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SOC 2189 Week 8: Mar 16-18

by: -deleted-apierson

SOC 2189 Week 8: Mar 16-18 SOC 2189

Marketplace > George Washington University > Sociology > SOC 2189 > SOC 2189 Week 8 Mar 16 18

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Alternatives to Imprisonment

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About this Document

Alternatives to Imprisonment
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by -deleted-apierson on Thursday March 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 2189 at George Washington University taught by Motivans in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Alternatives to Imprisonment in Sociology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 03/19/15
3162015 429 PM Traditional criminal justice sanction imprisonment Why do we imprison people 1 Protect the public 2 Provide punishment for offenders Issues with discrimination and subjective sentencing brings into question the legitimacy of the system Why is this a problem 1 There39s no reason to follow the law if it39s not legitimate 2 Disrupts norm of following the law One of the reason we create community based programs is to address the issue of legitimacy What is a communityjustice program It involves the community to make decisions about whatjustice looks like and how it39s carried out By involving the community it improves legitimacy of the justice system That does two things 1 Promotes voluntary compliance with the law and 2 Helps create norms of law abidingness Quick Review 0 Changing policylaws front end and back end reforms 0 Front end increase use of non prison sentences reduce use of mandatoryfixed prison sentences etc 0 Back End Revise parolesupervision revocation policies early release etc 0 Changing the community how can communities be more involved in the criminal justice process 0 Three core concerns of Cl system 0 Protect the public focus is on preventing crime and deterrence o EstablishRespond to Blameworthiness equal under the law retribution objectives 0 Practical and social costs 0 Classifying innovationsreforms for preventing crime 0 Incapacitation Deterrence RehabH ann Community restraints Structure Discipline Challenge Combining Rehabilitation and Restraint 00000 O 039 Alternatives to Imprisonment Page 1 3182015 450 PM What is communityjustice It strays away from the deterrence or punitive model Share two characteristics 1 Involving citizens in the formulation of crime control policies beneficial because it39s customized to fit the needs of the local community 2 Responding to crime by seeking to rehabilitate the offender and repair the harm suffered by the victim and community rather than by punishing the offender What does Lanni mean that community programs operate on the fringe of the criminal justice system It targets lowlevel crimes and quality of life offenses There39s no obvious movement to expand community courts vertically to include more serious crimes that play a larger role on the criminal docket How can we talk about legitimacy when the system partakes in racial profiling and whose punishments disproportionally affect the poor Communityjustice programs are generally successful here and build better relations bt police and community Lanni39s objectives 1 K current communityjustice practices could they be expanded 2 Gauging the effect that localized popular decisionmaking would have on the problems facing the criminal justice programs 3 Focuses on 2 practices grand jury didn39t catch it Four prominent communityjustice initiatives described by Lanni 1 Community prosecution 2 Community courts 3 Sentencing circles 4 Citizen reparative boards Primary aim of a communityjustice sanction restorative justice Bringing offenders back into the community as productive members There39s a focus on education and building people Community prosecution prosecutors are the ones who have a lot of decisions to make What are the charges Are we going to loosen up How many charges What should the punishment be Community prosecution focuses more on the community needs in regards to the offender Alternatives to Imprisonment Page 2 Community courts specialized courts that are nonadversarial in nature ie the focus is on rehabilitating the offender and restoring the community as opposed to finding someone guilty Difference between restorative justice and communityjustice Communityjustice utilizes aspects of restorative justice but all of their aims are to better the community rather than the individual Restorative focuses on victimoffender relations more so than communityoffender relations What are sentencing circles talking about what sentencing has meant for them Began in the Yukon territories in Native American disputes Well do they work Depends on our measure of success Similar to determining whether or not prisons work fail in some ways but are great in others Community courts are more expertdriven That39s a criticism because it39s hard to evaluate as an outsider Lanni is really interested in the notion of meaningful citizen participation But how can that happen if you need to be an expert to understand Alternatives to Imprisonment Page 3


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