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Week 9 Notes

by: Emily Brandenburg

Week 9 Notes 10083

Emily Brandenburg
Introduction to Sociology
Roberta Roberson

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About this Document

Introduction to Sociology
Roberta Roberson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Brandenburg on Friday March 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 10083 at Ohio University taught by Roberta Roberson in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 100 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 03/20/15
March 16 2015 Chapter 8 Structural Sources of Societal Change Three Societal Earthquakes Transformation of the Economy Aging Population Immigration x Forces Transforming the Economy 0 Technology Robots ATM voicemail software word processing computer assisted design medical diagnoses payroll inventory control 0 Globalization Expanding markets worldwide 0 Capital Flight Investment choices that move money from one place to another Offshoring Outsourcing medical care because it s cheaper o Shift to service and information jobs Agriculture 9 manufacturing 9 service and collection storage and dissemination of information o Contingent Employment Permanent lifetime 9 temporary contract parttime o No expectation for lifetime jobs anymore 0 Other trends aka quotdoing more with less More overtime Parttime Experience workers let go amp replaced with lower wage new people Replacing workers with temps and no benefits Older workers let go 9 rehired through work agencies for less money March 18 2015 x Social and Personal Consequences of Economic Transformation 0 Millions of workers and families affected each year I Job and benefits insecurity I quotreplacementquot jobs usually less money fewer perks I Decline of middle class mfg jobless I Loss of status selfesteem I Divorce rate increases I Increases likelihood alcohol spouse and child abuse I Health issues I Scapegoating blame people for the problems and don t take into account the system x A dollars and cents approach to the economy is not enough Economics issues need to be understood in their social context x The Order Model 00000 Our economic system took a long time to develop System is complex Pace of chance is swift Shy away from radicalrapid changes Favors specific limited quotcuresquot x The Conflict Model 0 O 0 System benefits some at the expense of others Problems because one group has power and acts in its own interests Probably because workers are exploited for profit union bashing usage working conditions threats to fire move offshore x Symbolic Interactionism O O Examines impact of system on individual s attitude and behavior Unemployment selfblame depression spousal child and substance abuse x Immigration 0 O O 0 New Immigrants history of being seen as a threat Fears increase during hard times Negative impact on low wage earnerspoorly skilled workers In the long run good investment for society 0 Generally quotillegalsquot here looking for work 0 No work 9 they go home x Aging Population 0 Growing population 0 Inadequate income from pension 0 High cost of healthcare Chapter 9 Social Stratification x Social Differentiation o Categorizing by some personal attribute 0 NOT ranked I Seated by hometown x Social Stratification decidedly MACRO o Ranking in a hierarchy 0 Superior or inferior o Refers to structured social inequality x Four Principles to SS 0 1 SS is a trait of society not simply a reflection of individual differences I Tied to privilege I Life Chances chance s throughout one s life to experience the good things of life 0 2 SS persists over generations I Parents pass positions to children I Social Mobility change in one s position in the social hierarchy o 3 SS is universal but variable I It s everywhere I WHAT and HOW much vary I Caste vs class system 0 4 SS involves beliefs I That legitimate inequality w Income wages or salary from work and earning from investments x Wealth the total value of money and other assets minus debt x Ancestry affects future schooling occupation and income x Race whites higher occupational standing I more schooling I Home ownership x Gender women less income wealth prestige 0 Women headed households are much more likely to be poor w Matrix of Domination Patricia Hill Collins 0 Class race and gender sexuality too interrelated systems of stratification intersecting forms of inequality produce both oppression and opportunity Class Race Gender 0 One s social location has everything to do with how the world is expe enced 0 Different situation different aspect of social location becomes more salient 0 Good news we can use understanding of MoD to see commonalities rather than differences w Order Model Davis and Moore 1945 o Stratification is functional 0 Incentive and rewards 0 Positions differ in importance o If important more rewards o Unequal rewards right people in the rightjobs w Conflict Model Melvin Tumin 1953 critique of Davis and Moore 0 How do we assess importance of any occupation 0 Do rewards reflect the contributions to society I Oprah Winfrey 0 We are born into inequality consequences for people 0 False consciousness I System as it should be Are the most important jobs the most highly rewarded


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