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Chapter 15: Regulation of Gene expression

by: Ronnie Sammour

Chapter 15: Regulation of Gene expression 10613

Marketplace > University of Houston > Biology > 10613 > Chapter 15 Regulation of Gene expression
Ronnie Sammour
GPA 3.506
Biology 1362

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About this Document

Chapter 15 notes based off of what was covered in the lecture last Thursday (3/5) and what covered today, (3/11). Hopefully my notes can shed some light on another rather confusing chapter. I've ke...
Biology 1362
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ronnie Sammour on Wednesday March 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 10613 at University of Houston taught by Knapp in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 156 views. For similar materials see Biology 1362 in Biology at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/11/15
Ronnie Sammour BIOL 1362 Chapter 15 Regulation of gene expression 0 Not every gene in a cell is being expressed all the time gene expression is regulated Gene expression is tuned geared towards what the organism needs in order to function properly at that moment in time 0 Things like food physical conditions chemical conditions is the cell dividing Etc 0 We control gene expression through the control of protein synthesis prevents the process of transcription This can be done through a process called This process can stretch or compact chromatin to make the genes on the DNA more easily accessible or inaccessible for transcription degrading proteins to alter their function or alter mRNA stability The cell can even degrade the mRNA before it has a chance to be translated o This can be accomplished through the removal of the PolyA tail on the 3 end of the mRNA or the 5 end cap This does not allow the mRNA to leave the nucleus and causes it to break down 0 increasing the level of activators and enhancers which can raise the rate of transcription 10 fold or more Ronnie Sammour BIOL 1362 0 RNA polymerase binding to form the transcription complex makes a To increase this rate how fast the gene is being transcribed nearby regions on the DNA strand called bind to the activators that increase the rate of transcription 0 Other regions called can bind to and loop over to the transcription complex to enhance the levels of transcription even more 0 Transcription can also be repressed by These bind to enhancers or activators or even repressorspecific sites on the strand to slow downstop transcription 0 a specific set of activators controls the transcription of genes example a liver cell and a lense cell found in the eye both have a gene that code for albumin protein Obviously since they re both YOUR cells they have the same genes However the cell does not need the protein so the gene that codes for it is not expressed However the liver cell DOES utilize this protein therefore the gene that codes for the albumin IS expressed The eye cell therefore cannot produce albumin and it doesn t need to because the activators that cause that gene to be transcribed and eventually translated are not present in the eye cellonly in the liver cell Where they are needed To conclude know that prevent transcription and prevent translation


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