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Week 3 notes for BISC 300

by: Jj Lynch

Week 3 notes for BISC 300 BISC300

Jj Lynch

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About this Document

These are both lecture notes from Wednesday and Friday. For Wednesday's notes I only wrote down things he said that I didn't already have written down from chapter 3 textbook notes.
Carlton Cooper
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jj Lynch on Saturday February 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BISC300 at University of Delaware taught by Carlton Cooper in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Biological Sciences at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 02/27/16
Wednesday Lecture Notes • Bacterial ribosomes = 70S, Eukaryotic = 80S • Folic acid targets DNA synthesis of bacteria o Targets good bacteria too (What causes side effects) and could also mess with somatic cell mitochondria • Lymph nodes are depot station for white blood cells, bacteria and viruses build up there (NOT 100% SURE ABOUT THIS???) • Observations do not equal data • Food borne illness: o Techniques for detecting pathogens: culture, immunological, molecular • For chemotaxis, bacterial chemical receptors in the plasma membrane oxidize sugars they come into they come into contact with • They run longer and tumble less when there is more glucose o Opposite happens in the presence of repellants • Flagella turns counter clockwise = run, clockwise =tumble • Towards repellant: tumble more, run less o Opposite for away • Towards attractant: run more, tumble less o Opposite for away Friday Lecture Notes • Quorum sensing: o Bacteria have to have certain population density to do certain jobs § At low density fewer autoinducers are made § The autoinducers flow out of cells, once gradient is high enough they flow back in § “bacteria taking a vote” • Collective behavior (require quorum) o Antibiotic production o Conjugation o Virulence factors o Biofilm formation o Bioluminescence • Biofilm formation: o Bacteria attach to surface o Secrete carbs and proteins to attract others substances from environment o Biofilm forms and is protective • Individual bacteria à planktonic • Structure of virus and phage: o Nucleocapsid: composed DNA or RNA and a protein coat (capsid) o Envelope • They vary in size, shape, and morphology o Largest virus is mimivirus • Don’t have a cell wall • Capsids: o Large and macrmolecular o Guard genetic material o Play part in infection and transfer between virus and host o Protomers- capsid protein subunits o Ie/ types: helical, complex, icosahedral • Envelope-outer and flexible membrane layer • Animal virus ones are made of lipids and carbs and are host derived (made from host plasma and nuclear membrane) • Some viruses contain enzymes for DNA or RNA replication (ie/ flu had RNA polymerase) o Others just use host’s enzymes • Mucus in our nasal cavity captures debris and viruses o Ie/ flu virus will break down that mucus so it can attach to cavity and make you sick) • Envelope proteins may stick out from surface (spikes or peplomers) • Flu can kill is body gets secondary bacterial infection • Nucleic acid in virus can be DNA or RNA, single or double stranded, or have + or - polarity


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