercourseorgasm 0 Night sex Semen displacement hypothesis 0 Human penis is wider and longer with ridge at end that can scoop out previous ejaculations Superfecundation 0 Multiple matings o Fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse o Heteropaternal superfecundation two different males father fraternal twins 0 Common in animals more rare in humans Evidence 0 Under conditions of possible female in delity Thrusting is deeper Vigor is increased 0 Objections Selfsemen displacement Implications o Ordinal effects quotlast male precedencequot o Premature ejaculation Average intromissionejaculation time o 79 min Preintromission just after lt2 min 0 Costs and bene ts 000


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