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Informatics 43 Week 4

by: SK3232

Informatics 43 Week 4 IN4MATX 43

GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Software requirements of HMM
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by SK3232 on Monday April 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IN4MATX 43 at University of California - Irvine taught by NAVARRO, E. in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see INTRO SOFTWARE ENGR in Computer Programming at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 04/25/16
INFORMATICS 43- READING Irvine based start up Operate- OC/LA Last week- 2 other states- NY,?? Help out noobs with their tech problems Caller places a call with HMM and specifies their problem. 5-10 member team- support executives- help the user (Connect to Technical Assistant (TA) manually) –attribute users –Best suited TA for each problem- geographically. contact, availability. TA tries to solve problem on the call itself. Caller may request site visit from TA if required. Caller pays HMM, HMM pays TA WHAT WE WANT Automate as much as possible Develop a mobile app& website Users can register via app/ website Users log tickets via these tools – token type of thing System should automatically connect user to the “BEST”(geo,talent) TA possible. On-site requests via system itself Payments should be handled using PayPal Users should still be able to call to executives. Maintenance/ Support of system? - want 1 or 2 people to maintain and support the software. How to handle privacy aspects? - Privacy statement before signing up. Plan to do background check for TA’s System where TA can be blocked if there are complaints. Deadline – By the end of quarter- June 5 Platforms to be supported- Android/iOS/ Windows phones PayPal account mandatory- before signing up for HMM Chat feature- HOLD for now. (In future for sure) Languages- English, Spanish for both app, website. (Other language in future) Rewards for TA’s- Later on QUESTIONS: 1) Where do the tickets for user come from? Support request-queue. 2) Does the user pay after/before? After problem/ everything is done. 3) Is there any rating system for TA’s? No,but I’ll like one, future 4) After ticket is logged. How do you plan to connect both. 5) Does your website want a chat system (User/ Support executive)? TBD 6) Who initializes the on-site request? Caller/User 7) What happens if TA can’t help solve the problem User can ask for another TA. OR Discontinue 8) Does caller get charged if TA can’t help? Yes 9) You want software for multiple langyages? Yes 10) How does TA and user connect? User and TA discus among themselves, Decide on a time, let YAsh know 11) How are TA’s connected to your company? Like Uber. TA’s w 12) Refund system? No fess taken in advance? So no chance of a refund. 13) Every user doesn’t have a Paypal account. Are we open to other forms of payment? No 14) Criteria to connect TA Geo,availability, TA’s preferences, technical abilities, what problems he has solved in past. 15) Comparing with Uber.. Ask TA’s if they want to be in their system. 16) Languages in order.. 17) On-site request- meeting confirmed TA’s/User should call and tell them about the confirmed visit 18) What info from user you require to sign up? Address, Phone, PayPal account. 19) What info from TA’s? Address, Phone,PayPal account and much more. 20) How many users do you expect to have? Growing pretty fast.. 21) How much does TA get in payment? Time,complexity, 22) Will TA’s register through App? Yes and verification required 23) Do you want support after system is still working? System that never fails. 24) Deadline? ASAP 25) Do we have any regular customers? Want any reward system for returning customers? Yes some.Nothing till now 26) Only private users or small business? 27) What kind of smartphones system you want to work for? All 28) Budjet? $2 million USD 29) Do you want rating system for TA’s? Yes, we would like that. 30) How do you want to expand? Anywhere in the US finally. Begin- some states 31) Do you want system to complain TA by user? Yes 32) Ex of TA & Customer? 33) What if user calls and TA is not there? Ticket is open and will have to wait. 34) How do you choose TA’s? Interview process? Want a rating system and find if tA is good or no. 35) What do your vison to achieve by automating? Cut down cost of support executive. 36) Do you want users to call a particular TA? No 37) Is there any flat rate to charge user? Min amount. + Extra—time, complexity 38) What if user cancels out Might have to pay some amount. 39) FAQ page? Yes 40) What if 2 TA have same technical skills? User can decide between both. 41) Tutorial? Yes, if in same budget. 42) Charging’s be calculated? Automate 43) Would I want support for languages? Or delivery date? Allocation of budget? More of TA’s and fast delivery dates. 44) What if user is abusing the system? Wrong address? Not paying. First warning, then maybe block, Case by case basis 45) What system you use 46) What are steps to log in and log out of system? For app should always be logged in. for website each time you can logged in. 47) Primary users- company,users,TA’s 48) What info for login? Own login/phone no/user name/password 49) After user writes in the complaint and TA is connected? How does TA contact user? TA should not get contact details,will call company and and gets diverted to user. 50) Tickets info- system should give stats of open tickets, closed tickets, which were successful and which were not. 51) Expected response time for each ticket. Send an acknowledgement to user after he lodges a ticket. After TA has been matched, send another mail that TA will contact you. 52) After user logs in?What is the default look? Logged in- Lodge a ticket,etc 53) Can TA’s edit their themselves? Can only edit info provided like timings and place and all. 54) TA perspective- If have more hours then can get more tickets. 55) After a match- TA,user both get emails 56) Users, TA payments done through PayPal. 57) Does system evaluate best TA twice? One TA for one job/on site job 58) What info about ticket should be stored? Everything- caller,TA,proble,time to be solved. 59) Can TA reject a match? No. Yes, only if unavailable. 60) Can user ask for an estimate? (in future) 61) What if system can’t match TA? Support executive to actually call user and ask for more info. 62) Does user get a notification if TA can’t reach him? Only if TA gives up of trying then they should contact user telling him about the problem. 63) How to notify TA? If using app then notification or else SMS notification, else email 64) What if the best match TA is not available then go to the 2ndTA. 65) Does TA have an option to say if he is free or else not- Yes make a button- I am free 66) What if TA doesn’t go for an on-site visit? Give another TA 67) If TA is not available, then they shouldn’t respond so nd that way it goes to 2 TA 68) If problem not solved, feedback? Yes 69) When logging in a ticket- Give drop down menu then TA will be better matched. Use keywords for matching. 70) Minimum cost- For call-$5 , onsite request- $20 71) What if user inputs wrong info- then how do you match.. like ex if system matches wrong TA, then TA should call and tell executives. 72) 5 mins time for TA to reply to a ticket.


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