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by: Cierra Beyers

Eye ANAT-A215

Cierra Beyers
GPA 4.05
Basic Human Anatomy
Steve Dougherty

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About this Document

Here is the completed outline for the lecture covering the eye.
Basic Human Anatomy
Steve Dougherty
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cierra Beyers on Monday March 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANAT-A215 at a university taught by Steve Dougherty in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 167 views.

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Date Created: 03/09/15
EYE 1 Eye A ASSOCIATED STRUCTURES 1 Eyebrows protection 2 Palpebrae eyelids moisten and protect a Levator palpebrae superioris elevates upper eyelid b Eyelashes protection 3 Conjunctiva Stratified Squamous secretes mucus two parts a Palpebrae on the back of the eyelid b Bulbar ocular on surface of eye c Conjunctivitis in ammation of conjunctiva pink eyequot 4 Lacrimal Apparatus a Lacrimal gland makes tears Tears contain mucus antibodies and lysozyme kills bacteria b Tears leave gland through Lacrimal ducts c Tears ow across eye into 2 small openings Lacrimal puncta d Tears go into Lacrimal canals Canaliculi e Then into Lacrimal sac f And finally into Nasolacrimal duct 5 Extrinsic eye muscles a Superior Rectus strap like moves eye superiorly and medially b b Lateral Rectus Moves eye laterally c Medial Rectus Moves eye medially d d Inferior Rectus Moves eye inferiorly and medially e Superior oblique Moves eye inferiorly and laterally down and out f Inferior oblique Moves eye superiorly and laterally up and out B STRUCTURE 3 TUNICS 1 Fibrous tunic outermost avascular a Sclera posterior 56 of eye nontransparent the White of the eye b Cornea anterior 16 transparent 2 Vascular tunic Uvea middle layer 3 parts a Choroid posterior 23 of eye vascular and pigmented i Nourishes retina and sclera by diffusion b Ciliary body contains i Ciliary muscle an intrinsic muscle which is attached to the lens by Suspensory ligaments The muscle changes the shape of lens focus Lens is a biconvex transparent exible structure that can change shape to allow for the focusing of light on the retina ii Ciliary processes contains capillaries that secrete aqueous c Iris anterior portion quotcolored donut of musclequot intrinsic muscle opening pupil Sphincter pupillae pupillary constrictor constricts pupil Dilator pupillae pupillary dilator dilates pupil Iris regulates amount of light entering eye 3 Internal Sensory tunic composed of the retina The RETINA consists of a Pigmented layer outer layer no photoreceptors stores vitamin A b Neural layer inner layer composed of photoreceptors Rods black and white vision responds to low intensity light night Cones Color vision respond to high intensity light daylight Where the optic nerve exits the eye quotBlind Spotquot Optic Disc no rods or cones Lateral to the blind spot is an oval region called the macula lutea with a minute pit in its center called the fovea centralis The fovea contains only cones so this is where critical detailed viewing takes place c Internal spaces 1 Posterior Cavity from lens to retina contains the vitreous humor a gel like mass 2 Anterior cavity from lens to cornea filed with aqueous humor watery uid Those two are separated by the lens a Posterior chamber from lens to iris b Anterior chamber from iris to cornea Those two are separated by the iris HOW VISUAL INFO IS PROCESSED For looking at distant objects 1 Light rays enter eye through the cornea and are refracted bent by the lens 2 Light rays are focused on retina For looking at close objects less than 20 feet 1 Light rays are bent at a greater angle by changing the shape of the lens bulging ciliary muscle 2 Light rays are focused on the fovea centralis 3 Light ray information is converted to nerve impulses by photoreceptors 4 Nerve impulses transmitted to the brain occipital lobe via CN 11 Optic nerve Which of the following is NOT found in the vascular tunic a Ciliary body b Choroid d Iris e Ciliary muscle


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