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Lecture Notes: Week #1

by: Victoria De Almeida Tellechea-Rotta

Lecture Notes: Week #1 PSC2446

Marketplace > Political Science > PSC2446 > Lecture Notes Week 1
Victoria De Almeida Tellechea-Rotta
GPA 3.54
U.S. Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders

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About this Document

Week #1 of notes
U.S. Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria De Almeida Tellechea-Rotta on Monday March 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC2446 at a university taught by Elizabeth Saunders in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 90 views.

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Date Created: 03/16/15
WEEK ONE 0 2008 Obama to focus on jobs and the economy 0 Presidents however don t get to chose what is in the presidential agenda 0 Can the war on terror ever really be declared over Legacy of 911 still in play Combat phase in Afghanistan over But what does the end of the war entailplay out Humanitarian intervention Albreight declared it over But we had one IE Libya We also came very close to intervening in Syria and did have air strikes in Iraq to avoid humanitarian disaster Rwanda choice not to intervene How do we understand humanitarian intervention as prioritized It always seems to come back as a possibility Iran Ongoing negotiations on how to implement landmark deal Global warming Climate deal at global level If things go sour may fall apart How do we understand it especially given trade policy and global economic policy Role of the US Are we still the dominating power Shrinking defense budgets who what when what to invest in etc Future of american power and nature and what its going to look like and how much its going to cost 0 To answer these questions 0 How did we get into these situations IE Iraq is it distinct or is it similar Some even refer to Obama s Vietnam Understand the analogies How has it dealt with humanitarian crisis Roles they have played in foreign policy SpanishAmerican war rst humanitarian intervention Realist move Globalization increasingly tied into global economy Trace America s rise how did it act when it wasn t a great power Was there a real change at the moment it acquired capacity to project itself 2nd term of presidency try and get involved in shit abroad because they can t do anything back home i e President Obama s trip to China 0 What roles does the president play Who matters Under what conditions How can the president he she wants 0 Is it a good idea to have checks and balances in foreign policy Its kind of insulated in these rules Case studies Who has biggest in uence in policy Who gave them critical nudge How FP t into historical traditions Major events and ideas that shaped them Puncture myths after a While there are the same themes over and over again Realism vs Idealism Alternatives to thinking in such stark terms No right way to think about American foreign policy Sense of understanding of looking at different perspectives to come to our own conclusion 0


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