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Notes on Chapters 7-8

by: Mariana de la Maza

Notes on Chapters 7-8 PSYC2014

Mariana de la Maza
GPA 3.8
Cognitive Psychology
James Higgins

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About this Document

Cognitive Psychology
James Higgins
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariana de la Maza on Tuesday March 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC2014 at George Washington University taught by James Higgins in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see Cognitive Psychology in Psychlogy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 03/17/15
March 3 2015 Chapter 78 0 Why is it that when you are underwater studying you do better if you take the test underwater I Becoming famous overnight 0 Reading participants a list of fictional names outloud I People forgot they had been read those names I Findings Source memory 0 People did not remember what the source was other people like alien abductions have experiences where they recall experiences of familiarity but cant attribute them to the appropriate place 0 Memory is a construction 0 Big messy input that goes in and a lot of it is made up I Schemas and scripts 0 How your brains can construct memory without frameworks 0 With frameworks it is much easier 0 This can lead to issues of misconstructing memory I Schemas 0 There are words that may help activate the appropriate schema I Coming from long term memory I Trigger 0 When you are reading something for the first time you forget details so it is always better to read it twice I Schemas allow us to make sense of complex situations 0 Allows us to more easily encode 0 Bransford and Johnson 0 Would ask participants to step into a room then step out and asked them if objects were there or not it was an office I Most people said there were books when there weren t any because of schema I Constructive memory 0 Making things up in your head 0 Difference between schemas and scripts 0 Simply the order of things particular procedures 0 False memory 0 Ex TWA Flight 800 conspiracy theories 0 Reconstructive memory 0 When retrieving info we do not just objectively recall what we saw 0 Things are never exactly the same as it was originally encoded 0 Misinformation effect 0 Red sports car drive down a street and stop at a stop sign then it knocks down a pedestrian who is crossing March 3 2015 I There are many conditions after viewing the events 0 People asked did another car pass Basically a misleading condition I People with a misleading condition were 38 accurate I Control condition 85 accuracy 0 So even though they saw the same thing when they were mislead they had less than half the accuracy I No such thing as photographic memory 0 Applications 0 If someone lines up in a police station and the police said that is the guy an you go to court then the person seems like the guilty one even though he might not be I Higher change of having false probable I Than if he hadn t said anything 0 Much more likely to be sure that was the person level of confidence increases when you were previously told this was the one 0 Cognitive Interview 0 Metamemory O The knowledge of your own memory I Monitoring is critical 0 Individual differences I Metamemory judgments can affect learning 0 Feelingofknowing 0 Confidence in answers 0 Young people think they have a better memory than they do and old people think their memory is worse than it is 0 Examples 0 Researchers Minde and Moscovitch wanted to study how memory declines with age I Older participants were more likely to make the phone call because they wrote it down 0 They have a worse memory but a good metamemory because they realize their memory is not so good 0 Monitor your memory abilities I How to study 0 Know a lot about memory I When to study 0 Early spaced practice I It isn t good to study all at once 0 Recency I Go over information


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