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Lecture Notes Week of 3/5/15

by: Linda Jiang

Lecture Notes Week of 3/5/15 POLISCI 121

Linda Jiang
GPA 3.7
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro

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About this Document

Liberalism & World War 1
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Linda Jiang on Sunday March 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLISCI 121 at University of Massachusetts taught by Vincent Ferraro in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see World Politics in Political Science at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 03/08/15
3315 Liberalism o Europeans said your way of living is wrong and we re going to introduce european ideology and your lives will get better 0 Most populations collapsed after Europeans colonized the indigenous states 0 After the 1900 s regions adopted democracy 0 Fascism Liberalism and Communism ideological struggle in the 20th century 0 Liberalism is the end state of how we can think about human affairs and economic and social thought however there will always be a new type of governing that will arise o The US 0 To protect the rights of the individual I long standing debate on abortion How do you classify the entity of a body I relationship of a fetus to an individual what point is a fetus an individual 0 ending the life of an entity who has not yet obtained the status of an individual Pulling the plug on people who are in comas or are vegetables I Do we have the right to end their life 0 Denying people under the age of 18 to vote 0 taking away the right to vote of convicted felons o What are individual rights 0 Liberal to nonliberal society 0 Women39s rights 0 Should all women be free in exactly the same way as men 0 Cannot deprive a person of hisher life 0 Society s needs outweigh your individual rights 0 3515 World War 1 0 Marks the beginning of the end of European domination in world politics 0 1918 0 Didn t achieve any objectives 0 Two new world powers emerge in the 19th century 0 Prussia Austrian Hungarian empire 0 United States I War of 1812 tries to take control away from European empires Louisiana purchase 1846 War with Mexico 1856 Guano Act 1893 US overthrows kingdom of Kawahi for corporate interests 0 Hawaii becomes a territory I Liberates Cuba but does not colonize Puerto Rico made a commonwealth of the US I Colonization of Philippines for further expansion is China 0 Bismarck gets rid of all the barriers to trade and creates one common market for the German speaking people 0 Germany appears on the map 0 Industrial Revolution in Germany 0 Rapidly growing population Von Schlieffen Plan A simultaneous two front war on Germany is impossible Sequential Twofront war Can Germany defeat France in 6 weeks before Russia mobilizes its horses and troops o 1 Mechanize the Army Trucks Jeeps 0 Use the weapons from the US Civil war machine gun o 2 Internal transportation network 0 Trains going west to east Railroads built to peak efficiency 0 3 Build up a navy o In order to cancel out the British navy not defeat it butjust match it 0 Large battleships I British had Dreadnought gt Germans copied it 0 Von Tirpitz gt Submarine gt Uboat Drew up plans in 1905 everything will be ready in 1916 Ignores Belgian neutrality and plans on attacking France through Belgium France has a huge attachment to Paris 0 Paris builds fortifications on the east 0 Kaiser Lunch in Paris Dinner in saint petersburg 0 Von Schlieffen Dies and gets replaced by a man who doesn t understand the plan Europe 1914 amp World War 1 o Archduke of Austria Hungary is assassinated in Serbia 0 Austria Hungary gives Serbia an ultimatum 0 Serbia gets help from their ally Russia Russian troops start to mobilize Kaiser gets news of this and goes into war 2 years early 0 Wants Germans to destroy everything in their path while they are in Belgium 0 Rape of Belgium I Belgiansjoin the British Army War starts at the fortification east of Paris and ends there 4 years later 1917 Russia pulls out and American forces join in No victories in World War 1


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