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Chapter One

by: Daniel Delatorre

Chapter One CHEM 3331

Daniel Delatorre
GPA 3.84
Organic Chemistry

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Delatorre on Thursday March 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3331 at University of Houston taught by Daugulis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/12/15
CW O nc Organic Ch miserY ock o F Cavbon compounds 39 i 770 Bergman made P d39iSW mC39 OH bdwec organic 01W 7 00ng SUbSJfanC S W328 WESWCr 39 39 made nd organic cornpoum NHJOCN 399 HZN C NHL Ammnwm cyanoa e 39 O MCIELKYIEC uvea O e g m 5Ynhesis making 0v bfcang bonds bcwcen sample molecules 0 make complex ones Mechanisms uMcrsfamimg how Charmed reactions occur 5YUCUYC how Hams an arranged m molecules Moms vbc omk 1rHciamp3 pt gtK T opes 5ame 39iFoF pre i O Sj di it if L Eweerm mass 390 Chan 39 nawwsn Z VVO b S ha rge o r J H A 1 39 4r 5 a IE 3 Nau ons mama sv charge 0 C W WVC and my b 13C 1C 63 MOdCl b 01C MOMS where are 660mm C 7n nci P C Z Heisenberg Unce ogw wl y n 010 an elem buf we can Know ne 0me Vow39me ofgpwe Canm r Know xa posmow where H can be foam Orbimi is grouped In shells O nudeo 5 0mm P orbi ml H0135 039 quotTC f 2 3 herimlly 31mm g ON 26 C 26 217 Y t ft quot39 r 1T 143 K A faquot 26 65 l 7 J63 is mg 65500 Cov rigmzr orz AU Fbau jpri 111716 quot gymmks of kch E Closer 0 m t m Czn d 2 P40 90mm PrmF39e On h 26quot in one orbi l and Hle Mosy r have he OWEgm syn d 30 HUM BU39C FF 2 or more mp orbamg WW same E avmkxbi j WAGE 5 in each I MM an am MET 01L Emma 4quot 2p C E 23 C 47 23 H 1147b L 4 13 44km Na 4 33 4t H 4w 392 4 25 H 13 130mm C we Waived in Chemical boM FomlocHon I39Dquotfowl bondwmg 39T39ranefer 0quot among between oppos rely a m ed 196065 E L iF 4J7 4 4 2P A 4 39Z L 2E LETHE Li 716 r 1H7 4 417 Z quot ZS F 4 25 44716 4quotquot 9 4 4 f ZP L3944v4 1747249 C 42 39 C 44723 4 l6 4s 14 ZP 23 Hcquot 96gt C 46 DOES NOT HAWEN 5K H h havg 14 bad fn vge39fzzlly Ln7givonxb lc Ex c ona m shad EX Lamb do shudwrc q g H H40 aHzH UM H H 9 on 6 n H He H Ho oo 39 F2 ZF F gtEEj H QH OPwHC H 0 g 6 Co H 391 NttzN TYPS cor wri ng 39L w fs 6rucurcs 1 MM oa it mC VQlE39 CC 639 For each dam m 13 s ucmc EX CZHQ ZXL XQ Hvode Cszv QXHX5 H 1 1quot vod 39 2 which Lth are bonded 0 which 00 HJF rmmal 39 b O Er 1 5mg16 bonds monovajemL usualk Crmina POSH iO C 5 0 ve Smglf or one doubk bond diVOJEmL d N angle deume n c ULSUCLHY rivcden 6 C bingEJdoublC rlple USUGMY 4 bonds oaJ 5 ChOSC C nml OLom Draw single bonds 6quot pm bewecn C Cn39ml Mom W Cam 07f 7976 surroundirlg Roma CZHG CQHB f3 quoti 3 HsC CeH f tgizH 31 g P H 4 Cowl e ocecs or Moms by Wing clecmns New H 5 If odef Yule 00 566579664 O w m39ng C COUH IL draw doubic or Hipl bonds bewcm aom 39 r quot 0 MW valem 6 omyare w 56 one Common bonding Padems 10m nem ml molecules I C jN 203 31 53 H bonds valence A 3 Z ilo 139 lofmirs O 2 0 Ex 02 H G 2 chl C39 2 H 393 hrWMl i L i L 4 1 7 I 9 2 H H r 23 A 1 o m a 39 a z I V K o o o o Wquot 39 i i a M g f o 0f e e aquot c L a I O 0 K M 9 39 a Q a I Q I E Av I n a O o p 39 quot at 1 Jquot quotH CompleJre e39ffanswfev ionic elec mne cth u y H 207 C39s hm Covaic quot 5 3quot 9 F H 0 H2153 H F 39 DO 39 39 39 a a X X