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SOC 2181 Week 8: Mar 17-19

by: -deleted-apierson

SOC 2181 Week 8: Mar 17-19 SOC 2181

Marketplace > George Washington University > Sociology > SOC 2181 > SOC 2181 Week 8 Mar 17 19

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South African Political Sociology

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About this Document

South African Political Sociology
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by -deleted-apierson on Thursday March 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 2181 at George Washington University taught by Buntman in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see South African Political Sociology in Sociology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 03/19/15
3172015 1117 AM Generally when we say democracy we mean free and fair elections open to all barring some technical rules like an age restriction Rule of Law the idea that law rules the land The heart of the issue is a balance of liberty and security Too much liberty means that people can39t be secure Conversely too much security diminishes people39s freedoms Also aims toward equal protection under the law Rule of law is upheld by democracy Many different types including constitutional democracy where the constitution limits the democracy In that implies the freedom of press speech etc you have the right to disagree without being subjected to violence or discrimination What are the problems in defining democracy 0 Money legal vs ethical Restriction on speech media Coercing votes via violence or fear 0 Patronage politics by voting for this guy you get jobs influence protection etc e jobs for votes Using the law to uphold undemocratic practices MORAL OF THE STORY ELECTIONS ARE NECESSARY BUT INSUFFICIENT Figuring out South Africa 0 Proportional representation even small parties are significant You receive seats based on number of votes on the national level List system 0 Mostly parliamentary system but strong executive 0 ANC Democratic Alliance DA Economic Freedom Fighters EFF are the major players South Africa has one party dominance ANC has 62 0 Talent and ambition centralizes to the capitol so incompetence or lack of capacity to local areas 0 Logistics of elections and participation are a struggle just like every democracy Participation has really taken a nose dive though since 1994 Idea of Exit or Voice if you39re not happy with the squo you39re going to pipe up or leave 0 Many people were joining politics for the spoils of politics 0 Tenderprenueur government bids Whoever gives the best offer will get thejob South African Political Sociology Page 1 The ANC has an overwhelming majority but their proportion is slipping There is some alienation people exiting instead of voicing Presidents 0 Mandela 19941999 0 Mbeki 19942008 0 Motlanthe 2008ish replacement for Mbeki temporary 0 Zuma 2009present South African Political Sociology Page 2 3192015 1119 AM Crime and the state state of nature for Hobbes life is nasty brutish short Government protection is key Remember the balance between liberty and order and security provided by the state One measure of a state how effective or to what extent can a state provide order and protection South Africa ranks pretty poorly here Durkheim comes back what does crime say about a society Crime reinforces social norms or provides for a means of social change Eg we remember that murder is bad and that sodomy is probably okay What we don39t agree on is where crime is and who commits crime Crime also affects our understanding of the past good example is when we look at the past as far safer and far better in regards to crime Most of the time that39s not the case Crime has gone down dramatically for the past decades South Africa is the rape capital of the world Definition of rape in South Africa covers many types of sexual assault not just penetration Numbers are extremely inaccurate Why 0 No trust with Cl system 0 Stigma strong ideas of patriarchy 0 Police will revictimize 0 Underreported anyway Crime and apartheid eg Cry the Beloved Country Police protected white people over black people during apartheid There was a high level of overlap of race and victimization and race and poverty Crime became more equal opportunity white people could be victims too Crime and postapartheid Concern about rime cuts across boundaries of race class urbanrural residence age religion etc There is a power vacuum created South African Political Sociology Page 3


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