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ENTOM 102 Week 9 Notes

by: Irene A.

ENTOM 102 Week 9 Notes 8404

Marketplace > Washington State University > Biology > 8404 > ENTOM 102 Week 9 Notes
Irene A.
GPA 3.5
Dr. Owen

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About this Document

Economics and illness, poverty, leishmania, lyme disease.
Dr. Owen
Class Notes
entomology, Biology, Economics
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Irene A. on Thursday March 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 8404 at Washington State University taught by Dr. Owen in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see ENTOM 102 in Biology at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 03/12/15
ENTOM 102 WEEK 9 NOTES Economics amp Infection 0 foreclosed homes gt mosquito breeding ground 0 occupants removed 0 swimming pools not maintained gutters not cleaned O standing water gt mosquito population goes up gt higher virus transmission Foreclosed homes housing market crash banks loan money to buyers who can39t repay 0 banks loan money to other banks 0 loan money to make a profit interest rates 0 banks trade mortgages 0 money impacts disease income data can help predict regional outbreaks 0 poor are disproportionately affected Illness lt gt Poverty Ethics 0 obligation to deal w poverty amp disease 0 where do ethicsmorals come from O socialization as children rationality religion 0 Capitalism vs Ethics selfish vs sel ess 0 balance quotdon39t take advantage but make moneyquot 0 donating money 0 3rd world countries amp villages 0 homes made from scraps highly condensed ricketyunsafe houses no doors or window screens no plumbing muddy ground ways for insects to get in no barriers 00000 0 Sand y 0 very small 0 potent vasodilating saliva O spreads parasite O Leishmania lives in many different animals transmitted back amp forth between I causes skin disease lesions erodes soft palate amp sinuses infects internal organs amp causes swelling scarring O sand y larvae live in mud difficult to control 0 males amp females feed on blood 0 often found on gerbils amp rodents gt rodents live near houses amp people Food Availability 0 how do food prices uctuate throughout the year 0 America vs Africa 0 stereotypes about famine not always trueoften overly simplified 0 America little price variation 0 Nigeria large price variation 0 vehicles infrastructure roads labor money 0 making more food than needed 0 longterm storage gt constant availability 0 not bound to growing seasons 0 no storage gt prices change due to lack of supply 0 foreign control foods exported instead of being stored or transported 0 no distribution gt food is only cheap when grown locally 0 lots of food difficult to move around due to lack of infrastructure Surviving vs Thriving 0 need money for shelter water food clothes fuelpower for cooking amp warmth medicine 0 accessibility health risks 0 lifestyle differences pastoral rural urban industrial Arthropods 0 exoskeleton 4 pairs of legs 0 spiders mites ticks 0 Hard Ticks 0 Life stages larvae hatch from egg gt attach to host gt drop off amp molt into nymph gt attach to host gt drop off amp molt into adult gt attach to host gt drop off amp lay eggs 0 larvae feed on rodents amp small animals 0 adults feed on large animals like deer 0 up to 18000 eggsfemale 20004000 for hard ticks 0 blood feeders transmit pathogens 0 Barrelia 0 most common arthropodrelated disease in North America 0 initial symptoms u like Long term cardiac neurologic arthritic damage 0 Lyme disease in US increasing I prevalent in children 514 more boys than girls I tick amp Whitetail deer distribution similar


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