onwlm WARM bond LWCYWWW tdi1gtola veHor addh mn 7F bond H g X Y POW LOVCUCM m8 dTpoleS a 39 quot x y mm bond Hi gt H FL 1 CI gt30 f gt2 39 39 Hm w C W 49 gtmt J 8 F7 o39 7 N 7me Chmg H 39 KN a quot HQH H29 HO H cL FCampmUp g no bondm c jyJ shared Ewing ofmoj Charges 3 3L I C CC YOYISJ 1 H H CH H 39quot NE Q H HQC l H H Fe Hwylips PC 53902 7 18 FC 5 lag e 0 BLk O 39539 1 lb H C IC C I 1 e Nc rcd 3 C W3 3 bonds MOSHY resmarm SW00 86 i 0 IQ Rik E 2 bonds 3 bonds H bonds CUHEYOJ E 9 59 mad 2 W5 3 10065 0 5 enmiku 0 O 0 F H 0r 0 bonds 0 Ci ni aims always O m 1 bond 392 waW or cmged Mawes co gt F 9 gt N 2 N O i D 4 u I u 39 H C CE Nquot ltgt C L r N i 6 3 I H l3 Csomnce Thaw H csomncc Form Z or more valence bows 6rucurcs m anFer only m e arrangement PH NH H i Kquot 2 quot2 H 639 H 4 quot quot 1 Cf lt quot L N HZC W39NHZ H H H H esomnoe Waxy 1 OnN ems on 170x17 2 Vl omnoe Shudwc diHcv only in Vlawrn mL o e 1 Move My 6quot Md only woman Iona VowsMUH V a bo m39s39 H H 39 39gt Mr Covrect 39 C We N 0 quot9 Comm ozcox 6H 30M 3 AH shadows MU5 be WW6 Lewis smcwr sj max L bonds e39aroond C NJ 9 9 E O F M O ch N H38 N 6 O I D Energy of d uaJ molecule 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C and H drawn 61 you draw an Mom draw 15 H39s OH c Kl 1 H H L cC quot 3 H Raids Eases Hwhcmus De ni on I Arrhenius J39r heory aoid H20 1430 quot bo LSC H20 i OH I W A r 39 Kw mom L0H Io quot wide 1 H301 gt 10quot 7 M V basm my 4 IOquot7M Z Bronered v Lowry Dc n a on Hdonor base HCLCC6por wean U c39d39 barsd o md gte Pm m Km HA H20 Hgoquot A Km 307 1 r H WI quot fix O Ham W3 H G quotK Iowa 191k S onger acid offgfgve ltquotquot39 i39 i J H 203C 0436 1 H H base MB 0 o yKaquot39ZZ Sron9 acid FKOLN LL avg 54767344 CO base 000601 base OH CHH 0 HO ver aged CH3 C40 avg 3ren3H i O CH em rcmely Wong base acidwas rxm weavors Pornwon 01 weaker Mid Nd base 40 q ka C NaOH H OH OH 06 K 15 m7 a r gt XVI moves 0 Mg 0 6 336 C OH NaOH 2 CH33C H OH Pita 18 HY moves 40345 c r A A a H A lt H Awmom shblc 71476 anion is HSWHS 7 399 mor but HA Facors affec ng 5abi My P ermirg anion salatliy l E C oanm iva of Ham bearing Charge H CH H NHQ H jOHH Hji 39PKmSo PKW33 PLO 397 PK 3 5 Dciocah39zooLion of Charge I h 9 Spread Charch r more s bilify 3 8326 of Mom a larger 1omjmore shbic anion H2 0 H15 lt more afabk Piaf Ho Piafquot Z tsonme S b izm fow chc lOH CHgC PM39A H OH P cw H7 I o quot N I H quot39 Z 39 1 O 39 H5 2 Q B C O CR 0 H Q O 20 a u H3L H36quot a O 39O O 35 Lewes acidsbases 4 f quotRCUVOC Z 611 S M Cc pf 5quot pairs H looNd quot do do H Cl 7 H O H 03 H H F F 1 1 13 l NH3 quot 9 baSC a F OkCid n n lt5 Lewis acids electropmes lowr29 Clcc one EX HE HF H250 H20 Li M32quot 13 7quot cu A Lewis bases nucleOPhiICS quotVC39C Wm H7 CH3 CH3 OSQH 00 1 CH3 CH3 CH3 Cum arrow acemaliem L Al me Show bord breaking Horma 39on l lc 39ro ow Zy39Difcthon OWE ci on wciovo is From cicchon Ch 0 eiee on poor melamine elechopmfe 3 Arrow aways bdg u39 wH h COVGJ6H Or 3quot one pair l Afrows go where 6 30 NUT where tiva go LtGTE 39 quot51 I oo Hger f H30 H H29 J HZC39T me a H25 CH5 E 6 No more an 4 bonds around Carbon 8639 E quotquot 1 MHZ gt NW base acid 1 1 a O E H lUifH 5 bonds wound Carbon 0 ll


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