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by: Hetty He

EC340-Chapter9 EC 340

Hetty He
GPA 3.86
Survey of International Economics
C. Zhu

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About this Document

This is the notes of EC 340 (C. Zhu) chapter 9 on March16. Please ignore some Chinese vocabularies behind notes (it is translation of english).
Survey of International Economics
C. Zhu
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hetty He on Monday March 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EC 340 at Michigan State University taught by C. Zhu in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 148 views. For similar materials see Survey of International Economics in Economcs at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 03/16/15
0 q I My nod uo n01 Trude 1reements 7 7 General Agreement on and Trade GATT WTO World Trade Or mhw m im ort tzui 39naease the m o c Consumes decrewe ihe reduction in the Price received 9quot 55 1 t mwviw We Jain for co to avoid losses international a mmenrs o recape amp mave bumdfee mole M 994901 a i L070 Mauilaiexal agreement involve may mum395 gt lowex BM 4 M01119 2 smallex reiaonal i y ude agreemmts involve several c39ow 39ries C 7 12 loaded head a CA L a Whj international agreement like 139ka nyo vdeol under 70 me newsol 3 what is regional hawe agreemewt 1711018 creation and trade diversion effect 71 regio w trape dreamed no mwber com3 3 left aqu of a wmevf WIW Tmo c Agreements assume any 2 3 comme W of 9 quot Prisoner s olimma39 PB silm r PB 1 Si mf39 each 1 143vi1 V PA batty AfamBS eachzjr 5 3 slant 2 A befrad fee lt Iyr barh silent BbangbUZJrlt3tdn 50 A shuddatwa x Laredscmel h 8 Bestt baH barre an it own A M Mcm e Maj but So W bmh mh ojj MTA ri c Md Harem 3m 5 78m f t N 4Tjdf ejuilihzm Pw FE 4 a quot mquot P M quot2392 1 1 t 1 p 5quot 17 17 W Imeovt Pvt 57quot 33 dedwewh 1w ng mms Oj Trade Jam 8 PP C lIS I No ijjv J No 0 42413 gto 4n choices 13quotquot 7 Land 9 dd 6 3 x 7 ek and e CLrcl Tani Cejgtlto arade msgzey loss chm 24de quotbifirffE w Mae 0 Hf moms 39 5 57 M b C e 2quot quot 9 bm quot39 iilm wn The Mask equiliLrtm leae 1 am md exirauc outcome r bath comics evex Hawk h a the but choke 12 other cowr9 5 a wry bod outcome baweill some dyye 7912 Trade camenewt c o W new lower 740m o39H39Jer 9 clow39f temle WTO dimmm rrbaner s gamma give inten who Join WTO mum remove some ram 821 233W dee Agveemelds elu mcde 1miij inshle hear a5me ood sioIe 3 3411 xV 9 RTA may when amuf 0 09 5 J V39 Mm m quot 3 we atlkx Ibvd5 Hquot Pe nit ou h eL cowfrieJinRTA me some Mex MW m wm OWME RTA or wade a wa s confrad 39at Fosih39uemove fee i glamrho Trade 5 Inlay W 03 Countries 1 1 v r m 39 quot w i 7 w v39 4A r V u r um m 7 My w rM 4vwno r O w 7 W w Mml m39 r m C 3 mm Canolav5 chTA quot39 140W Mewco No n Armin NATTA RTA I ew weeks A eUmaxetwi39fb W913 WRTA grog he gt 1 1quot it Cumms unions mate mmopq mm in union 3b amt 39t D a Xan S ecl eyw WW una39On 6 Eu Europa Union Meth scum Amen39cq gt r353 7


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