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Ch 5

by: Nicole Sedgwick

Ch 5 Criminal Justice 101

Nicole Sedgwick
GPA 3.0
Dr. VanWormer

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About this Document

Ch 5 notes for crm j 101
Dr. VanWormer
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Sedgwick on Monday March 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Criminal Justice 101 at Washington State University taught by Dr. VanWormer in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views.


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Date Created: 03/09/15
Criminal Justice Chapter 5 English and Colonial Roots I Sherriff O The chief law enforcement officer of a county normally elected and frequently operating the jail as well as law enforcement functions I Constable 0 In England favored noblemen who were forerunners of modernday US criminal justice functionaries largely disappearing in the United States by the 1970 s I Coroner 0 An early English court officer today one usually a physician in the United States whore duty is to determine cause of death I Not always a physician elected official 0 Justice of the Peace 0 A minor justice official who overseas lesser criminal trials one of the early English judicial functionaries 0 Police Reform in England and US 0 Workers protested against machines food and crime I Sir Robert Peel established a police force to combat problems father of modern police 0 1829 Metropolitan Police Act Policing Comes to the United States 0 The Political Era 1840 sl930 s O The period of time when police were tied closely to politics and politicians dependent on them for being hired promoted and assignments I Raised corruption I Larger metro areas 1 Limited police authority defined by law 2 Local Control 3 Several agencies within a defined area that would share police services 0 The Reform Era 1930s1980 s 0 Police sought to extricate themselves from the shackles of politicians and leading to the crimefighter era I Emphasis on arrest social change happening standardized training 0 The Community Era 1980 sPresent O A time when the police retained to work with the community to solve problems by looking at their underlying causes and developing tailored responses to them Selected Federal Agencies 0 Department of Homeland Security 0 Established 2001 and became significant transformation for US government 0 Customs and Border Patrol CBP I Preventing terrorists and terrorists weapons from entering US While facilitating the ow of legitimate trade and travel 0 Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE I Identifying and shutting down vulnerabilities both in the nations borders and in economic transportation and infrastructure security 0 Transportation Security Administration TSA O Protects nations transportation systems 0 Coast Guard 0 Nations leading maritime law enforcement agency 0 Secret Service 0 Protects President and other highlevel I Department of Justice 0 Headed by attorney general Who is appointed by US president and approved by Senate I Official legal arm of the government of the US 0 Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Charles Bonaparte attorney general 1908 FBI created I Protect the US from terrorists attack I Protect the US against foreign intelligence operations and espionage 0 Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives ATF I Administrates the US criminal code provisions concerning alcohol and tobacco smuggling and diversion 0 Drug Enforcement Administration DEA Budget of 2 billion I Coordinate and enforce drug laws 0 US Marshals Service I One of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies I Transport federal prisoners and track fugitives While also protecting federal judges prosecutors and Witnesses and more 0 Other Federal Agencies 0 Central Intelligence Agency CIA I Most clandestine government service participates in undercover and covert operations around the world for the purposes of managing crises and providing intelligence during the conduct of war 0 Internal Revenue Service IRS 1919 I Monitoring and collection of federal income taxed from American individuals and businesses State Agencies 0 Patrol Police and Investigation Organizations 0 State Police I A state agency responsible for highway patrol and other duties delineated in the states statutes 0 State Bureau of Investigation SBI s I A state agency that is responsible for enforcing state highway laws and investigating crimes involving statutes 0 Other Special Purpose State Agencies I Alcohol Beverage Laws I Fish and Game Laws I State Statutes and Local Ordinances I Agricultural Laws I Commercial Vehicle Laws Local Agencies 0 Basic Operations 0 Municipal police department I A police force that enforces laws and maintains peace within a specified city or municipality 0 Organization 0 Organizational structure of chart I A diagram of the vertical and horizontal parts of an organization showing its chain and command lines of communication division of labor and so on 0 Organization 0 Chain of command I Vertical and horizontal power relations within an organization showing how one position relates to others 0 Private policesecurity I All nonpublic officers including guards watchmen private detectives and investigators they have limited powers and only the same arrest powers as regular citizens I Property services 0 Inhouse security services directly hired and controlled by the company and organization


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