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Learnsmart 8 questions

by: Alyssa Reyes

Learnsmart 8 questions POLS 1336

Marketplace > University of Houston > POLS 1336 > Learnsmart 8 questions
Alyssa Reyes
US and Texas Constitution and Politics

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About this Document

US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Reyes on Sunday March 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Simas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 1157 views.

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Date Created: 03/08/15
The temporary party convention conducts conventions every years 2 The Party originally lobbied for the party column ballot format in order to encourage straight ticket voting Democratic Governor George W Bush s rst term yielded which of the following Republican gains Governor Bush easin won reelection in 1998 The party hed a statewide of ces except one Both senators representing Texas were Republican Why were most native white Texans loyal members of the Democratic Party after the Civil War era Most Texans were hostile to the Republican Party and its Reconstruction policies A primary race must include at least candidates for the possibility of a runoff to exist 3 Which of the following are types of soundbite commercials basher good39olboy sainthood Which of the following parties has not achieved minorparty status as de ned by the Texas Election Code Green Party Which presidential candidate ended the Texas tradition of straight ticket balloting for Democrats Dwight Eisenhower Which of the following is an example of a permanent party of cer precinct chair Which is the primary distinction btwn party dealignment and party realignment Dealignment means a growing number of voters identify themselves as independents Which of the following statements best de nes straight ticket voting voting for candidates from only one party States conducting the semiclosed primary require voters to register or change their party af liation on which day Election Day for the primary election The past ve years have included a slight increase in which state party competition model modi ed Republican states Currently most party column ballots in Texas are cast for the Party39s slate of candidates Repub can Which candidate created advertisement praising his political consultant David Dewhurst Young professional voters in Texas are more likely to support the Party than older voters Repub can Which statement best describes party realignment when a state once dominated by one party becomes a twoparty state When must voters participating in a semiopen primary register af liation with a political party Election Day for the primary election A registered voter wants to sign a petition for an independent candidate What is the eligibility requirement for the voter The registered voter cannot have participated in either of the previous majorityparty primaries Party consultants seek focus group input from which of the following groups Average citizens True or false Texas has never been a twoparty competitive state False Texas Democrats offer which of the following explanations for Republican Party ascension in the state The Republican Party has leveraged hotbutton issues to de ne itself and its candidates for voters Which of the following activities quali es a voter to participate in a precinct convention in Texas The voter voted in the relevant party39s primary election The Texas Election Code requires major parties to utilize which process of selecting nominees for the general election party primaries Which of the following serves as the of cial party organization for counties in Texas county executive committee Who was the rst Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction in 1872 Bill Clements Which election result indicated a potential weakness in Republican control of Texas politics Governor Rick Perry narrowly won reelection with 39 of the vote in a 2006 4candidate race Phil Gramm39s conversion to the Republican Party ultimately led to his holding which statewide of ce US Senator representing Texas Which voting coalition controlled the Democratic Party in Texas from Reconstruction through the 19605 large landowners and businesses Texas candidates receive most of their campaign funding in the form of contributors from PACs What is the principal of cial responsibility that county chairs are expected to ful ll managing the various tasks of a primary election The Republican Party does well with which groups of Texas voters Voters living in the suburban areas of DallasFort Worth Houston and San Antonio Which state employs a caucus system for selecting party nominees lowa Most state party systems t which pro le twoparty competitive What is the fee to le as a writein candidate in statewide races 3000 Which evidence indicated that the Republican Party had achieved parity in Texas by 1994 The party held 23 statewide offices The liberal faction of the Democratic Party of Texas fought for which of the following programs increased regulation and taxation of business Which inexperienced candidate bene ted from voters39 disdain for the major parties and politics as usual Victor Morales Why has Texas supported the Republican presidential candidate in 8 out of the last 12 election cycles Texas voters tend to be more ideologically compatible with the national Republican Party and its candidates Which position is the lowest level in the permanent party hierarchy precinct chair Why are critics concerned about crossover voting Registered members of one party voting in the other party39s primary compromises the results of the primary Which faction seized control of the Texas Republican Executive Committee from 1994 to 2002 the Christian Right Shivercrats created which new political tradition supporting Republican presidential candidates while voting for Democrats in statewide races Primary elections in Texas are governed by the Texas Election Code and the secretary of state Which of the following is not an option for independent candidates or third parties seeking to qualify for the general election ballot party convention About 45 million Texans voted in the 2002 governor s race How many signatures would an independent statewide candidate need in order to appear on the 2006 general election