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week march 9-13

by: Alejandra Brito

week march 9-13 Biology 230

Alejandra Brito
GPA 3.4
Biology 230
kimberly Tanner

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About this Document

hey guys!! here are the notes from this week if you missed anything!! did you nit write down the clicker questions and answers, well they are in here!!
Biology 230
kimberly Tanner
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Brito on Friday March 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biology 230 at San Francisco State University taught by kimberly Tanner in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 149 views. For similar materials see Biology 230 in Biology at San Francisco State University.

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Date Created: 03/13/15
Bio 230 Monday March 9 2015 The following are NOT simple onegene traits Bent pinkie Tonguerolling Blue eyes Asparagus pee Attached earlobes Short hair in cats 0 Cat hair is linked to a single gene 0 L short hair normal function 0 I long hair loss of Function 0 The normal protein stops hair growth in the follicles L U U Looking at a cat who is heterozygous LI and a homozygous II and they mate 1 Which version of the gene is dominant How do you know 2 What are the possible genotypes pf the offspring 3 What are the possible phenotypes Let s complete it c We get that L is dominant because it shows and is the normal protein loss of function tends be recessive There will be 50 Heterozygous LI and 50 homozygous ll Which means there is a 50 short hair and 50 long hair Clicker question 0 Which of the following is generally true for recessive alleles 0 They produce nonfunctional protein or no protein at all 0 Which type of allele is most likely to result from a lossof function mutation o Recessive Lossof function alleles are typically recessive It s like having two different iPods playing the same song at the same time 0 One of the earphones jack is broken and the other one works properly 0 What do you hear 0 Normal dominant the working one 0 Loss of function recessive nonworking Gainof function Dominant It s like having both iPods working properly 0 So opposite from recessive Wednesday March 11 2015 Clicker question 0 Which of the following human cells contains a gene that speci es eye color 0 All of the above cells in the eye cells in the heart gametes sperm and egg What does genetically identical mean 0 So in class they asked us to write down what we thought about this statement 0 All the cells of a pine tree share identical DNA for the same reason that the cells of two twins share identical DNA Mitosis is like a copy machine Sperm Egg Mitosis Different Proteins are present in different cell types Nerve Cell Drnfnin Muscle Cell protein Clicker question 0 Which of these proteins are you more likely to nd more of in skin cells than other cells 0 Keratin 0 Which of these proteins are you likely to nd in nerve muscle and skin cells 0 RNA polymerase Cells differ because they contain different proteins How do genes get turned on and off 4 key ideas about the regulation of transcriptiongene expression in eukaryotes 1 Promoters are DNA sequences located right before the transcription start site 2 RNA polymerase and helper proteins bind to the promoter 3 Enhancers are special eukaryotic DNA sequences which can be quite far away from the promoter 4 Activate proteins bind to enhancers to initiate transcription Clicker question Enhancers are 0 Special DNA sequence Activator proteins can be found 0 In the nucleus bound to DNA Pedigree chart 0 A chart of a person s ancestors used in human genetics to analyze Mendelian inheritance of certain traits Pedigree Chart D MALE D mate O FEMALE Friday March 13 2015 Clicker questions all 4mm mumcall mama alas How many copies of each of the chromosomes does the circled red cell have 0 2 o The circled cell purple is o Diploid What s the difference between an activator protein and a transcription factor 0 A transcription factor is any protein that helps control transcription of a gene External signals turn an speci c lsignals r activath proteins 0 a n 3911 Illaiii Transcrimicn at target genes External signals cause activation of specific activath proteins neamy cells target genes Externai signals cause activation of speci c activator proteins Q isignals tram nearby cells target genes V signals u Transcription of target genes target genes What ii one at the genes activated encodes anctlher secreted signal o 0 I Cell type 1i 1 39 7 Cell type 3


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