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Week 8: Media Uses and Gratifications & Time Spent with Meda

by: Kylie Kreischer

Week 8: Media Uses and Gratifications & Time Spent with Meda JMC:1100:0AAA

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Journalism and Mass Communications > JMC:1100:0AAA > Week 8 Media Uses and Gratifications Time Spent with Meda
Kylie Kreischer
GPA 3.96
Media Uses and Effects
Patrick Wright

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About this Document

Lecture 14: Media Uses and Gratifications Chapter 4: Time Spent with Mass Media
Media Uses and Effects
Patrick Wright
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Kreischer on Thursday March 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JMC:1100:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Patrick Wright in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Media Uses and Effects in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 03/12/15
Chapter 4 Time Spent with Mass Media Reasons and Consequences Mass communication the process by which a complex organization with the aid of one or more machines produces and transmits public messages that are directed at large heterogeneous and scattered audiences Uses and Gratifications Perspective Limited effects perspective began to be very popular Uses and gratifications perspective 0 Designed to lend insight into the ways that people use media to meet their needs 0 Focused heavily on individual motivations for media use Why Do People Watch TV Learning Habit 0 TV addition Companionship o Parasocial relationships feelings and attachments that people have toward media characters Arousal 0 Optimal level of arousal each human being wired with this For some baseline set point of arousal is higher than their optimum 0 Personality trait known as sensation seeking Relaxation Escape Passing time Social interaction Problems with Self Reports Self reporting is a common criticism of uses and gratification perspective Social desirability response Time Spent with Media Kaiser Family Foundation report 0 Children and adolescents watch 45 hours of TV a day on average 0 75 hours each day with media of some sort 0 Use more than one medium for 30 of the total media use time o 25 minutes per day reading books 9 for magazines 3 for newspapers Disblacement hypothesis people have limited amount of time in their day that can be allotted to different things other than media when they consume so much media displacing other types of activities with media Threshold effect 10 hours of week of TV starts to cause addiction and change behaviors negative impacts Lecture 14 Media Uses and Gratification Review ELM 6 principles of persuasion Third person effect Theory of planned behavior I Have Seen the Enemy Media as Evil 0 Subjects us to messages that could be manipulated 0 Controls what we see and discuss Media are only as powerful as we allow them to be Whoever controls the media controls the mind We Use Media to Gratify Desires We have individual reasons for enjoying certain media content We choose specific media to fulfill those reasons Uses and Gratifications Theory People use particular media to gratify certain needs Shifts from viewing people as victims of media use to actors of media use Criticisms of Uses and Gratifications Assumes that media consumption is rational and individualistic Relies on selfreported descriptions of reason for media use 0 We are inclined to give socially desirable responses Why We Use Media Learning 0 Daily news 0 Commonwealth of ideas Habit o A part of our daily routine 0 Reward for getting through the week etc Companionship 0 Social connections 0 Parasocial relationships Connection to fictional characters can lead to emotional connec ons Arousal o Sensation seeking Looking for thrilling emotiontriggering content Social desirability desire to look good to others How many people watched the scary movie Relaxation Escape 0 Offers a more exciting reality Social interaction enhancer o Gives us a common content with friends and coworkers Passing Time 0 Threshold effect up to 10 hoursweek you re good After 10 hours problems start to arise Addition men more likely Personal Dangers Spending too much time with media 0 Disolacement hypothesis the time we spend with media is displacing time we could spend on more important activities All About Appearances Social dangers o Learned behaviors Characters more likely to be sarcastic and aggressive Situations more dramatic Both higher ratings Media Real Health Risks Every Two hours ofTV watching makes us 0 compared to doing something more active 0 23 more likely obese o 15 more likely heart disease 0 135 more likely to die of anything Why Media ads promote unhealthy food 0 How many ads for sweet potatoes have you seen Media watching promotes snacking 0 Viewers ate 2x more snack foods habit less likely to pay attention and eat when full Conclusion Choose your media carefully 0 Know your purpose for using media 0 Understand the benefits 0 Weigh the potential harm


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