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Nutrition 101 Chapter 8 & Ex. Lists

by: Rachel Counce

Nutrition 101 Chapter 8 & Ex. Lists Nutrition 101

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Nutrition 101 > Nutrition 101 Chapter 8 Ex Lists
Rachel Counce
GPA 3.9
Nutrition 101-001 Intro Human Nutrition
Lori Greene

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About this Document

These are notes from a combination of the book, in-class lectures, and online sources provided by Lori Greene for Chapter 8 - Energy Balance and Body Composition. It also includes the Exchange List...
Nutrition 101-001 Intro Human Nutrition
Lori Greene
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Counce on Wednesday March 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Nutrition 101 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Lori Greene in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views.


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Date Created: 03/11/15
Rachel Counce Nutrition Exam 2 Chapter 8 Energy Balance and Body Composition In balance e not too little not too much gt at INTAKE 39 OUTPUT Calories Calories used to Quick weight gain or loss maintain body functions from fOOdS and physical activity 0 Some fat a lot of uid some lean tissue Slow weight gain or loss 0 75 fat 25 lean CALORIE BALANCE How do they determine calories in a food product 0 Bomb calorimeter What tools can we use to determine our calorie intake 0 Calculations 0 Food records 0 Exchange lists 0 Dietary analysis programs 2 Apps Ex MyFitnessPal LoseIT SparkPeople Total energy expenditure 0 Basal Metabolism BMR basal metabolic rate 2 Energy burned for life sustaining activities 0 Physical activities gt Most variable 0 Thermic effect of food Age Height Rate of Growth Gender Body Composition Fever Stress Environmental temperature Fasting starvation Hormones Smoking Caffeine Rachel Counce Exam 2 Sleep Why is BMR higher in infants than adults Infancy is a primal time of rapid growth Estimating Energy Expenditure Estimating 0 Estimated energy requirements 0 Harris Benedict equation 0 Mif in St Ieor equation 10wt kg 62 5Ht cm 5Age yrs 5 resting energy expenditure male 10wt kg 62 5Ht cm 5Age yrs 161 resting energy expenditure female Indirect calorimeter Direct calorimeter Accelerometry Body composition proportion of muscle bone fat and other tissues that make up total weight 0 Impossible to directly measure body composition in a living human Weight changes alone may not be a good picture of body composition changes Skinfold measurement Underwater Weighing Bioelectrical impedance Air displacement plethysmography Bod Pod Dual energy Xray absorptiometry DEXA Women 0 Ideal is 1522 for young women 0 Range increases as age increases Men 0 Ideal is 716 for young men 0 Range increases as age increases Need a minimum amount of body fat BMI a measure of a person s weight relative to a person s height 0 BMI weight kg height m2 Rachel Counce Exam 2 2 Conversion divide by 22 for wt divide by 3937 for ht BMI under 185 considered underweight BMI of 18525 considered healthy weight BMI of 2530 considered overweight BMI over 30 considered obese App e sbaoe vs pea saape More than 2 3 of American adults have a BMI greater than 25 BMI is used as the main indicator of weight status yet certain individuals can have a high BMI OOOO without being considered fat th bv ziest Waist CiHGCCtimf HG HiCClt BelEgg Women 0 Over 35 inches greater risk of chronic disease Men 0 Over 40 inches greater Apple shape Pear shape Mom visuyal u 0 Less visceral fat I ISk of chronlc dlsease Wm M of M cm boa 1h moblmm r39culih noblcms tiy Fat Distribution Central Obesity 0 Apple shape Visceral fat Subcutaneous fat Eieaitii Risks f Weight Extremes Underweight o Osteoporosis 0 Bone fractures o Menstrual irregularities o Infertility Overweight 0 Diabetes Hypertension CVD Sleep apnea Osteoarthritis Cancer Infertility Pregnancy complications OOOOOOO Rachel Counce Exam 2 Nutrition Exchange Lists Exchange List Uses Plan meal plans for diabetics Plan meal plan for weight management Helps practitioner determine calories and macronutrients quickly Exchange Lists Sorts foods in groups based on carbohydrates fat and protein 0 Starch 0 Fruits 0 Milk fatfree reducedfat and whole 0 Nonstarchy Vegetables 0 Sweets Desserts and Other Carbohydrates Starches o 15g CHO O3g protein O1g fat 80 calories 0 Fruits o 15g CHO 0g protein 0g fat 60 calories Milk 0 12g CHO 8g proteins O8g fat 100160 calories 0 Nonstarchy vegetables 0 5g CHO 2g proteins 0g fat 25 calories 0 Meats 0 0g CHO 7g proteins O8g of fat 45100 calories 0 Fats 0 0g CHO 0g protein 5g fat 45 calories 0 Free foods 0 CH0 varies 100 calories Similar chart listed on page G1 appendix of text Exchange List Serving Size Not necessarily based on serving size on package Serving is based on the amount that will provide the reference number of energy and macronutrients Example Serving Size Starch o 80 calories 15g CHO O3g protein O1g fat 2 1 slice of bread roll biscuit 2 12 bun English muffin or pita gt 12 cup of cereal Rachel Counce Exam 2 13 cup pasta or rice 12 cup of corn green peas potatoes 5 crackers 3 cups popcorn 3 oz of pretzels 12 cup of beans UUUUUU 0 Fruits o 60 kcal 15g CHO 0g protein 0g fat 2 1 small fruit 2 12 cup of cut up fruit 2 341 cup ofberries 2 2 Tbsp of dried fruit 2 12 cup of juice 0 Milk Products 0 100 120 or 160 kcal 12g CHO 8g protein O8g fat 2 1 cup of milk 2 6 oz of yogurt 0 Nonstarchy Vegetables 0 25 kcal 5g CHO 2g proteins 0g fat 2 12 cup of cooked vegetables 2 1 cup of raw vegetables Meat and Meat Substitutes 0 Lean 45 kcal 0g CHO 7g protein O3g fat 2 1 oz of lean beef pork or poultry lowfat cheese fish 0 Mediumfat 75 kcal 0g CHO 7g protein 47g fat 2 1 oz ofbeef poultry or pork 1 egg fried fish 0 Highfat 100 kcal 0g CHO 7g protein 8g fat 2 2 slices of bacon 1 oz of regular cheese 1 hot dog sausage 0 Plant proteins 7g proteins other varies 2 12 cup of beans 12 cup of hummus 1 Tbsp peanut butter 12 cup of tofu Fats o 45 kcal 0g protein 0g CHO 5g fat 2 1 tsp of oil lard margarine butter mayonnaise 2 1 Tbsp regular salad dressing light mayonnaise light margarine 2 2 Tbsp light salad dressing 0 Free Foods 0 Hard candy gum no sugar added products condiments coffee diet drinks water Rachel Counce A Sample Plan 23 servings of nonstarchy vegetables 2 servings of fruit 6 servings of starches grains 2 servings of lowfat or fatfree milk 6 ounces of meat or meat substitutes Limit fats and sugars How do we determine calories and macronutrients from exchanges 1 turkey sandwich 0000 O 2 slices of bread 2 oz lean turkey 1 oz low fat cheese 3 slices lettuce 1 tsp regular mayonnaise Parmesan chicken with broccoli grits and garlic bread 0 0000000 2 oz chicken 1 oz mozzarella and Parmesan cheese 12 cup spaghetti sauce 12 cup steamed broccoli 12 cup grits 1 slice of garlic bread 1 tsp butter Unsweet tea Exam 2


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