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J101-Grammar for Communication

by: Morgan Miller

J101-Grammar for Communication

Morgan Miller

Leigh Jasheway-Bryant

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About this Document

Notes for Module 4 with practice activities.
Leigh Jasheway-Bryant
13 ?




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This 13 page Reader was uploaded by Morgan Miller on Saturday April 19, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 152 views.

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Date Created: 04/19/14
Madulel Personal Pronouns Pronouns Function of pronouns is to replace nouns Anything a noun or a gerund or an in nitive when acting as a noun can do so can a pronoun Pronouns can be A subject She is an amazing athlete An object The mayor told him he was a great employee Possessive Her posture improved after dance class Nominative case act as subject Objective case are objects Objective I You She He It We They Who Me You Her Him It Us Them Whom Mymine Youryours Herhers His Its Ourours Theirtheirs whose 1 Neverjoin a nominative pronoun and an objective pronoun with the word and Her and l WRONG She and ITWO SUBJECTSNOMlNATlVE Her and me TWO OBJECTS OBJECTIVE 2 Avoid starting a sentence with an objective pronoun Her if it s possessive can be listed rst Example Her try was valid 3 Don t put a pair of objective pronouns or an objective pronoun paired with a noun at the beginning of a sentence Her and me WRONG She and IRIGHT Them and the president WRONG They and the presidentRIGHT 4 Never join a nominative pronoun subject with an objective pronoun object with a conjunction words such as and or but and nor when working together that s what conjunctions do you pronouns can either be a subject or an object trick when you use a pair of pronouns try temporarily substituting weus or theythem to determine what pronoun case you need If we or they works choose the proper singular nominative case pronoun If us or them is proper choose the singular pronoun from the objective column 5 The pronouns in a prepositional phrase are always either objective or possessive they cannot be nominative 6 The pronouns in a nonessential phrase are always either objective or possessive they cannot be nominative 7 When there are two possible possessive pronoun choices shown in the pronoun list use the rst one when a noun follows immediately after the pronoun Use the second choice if there is no noun mymine youyours herhers ourours theirtheirs Example You asked for my laptop and I gave it to you Laptop is the noun You have your laptop and I have mine no noun 8 The pronoun that comes immediately before a gerund must be possessive not objective Your winning the lottery made me happy 0 Singular pronouns go with singular nouns 0 Plural pronouns go with plural nouns Example Everyone will get their chance to try out for the soccer team WRONG Everyone on the women39s diving team will get her chance to try out for the soccer team RIGHT In order to choose the pro er personal pronoun we either need to know the gender of the people in question they all have to be the same gender to make our lives easier or we have to use heshe or himher Example The team took their defeat in strideWRONG The team took its defeat in strideRIGHT Although inanimate objects and organizations are not people some writers use the word whose to show possession technically this is wrong but there s no possessive for of which or that so many writers choose whose The best choice is to rewrite the sentence entirely Who versus whom Whonominative use if it has its own verb Whomobjective if it doesn t have its own verb Example He is the boy who is amazing at football He is the boy whom people say is amazing at football Order of Pronouns Always put I or me last Otherwise the choice is yours Re exive Pronouns used when a pronoun is doing something to itself or to emphasize another noun or pronoun in the sentence Includes myself yourself yourselves itself himself herself themselves ourselves They cannot be substituted for objective pronouns Never use a re exive pronoun instead of a subjective one Example Joe and myself are going to the soccer game Substitute myself for l I m really frustrated by hishim listening to music when I39m trying to study Everyone except Nickie and Ime is going to the game Between you and Ime grammar has never been easy The presenter gave the award to Jane and Ime She is the woman whowhom the dog had bitten HersHer s are the best grades in the school due to her study habits His The pronoun that comes immediately before a gerund must be possessive Me The pronouns in a nonessential phrase are always either objective or possessive they cannot be nominative Me Never join a nominative and objective pronoun with and Me Never join a nominative and objective pronoun with and Whom Whom is objective Hers Hers is possessive Instead of who choose that or which when referring to companies You and it are two pronouns that are the same in both nominative and objective cases The case tells you what function a personal pronoun serves


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