ballot 45000 How has the emergence of Yellow Pup Republicans coupled with the dissolution of Yellow Dog Democrats affected public policy in Texas The shift in party allegiance has not altered public policy priorities in Texas Who was the rst Republican elected to statewide of ce since Reconstruction during the 18705 John Tower Which election result triggers a runoff primary No candidate receives at least 50 of the primary vote Which conservative pundit encouraged Texas Republicans to vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary Rush Limbaugh How does the Texas Election Code de ne minor parties any party that receives btwn 5 and 19 of the vote in any statewide election The political parties in Texas utilize which process for determining the candidates delegates will support The delegates adopt the results of the presidential preference primary Which minor party has achieved a level of longterm stability in Texas Libertarian Party What is one difference btwn a caucus and primary Primaries get large media exposure while a caucus is more grassroots oriented Resentment against the Republican Party driven by the Civil War and Reconstruction created an era of Democratic dominance that lasted until the 19505 Which Texas electoral faction supported Dwight Eisenhower in both the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections Yellow dog Democrats Since 1952 the percentage of Texans identifying themselves as Democrats has been reduced by more than half from 70 to less than 30 What is required for writeins candidates to have their votes counted Writeins candidates must formally le their intention to run and in some cases pay a fee Which Democrat received the 1952 Republican Party nomination for governor as well as his own party39s nomination Allan Shivers How do the political parties choose county chairpersons Primary voters elect the county chairperson How many veri able signatures must an independent candidate seeking statewide of ce secure in order to appeal on the general election ballot a number equal to 1 of the votes cast in the prior governor39s race Which Texas Republican stalwart recently announced the death of Yellow Dog Democrats Rick Perry How does voter turnout in a runoff compare to primary turnout There is a large decrease in runoff turnout What is the most important decision made during state party conventions held during presidential election years The selection of delegates for the natural convention Which ideological battle eventually ended the dominance of the Democratic Party in Texas the growing schism btwn economic conservatives and economic liberals in the Democratic Party Which industry created most of the second parties in Texas during the Industrial Revolution Farming and agricultural interests How does the Democratic Party of Texas compare to the national Democratic Party in terms of ideology The Texas party is more conservative than the national party Which Democrat slowed Republican momentum in 1990 by winning election as governor Ann Richards Which type of sound bite includes quotperson on the streetquot testimonials good39olboy Which Republican made a special appeal to MexicanAmerican voters during his 1998 reelection bid George W Bush Which trend best explains why the Democratic Party won major elections in Dallas County during the 2006 election cycle The county experienced an increased number of Latino and African American voters How did John Tower ascend to the US Senate He won a special election in 1961 to replace Vice President Lyndon Johnson True or false While the Republican Party dominates federal and state elections in Texas the Democratic Party still local politics False Which election ushered in the Texas tradition of supporting Republican presidential candidates 1952 True or false Texas experienced a signi cant ideological shift once the Republican Party assumed control of statewide offices and took over the state legislative majority from the Democrats False A candidate encouraging voters to quotshare his visionquot is communicating through which type of soundbite message fengood Which voting trend has increasingly led to the ouster of Democratic incumbents in downballot races Voters supporting statewide Republican candidates have increasingly voted straight ticket Republican Why do campaigns run quotbasherquot or negative advertising Voters spend little time researching candidates so simple emotional messages are effective Some Texans fear political party realignment based on which voter pro le race or ethnicity Which trend has altered state party competitiveness patterns since 1946 Southern states have shifted from Democratic dominance to either competitive two party models or Republican control How did Jim quotPaquot Ferguson bene t from stump speeches and campaign rallies They allowed him to tell each audience what it wanted to hear bc the media did not track his promises Texas conducts which type of primary election Semiopen Which of the following is not a valid measure of party strength within a state The percentage of votes by each party in the most recent presidential election Which of the following best describes a Yellow Dog Democrat a Texan who always voted for the Democratic Party Which candidate for Texas governor lost the election in part because of an off color remark made in front of reporters Clayton Williams Which election cycle determined who would serve most Texans from 1940 to 1960 The Democratic primary Why did Phil Gramm resign his congressional seat and become a member of the Republican Party He lost his committee seat bc of accusations of disloyalty to the Democratic Party Which of the following statements is an example of the sainthood approach to soundbite advertising Lou Atwater is a family man who is committed to God and coaches Little League The Texas quottwostepquot primary allowed which candidate to capture 56 of all Texas Democratic delegates while losing the actual primary election Sen Barack Obama Modern political campaigns focus on which activity creating a favorable image via paid and unpaid media exposure The New Deal liberal faction of the Texas Democratic Party carried which additional label They were known as the quotloyalistsquot due to their association with the national Democratic Party


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