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BI 199 - Week 4 Notes

by: Alex Tucker

BI 199 - Week 4 Notes BI 199

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Biology > BI 199 > BI 199 Week 4 Notes
Alex Tucker

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About this Document

Week 4 Notes
Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies
Lombardi P
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Tuesday April 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BI 199 at University of Oregon taught by Lombardi P in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies in Biology at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 04/26/16
Day 7 4/19/16 - Brachiordialis - Nickname = hitchhiker muscle - Grip during biceps curl = neutral or hammer - Patella - Nickname = kneecap - Tibia - Nickname = shin - Patellar Tendon (not ligament) - Connects patella to tibia - Biceps Brachii - Muscles: - Long head - Short head - 2 actions (supinated & palms up) - pronated / reverse grip stresses Brachialis Day 7 4/19/16 - Rectus Abdominis - “abs” - activated by trunk flexion - Obliques - Stressed by bending side to side Day 7 4/19/16 External Internal (think of pockets) (opposite of EO) - Iliopsoas: Knees Straight vs. Bent - Hip Flexors? Iliopsoas, Rectus Femoris, & Sartorius - Feet unanchored - Lower back stress by flexing hips & bending knees! - Contract abdominals, bend knees, straighten back, & widen stance to reduce back stress - Gluteal Muscles - Look like pizza slices - Muscles: - Gluteus Maximus - Gluteus Medius - Gluteus Minimus Day 7 4/19/16 - Hamstrings - Biceps Femoris (long) - Biceps Femoris (short) - Semimembranosus - Semitendinosus - What exercises work gluteal / hamstring muscles, simultaneously? - Squat - Lunge - Triceps Brachii - Muscles: - Triceps long head - Triceps lateral head - Triceps media head Day 7 4/19/16 - Exercise for posterior arm = overhead tricep extension - Push-Pull Day 7 4/19/16 - Within some workout – superset to save time! - Ex. Biceps curl followed by triceps extension - Trapezius - Shaped like a trapezoid - What exercises help isolate Traps & Posterior Deltoid muscles? - Cable Rows & Lat Pull Downs - Posterior Deltoid Raises Day 7 4/19/16 - Make sure to keep head off of bench if standing; sitting down is easier Day 8 4/21/16 - Upper Extremity Exploration 1 - Working w/ members of your group, identify & arrange in correct anatomical orientation these bones: 1. Scapula 2. Clavicle 3. Humerus 4. Radius 5. Ulna 6. Carpals 7. Metacarpals & Phalanges - What are the nicknames for 1-7? 1. Shoulder blade 2. Collar bone 3. Funny bone 4. Radius / ulna = forearm 5. Wrist 6. fingers - Upper Extremity Exploration 2 - Identify the following joints & segments: 1. Acromion-Clavicular 2. Sterno-Clavicular 3. Shoulder 4. Elbow 5. Wrist 6. Metacarpal-Phalangeal 7. Proximal, mid, & distal phalanges - For #1 & 2, use a piece of yellow tape to indicate ligaments. How might separations of 1 & 2 occur? What kinds of forces might be involved? - Acromioclavicular Joint Day 8 4/21/16 - Sternoclavicular Joint - Hand Day 8 4/21/16 - Upper Extremity Exploration 3 - What kind of activity or force might be involved in an elbow dislocation? - What weight room activity is most commonly involved w/ fractures of metacarpals & phalanges? - Which group is most susceptible to these fractures? - What weight room activity or machine is most commonly involved in amputations of phalanges? - Which group is most susceptible to amputations? - Women & Children are most Susceptible: Grip strength & Exploration! - Upper Extremity Exploration 4 - With a red piece of tape identify the site of a forearm fracture. - With a red piece of tape identify the site of a wrist fracture. - Identify the Pisiform bone & discuss the potential for fracture / dislocation. - What is carpal tunnel syndrome & how is it treated? - How might the casting differ for an elbow vs. a wrist fracture? - Pisiform dislocations / fractures are quite rare! Day 8 4/21/16 - Casts (Short vs. Long Arm) Short Arm Casts Long Arm Casts - Wrist fracture - Forearm / arm fracture


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